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  1. Just stumbled upon this and realized how much more awesome fan art is out there and that we don't have a thread for it
  2. So a friend of mine is writing a novel, I think it's a sci-fi cyberpunk type of novel. Anyway, so far he wrote 3 chapters, but he is afraid to go on further without getting some feedback on it. HE needs someone's help with knowledge and experience with literature and decent grammar to read it through and give him feedback and tips on how he is doing so far. Quoting him, "Because for instance, I have written 3 chapters so far, but I get the feeling that my way of putting phrases and paragraphs is a bit simplistic so to say. Not artistic enough like you usually find in a book." So if anyone is willing to give him a hand, reply here and I'll PM you the details plus the link to his novel.
  3. UPDATE: Mod is still in Alpha however and WIP Link: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18898/? One of the main things is that it removes all factions and main quests since it's set 200 years before events of Fallout 4. Your only task here is to survive as long as you can. All underground tunnels and other things in the game are now mostly connected into one huge underground network, where most people live to protect themselves from surface radiation. If you do decide to go out, a gas mask is obligatory, or otherwise you will irradiate and suffocate quickly. FROST's goal is to transform the world of Fallout 4 into a freeform survival game with an emphasis on lore and visual storytelling. Set in the years following the Great War of 2077, you will see new, replaced lore, challenging new enemies, and many overhauled gameplay systems. Many areas in the game world have been visually overhauled as well. In FROST, the goal is not to complete quests and join factions. Most vanilla NPCs have been removed or changed beyond recognition. Your only mission is to survive, however long. Frost is a complete overhaul/conversion of Fallout 4 into a chilly post-war wasteland. Supplies are much more scare, enemies are more deadly, the landscape is transformed, and deathy by radiation is a huge danger. You'll need to fight for your life, wear gas masks on the surface, and invest your perks wisely. For anyone who played METRO games, you can see the similarities A pretty cool mod to try out for anyone who finished vanilla Fallout 4.
  4. First that got me pissed about is: Classes with special abilities. Classes in Quake? Seems to me like Quake wants to become new Overwatch with different classes that have different special abilities. It seems like they wanna create some shit like in TF2 or OW where you compose a team with different characters and different abilities, but if you look at Quake 3 Arena, there were no such abilities or features. Quake had even.footing on everything and for everyone that always made individual skill more important and placed teamwork in 2nd place, but the way they described it now, it seems like it's going vice versa. That's QUAKE now. That's Overwatch. Now I'm not saying they are copying Overwatch and I'm just having a bit of fun, but this is stupid. Why NOT just make the god damn game like it was before? Why not just make it a fast paced acrobatic shooter in which you have weapons placed across the map, which you can pick up and shit on enemy players. WHY do you have to come up with fuckin' classes in a GAME that was NEVER about classes and abilities?!??!! Why try to be "innovative" and "special" on a game that already defined fast paced shooting and gameplay without freaking classes? Also it seems like it won't feature Singleplayer. They make DOOM really good and now they decide to make Quake into a MP only class-based shooter. I'm mean it might be good, I won't be an ass, but why not just keep it original... And if it won't feature SP, what's the point?
