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  1. tRUExChiLL liked a post in a topic by Babyeater in Anyone else having trouble getting on the beta? (PS4)   
    Best thing you can do is find Wrel's channel on youtube. All the noob info you could want! Lol I just finished watching them all. They are made for PC but 99% of the info transfers over to PS4. Hope this helps.
  2. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Tackling the Raids, Sunday (PS4)   
    Just finished a PUG run, and we did pretty good. Learned that you can kill the Templar by staying down where the shield shows up, hiding in the side of that area, and chucking grenades at him. We didn't use the shield's super at him at all, and we hid there to be cleansed easily. Honestly though, I didn't seem to be able to throw my grenades high enough to damage the Templar, but we got it down, even after he got enraged.
    There were only five of us during that part, and two people were dead for most of it.
    Apparently, this is what was happening. I never saw the Tempar go down since after I revived the two dead guys it all happened pretty fast., But that's pretty much what we were doing:

    Just finished another pug run for my Hunter, and got a better idea of this tactic. Hunters grab the shield, and will do nothing but cleanse. Everybody else hits the templar with explosives and splash damage, so grenades and rockets. Do it enough to push him back far enough to fall off. Doing this will also stop him from teleporting if done right.
  3. ShyPoptart liked a post in a topic by Babyeater in Don't buy Destiny's Expansions/Wow   
    We have the power to stop this new trend now. The sad thing is 90% of gamers don't give enough of a fuck or don't have the discipline to not buy the next tidbit the greedyass publishers put out. Real games are going to turn into these mobile games that you can technically can play for free but they suck dick unless you pay through the nose. Last 2 big titles that I have really been excited for, ESO And Destiny, have really shit the bed. Rant concludes.
  4. Forgewolf liked a post in a topic by Babyeater in Don't buy Destiny's Expansions/Wow   
    I just posted this in another thread! Too funny
  5. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Forgewolf in Don't buy Destiny's Expansions/Wow   
  6. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Run2Failure in Destiny a disappointment to say the least   
    I'm not sure which is more tiresome, the issues within the game, or the amount of threads pointing them out.
  7. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by forzsaken in Glimmer cap?   
    spend it on ammo .. lots of it.. they are something that could mean success or fail during raids or solo epic hard missions.. 
  8. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Verethragna in Destiny 1.0.2 Patch is LIVE!   
    Well the loot system is still crap, just significantly less so.
    I did a Lv24 Strike. The two guys the game put me with quit right from the start.
    I proceeded to fight through the Cabal all the way through the tank miniboss and to the next-to-last firefight before the final boss before the game gave me two other people to help.
    Me and the one guy fought the boss and kicked the crap out of him while the third just stood outside the boss room with his finger up his ass.
    At the end of the Strike, I with my 184 kills got a Rare Engram and a Rare helmet I have no use for.
    Mr. Thumb Up Ass who only had one kill? A Rare weapon, a Rare class item, and two Rare Engrams.
    I thought the point of this update was to penalize those who didn't pull their weight and reward those who proved themselves badasses.
    I suppose I was mistaken.
  9. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Quick Queen's Wrath Kill Order mission check   
    Select "Set Destination". Choose Kill Order mission. Hit Launch. Wait for the opening speech by Dinklebot. If it starts with ''There's so little left out here..." you are golden. Otherwise, Options button on your controller. Log out of Destiny. Switch character. OK. Log back in and repeat the process. Fastest and most efficient way to churn through the crap missions to get the easy and fast Earth mission within minutes. No waiting for excessively long loading, spawning, slow return back to orbit.
  10. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Destiny 1.0.2 Patch is LIVE!   
  11. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Koromaro in Get away from the caves!   
    So the pc can experience Destiny/Loot Cave
  12. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Raizurhk in Easy Queen's Wrath Mission   
    The ship isnt even worth it IMO ( unless your a fan of purple) i juust wish these kill orders gave queens favor then atleast you'd have a reason to carry on doing them after you got all the loot.
  13. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Koromaro in Raid group   
    I'm helping
    this is the button you press that has the drop down codes for youtube
  14. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Babyeater in Ship Engram? What?!   
