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    PC Gaming (MMO, RPG, FPS, Sim, Casual, etc) Music (listening and playing) Reading, Writing, New Age, Occult, Walking Dead, etc. etc.
  1. Struggled with 209 for a couple days myself. Did the uninstall/reinstall and was still experiencing issues, then a customer service rep suggested a few different things, including making sure to run eso as an admin. It seemed obvious and almost silly, but it actually fixed the issue yesterday afternoon. I'm wondering if it's just kind of a strange fluke like some of you are talking about where it will fix itself if certain little conditions are met or if you keep trying enough times.
  2. Weird thing is, system message came up a bit ago and said something about all guild functions being back online, but the game doesn't reflect that and shows me as guildless. Anyone else?
  3. A little before early access began, I stumbled across this: http://minion.mmoui.com/ It's a nice little mod manager for ESO. So far I'm using the Foundry Tactical Combat mod and enjoying it. It tracks damage with floating numbers and shows cooldown timers for enemies' skills etc. I would recommend it. I'm also considering using the ZrMiniMap and/or perhaps Wykkyd's Framework, etc. Cheers.
  4. Captain- I too preordered the physical imperial edition. Amazon sent me my early access code back in February so that I could plug that into the ESO site. You shouldn't have to have the physical components to get your access code. Maybe contact whichever retailer you ordered from if you haven't received that yet. Beyond stoked for ESO and early access. I joined AJSA mainly for ESO. I'm happy to see many like-minded folks here, especially when ESO has gotten some very mixed reviews. I look forward to grouping up with you guys and hopefully dominating pvp. I would imagine AJSA is already one of the largest expected guilds in ESO. Cheers folks.
  5. Greetings Mcare. I played a few of the different betas for ESO and definitely enjoyed myself. Most of the negative comments I have heard against it have to do with it being not enough ES and too much MMO or that people are upset by it being a $15/month subscription etc. I definitely hope that AJSA will have a guild in ESO. In his recent Youtube vid looking at PVP, AJ seemed to really lean towards Aldmeri Dominion as his favored faction. I'm curious to see if the army will follow suit and lean towards that for the guild.
  6. Thank you good sir. Did the army decide on the Aldmeri Dominion as a whole?
  7. Greetings everyone. I've been watching AJ for quite a while on Youtube and decided to join the AJSA after seeing his recent vid on ESO PVP. I played through the ESO betas and I'm looking forward to joining you here and in ESO. Did I see that the AJSA has decided to unanimously join the Dominion? I look forward to meeting and gaming with you. Good evening.