  5. So I seen lots of people playing the game here in AJSA and there are few threads where people have been posting their Battle.net tags, so I decided it would be better to post them ALL in one thread so everyone can add each other and see the tags in a normal list. I'll keep this post updated every time someone adds their Battle.net I'll post my tag here as well so you folks who didn't, add me. I'll be a bit busy for next 2-3 days as I'm full of work, but I'm free after that and can play. Would be cool if we could all team up as much as we can together. We can use the AJSA discord server or use the in-game VOiP. Here are the Battle.net tags I've found scattered across a few Overwatch threads: BattleID - Forum name Apex#2221 - ApexSpartan Hero82#2626 - HeroEightyTwo WadeMcGinnis1153 - WadeMcGinnis argetlam350 - argetlam350 TamaskanLEM#1341 - TamaskanLEM VirexGaming#1630 - VirexGaming Temperhoof#1224 - Vanadrom johnythehero#1783 - johnythehero Zuldaris#1723 - Zuldaris cruzjr25#1651 - Cruzjr25 MobsterAce#1340 - Mobster Ace McChicken#1520 - McChicken 6677 Sage#1516 - Sagekun Grimno#11653 - Grimno Thor#1741 - Snapplemonkey Ferox#2843 - Ferox George4846#1711 - George55503 Gormac#1835 - Gormac DreadKnaught#11633 - DethMoor Spitphire#11539 - Spitphire Chokaku#1208 - Chokaku Jezzathor#2591 - Jez SaeAgnes#1738 - Kidioitimaki UltimateLmon#6298 - UltimateLemon erunno#2400 - Matillald Freebite#1236 - Freebite WeLiVeR#1130 - WeLiVeR Aliquem#1507 - Maverick Bison DemonsColt#1669 - DemonsColt HVyRS #2844 - Hvy Phillysteak#1718 - Phillysteak Reserrved #1851 - Reserrved articman#1252 - Arcticman JudasTaboo#2699 - Judas Taboo Bolderax#2642 - Bolderax midnightnova#11801 - Midnights Nova Sonorrow#2352 - Sonorrow IF I MISSED ANYONE, FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR BATTLE.NET TAG HERE AND I'll ADD YOU ABOVE IN THE LIST. You can find your Battle.net by clicking on your NAME and then it will show it (one with the digits): Don't spam the thread by talking about the game or anything else. Post your Battle.net tag or ask questions if you need help with it.
  6. youtube haters, content

    You are defending Joe. You aren't true Corporate Agent!
  7. youtube haters, content

    I haven't posted in a long damn time, but I saw this thread got revived when I got an e-mail for it. If you look at my first post, I was on Joe's side. Not because I'm a fanboy and not because I think his fans are retarded, but because of the way fans talk to him like they know him personally. 1. It's his damn channel. He created it. 2. He didn't force anyone to subscribe or love him. You did that yourselves. 3. Just because he has fans, doesn't mean he should bow down to their wishes. Sure, he should, but he doesn't have to. 4. Nobody really knows what's best for his channel or him, only he does. 5. What's happening behind that Joe video, behind his camera, we don't know. Who are we to judge? I do agree with fans on one thing and that's several promises he made that he never ended up making true. If you will make a promise like that, you should really do your best to fulfill it. I can understand the blow that Joe is getting and I honestly think some of it is deserved, but I harshly disagree with how the blows are done. "I've been your loyal sub and you do this to me and us? fuck off you sell out." "Used to be a great channel. now he's just getting fat off of the money he milks from his shitty movie reviews" etc etc etc, any insults or judgmental comments, I'm harshly against it. You are not his mother or his father, you haven't done anything for him besides clicked the sub button and watched his all previous videos when mighty Joe was great. He did all the hard work, you just watched and laughed at it and now most fans think that they deserve some kind of compensation? No. Also, if you donated him money, for anyone that did, also, that was your choice. Nobody forces you upon it. It's your fault, if you regret it now. It's kind of like preordering a video game. Risks involved. He wants to make money and he will do it any way he likes it. The hard way, the easy way, the fast way - who are we to judge him? If his channel fails because of his current decisions, only he can blame himself. And if that happens, the fans who hated him can taps themselves on the back and say they warned him.
  8. Well remakes are fine as long as they are done right imo. If you read my first post, I was very skeptical about it, which is no surprise due to how many games hype you up and fail, same with remakes, but I might have been wrong with Quake with what I heard so far. I heard good things about it from beta players. I'm glad I was wrong.
  9. Whole or at least most of the movie recreated in GTA 5 And it's in russian
  10. Interesting to hear all that. Welcome back man!
  11. I don't think mods close people here for inactivity. It's a huge task to follow so many people. Anyways, safe trip man and have fun!
  12. Horror games like Outlast and so on, games that rely on nothing else, but good atmosphere, should be focused on that, with good gameplay mechanics and not difficulty and trial and error. I lost hope in horror genre long time ago, with horrors only relying on running and stealth. I did enjoy Outlast a lot and I loved it, but it's a rare game that makes me love such horror games, so seeing how badly Outlast 2 seems to be, I'll probably skip it. Bunch of backwater hilly billy religious fanatics isn't really original either, so I'm not interested. Outlast 1 was not super original with all the abandoned mental institution crap, but that "ghost" kind of made me interested to find out who he is and what happened so I kept on playing. Outlast wasn't that scary as much as I just found the ambiance and atmosphere over the line good so that was a win. I just hope the horror genre won't be forever stuck on stealth/run mechanics because RARELY, does any fucking developer get it right and now even the dev behind a great previous title, fucked it up. How much do I miss shit like Dead Space: something with action, fucked up enemies, good story, good gameplay and creepy atmosphere. Not too much action like DS3, but I didn't mind it. We will see, but yeah...for me personally, the horror genre became super stale. Each one that comes out is the same gameplay mechanic: run and hide. It's so much risk and reward. If you fail the atmosphere, plus the only "gameplay" is pretty much just running and hiding and you fail the story and atmosphere, then you fucked the game up already.