    I still use the one they give you in the beginning. Spending glimmer on ships seems like a waste to me.
  15. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Get away from the caves!   
    Doubt will turn out blues or legendaries.
  16. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by argetlam350 in Raid group   
    Well I've been looking to join a Raid group for awhile with no luck of getting people together so you can count me in with my level 28 Titan.
  17. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Babyeater in Team work matters   
    I have seen this as well. I usually take the add control role in harder groups. If everyone is going balls out on the boss and his HP is dropping fast you will end up with 3 waves of adds at once. If just one person focuses on adds it takes the pressure off the others who can focus on criting the boss. My $.02.
  18. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Get away from the caves!   
  19. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Team work matters   
    Anyone noticed how, when doing a hard or very hard Strike, you are always on either end of the scale. You either wipe the floor with the enemies and rarely if ever die - knocking out the Strike in 20 mins or so...
    ...or its so much of a wipefest that you have just as many deaths as kills.
    For me, it always depends on the quality of the team and how efficient they are in eliminating targets quickly and effectively. If your team mates are spending all their time wailing on the boss whilst your getting pasted by the adds, that is usually when you have a really terrible time. Surprisingly, ive found it matters little, how well you personally do - its more based on all 3 members and how they are doing as a team.
    As it should be in my opinion - there shouldnt be the possibility of one man armies and lone wolf heroes in this game. If the team is crap, your going to have a tough time, regardless how good you are personally or how many enemies you can kill on your own.
  20. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Effective and efficient mats   
    Here is the best way ive been able to find to farm mats from dismantling greens.
    First off, first mission on the Moon. The Dark Beyond. Now set that mission to 20 heroic. It isnt for the rewards or the challenge. Its to ensure ease of killing the adds but not all of them. Equip any greens you happen to have that are NOT maxed out. Progress the mission to the point where you open the Hive Fortress. Right after the cutscene where the stranger appears, Dinklebot will announce ''We've woken the Hive!". That is your cue. With an auto rifle equipped, start pumping out lead, toss your grenade and unleash your Super. The trick here, is to have the difficulty up high enough that you dont kill them too easily, but hard enough to bump up the drop rate of greens. When you die, and if you are not dying, you have the difficulty set too low, you will respawn at the point where Dinklebot says the "We've woken the Hive!" and you can proceed to slaughtering them. Make sure to not focus on the big guy with the sword. Knight i think he is called. If you kill him, you will trigger the next stage and we dont want that. You can burn some of those waxes here if you want extra Glimmer as well. I grinded for most of an hour and ended up with this:
    REMEMBER - The point of this is to get as many greens as possible.
    Note - Every so often check on your equipped greens to make sure they have not been maxed. Do NOT waste your Glimmer actually buying the upgrades on those greens. Once they are maxed, equip another green and melt the now maxed one.
    THIS IS NOT A RARE/LEGENDARY FARMING METHOD --- OTHERWISE KNOWN AS LOOT CAVE 2.0 - Dont bother trying to do this to farm engrams. This is only good for greens. I killed almost 2000 of them in the span of an hour... and the most i got was 2 blues.
    I am now sitting on 300 Sapphire Wire, all because of this farming method. I wont need to do this again for a couple weeks.
  21. mouseno4 liked a post in a topic by Babyeater in My personal tips for playing Destiny   
    That last point by Mouse can go a little further as well. If you are out doing low low level grinding or patrols equip the gear you want to melt and level it as you are playing.
  22. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in My personal tips for playing Destiny   
    One more very important thing in regards to bounties and melting unwanted greens/blues and purples. LEVEL THEM UP. When you get them, DONT DISMANTLE THEM IMMEDIATELY. Only dismantle them to clear space for MORE.
    Why? To ensure you get the MOST out of dismantling your weapons and armour, turn in your bounties WITH the unleveled sub class active, as well as EVERY SINGLE SLOT with an UNLEVELED item in it. Even if that item is a junk green your going to dismantle! THEN turn in your bounties ONE at a time. Here is the process for max dismantle mats:
    Accept and complete bounties. Keep all your blues and greens you intend to dismantle in your inventory, only dismantling items to be able to pick up more. Head back to the tower. FIRST roll the dice on the cryptarch to identify all engrams. Now head over to the bounty bot. Go into options and swap out every slot with an unleveled item, weapon and armour. Even swap out your class for an unleveled sub class. Turn in ONE and only one bounty. Go into inventory and check to see if any slots have leveled to their maximum. Swap any maxed out items WITHOUT purchasing the upgrade, for other unleveled items. Turn in another and repeat the process until youve handed in all bounties. Proceed to dismantle all maxed out junk for MAX dismantle mats.
    Leveling up junk items costs you NOTHING. Its 100% free. Heck, its less than free since you get more mats for a leveled up item, even though you dont purchase the upgrades available on that item.
  23. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Big change Bungie needs to address   
    This is a multiplayer game.
    It should always act like one.
    I want to do a strike, so i cue up The Devils Lair Strike and wait for my team mates to appear. Once everyone joins in and we proceed, the strike is then systematically completed.
    What needs to happen are these changes:
    The option to start from scratch or for a quicker queue time, the option to join an already progressed Fireteam should be provided. Better to have the option to help 2 others complete a Strike from the half way point, than expect them to do the rest of it solo. This is a win-win option. Voice chat opt in needs to happen as soon as your team is fully joined. A big screen appears over the view of your ships that says a question: Do you want voice chat with these two Fireteam members? Yes/no/always. With the last option being changeable at any time in the options menu. Bungie has mentioned voice chat for Strikes are a feature that is planned to go in this year. Progression blocking should be implemented in important sections of the Strike. By this, i mean one person in the Fireteam shouldnt be able to begin the boss fight solo whilst one is back in the previous boss, melting greens and the other is afk getting a coffee. As soon as all three are somewhat close, the progress blocking gate should then vanish. If someone is afk for 5 mins, the option to remove them should appear. Just as a subtle prompt 'press X to bring up the afk boot screen' which which requires both Fireteam members to agree before the player is then removed. This should really only be implemented after voice chat is available. Once someone is either kicked or leaves of their own will, the option to automatically recruit a team member should come up, as well as give them the option to recruit or ignore it and attempt to complete it with only 2 or perhaps solo. The option to recruit a member to fill up the strike should always be an option.  
    I want to complete X story mission. I load up the jump drive mission on Earth and decided to hit the go button.
    This is what needs to happen:
    Give the player the option to choose solo play, allowing them to do it solo as it is now, without anyone else interfering so as to experience 100% of the content of that particular mission. Have an option screen come up to choose whether to recruit Fireteam members or complete it solo after the launch button is hit. If the player chooses solo, then nothing should change. But still have the option ''complete my Fireteam'' if the player discovers they are in over their head and need/want company. If the player chooses a Fireteam for company/help, then they are then given the option to choose a Fireteam from the beginning of the story, or join a player from the previous option. Even allow joining a Fireteam where a player who chose a Fireteam, ends up being on their own or with only one other, due to having to kick a third member for afk, or a member had abandoned the mission.  
    I see someone on the Tower/Earth that i want to ask how to do X/get to Y location/kill this enemy.
    This is what needs to happen for this scenario:
    Give me the option to initiate voice chat directly to them. The recipient gets a ''voice chat request'' which they can accept, refuse or permanently disable in the open world. Having this option changeable in the options screen is a good idea. Instantly provide the option to invite them to your Fireteam, showing up as a option ''press this combo button to accept the invitation and join their Fireteam." If the target is already in a Fireteam with someone else, offer the request to join option as simple as hover the crosshairs on player, hit R3 (or XB1 equivalent) ''Invite/request to join Fireteam" with only two button presses. These are just my thoughts on what Destiny needs to implement for social and community related benefits.
  24. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by mouseno4 in Is the Bladedancer the class for me?   
    That is the question this video was created for. Sadly, i could not find a video to answer that question for me. I had to earn every ability in the game to see what everything did, and what the class would be like. So i created this video to answer the question myself since i could not find a video to answer the question for me.
  25. Babyeater liked a post in a topic by Run2Failure in Cave Exploit   
    Its boring as all hell but I easily get 6-10 blues in a 30 min period. I wil usually do it for half and hour while I wait for the public event there so i can get my gold tier for the day.