  13. Exactly! I don't know why people are so crazy about WW1 or WW2 games, which we played throughout entire fucking early 2000s and there is still plenty that came out after and even now, just not from huge studios. It's going to be nothing else, but those old same games in better graphics and the MP will be riddled with all the other generic cosmetics and shit that most FPS games have now. These guys will probably do a better job than BF1 campaign, the MP will be probably as any other COD just with WW2 skin. One thing I can say that's kinda new is this: at least the graphics look visually more impressive. Not on BF1 level, but pretty close. That's new for COD. At least I hope they add feature so you can play as Nazis or Japanese too, if there will be any missions there on the Pacific. I'm kinda getting tired of WW2 games played from Allies side all the time. Also if people are gonna bitch about this game (unless they fuck it up), then gamers really don't know what they want. Thousands wanted a WW2 COD, they got it. Let's see how it will be accepted.
  14. So uh, what to say... 60FPS on max graphics. Good port, no issues at all. Fun game. Great combat. Cinematics are locked at 30 from what I saw tho. That not enough to make you play it??!?!?!?!?!? DO I HAVE TO PULL OUT THE WILD CARDS? Fine... I hoped it didn't have to come to this. I hoped the first few points would make you play it... I gotta pull out the cheap, but effective card... So now I made you think about it?
  15. So I've been having some major issues with Discord lately, on my phone and PC. My language keeps changing randomly to any language and one time I was randomly a member of 2 servers which I never joined or got an invitation to. Yesterday though, a friend of mine complained that "I" kept on spamming calls to him, so he blocked me and got pretty mad. I also noticed I'm not a member of AJSA anymore on Discord. I'm not sure if someone hacked me, if it's a bug or IF, I got kicked/banned from the server for breaking some rules, which would mean I was probably hacked then (in case if I spammed chats or posted inappropriate content) In case if I was banned, can I get a confirmation here by any of the mods or admins? And if I was, can you tell me why? If I wasn't banned, then "I" probably left the server. So I don't know if it's a bug or I'm hacked. As I said, my Discord has been getting me into weird issues lately (language changing, leaving/joining random servers) and spamming calls to a guy.
  16. Yeap, tried it. Will see what happens now. Yeah, I'll join the server, but I wanna know if I got kicked or banned first if it was a bug so it left on it's own Thanks man!
  17. San Andreas. Classic and king. The most exaggerated and hilarious storyline, but a lot of fun. From being a small time gangster to randomly working for the fucking government and throwing down fucking bombs from jets, fighting the military and breaking into a top secret military facility to steal a top secret military project AND then after all that, just casually goes back to solving all the gangster shit back at home.
  18. The graphics in ME:A are really good. I don't know why people flame the game on graphics, they are pretty good. Specially when you walk around Tempest, ARKs and Nexus - the metal reflections, the textures on metal floors, like really clean and slick and then you see a few scratches reflect off in lighting. The lighting, the reflections, textures on most places look beautiful. These are just some screens I took on high graphics (with 1-2 things on medium) The facial animations aren't even that bad at all. In cutscenes (like one above), you can see how good the faces look and animations. They are really detailed. When characters frown, you can see how their skin tightens and everything and emotions look good. Now depending on how you make your Ryder (dont go with default Sara - default guy is fine), then you are pretty much fine. Make a custom character with thin and not too big mouth and you will avoid the hilarious faces and mouth animations. It's the normal dialogue throughout the game when you randomly talk to NPCs, that the faces are somewhat stale, but it's easy to get over it. I won't defend the game, they had 40 million dollar budget and they fucked it up, but it's no reason to hate the game. It's worth on sales, if not for 60. The game's story is not bad either, gameplay/combat is a shit ton of fun and huge improvement from previous MEs. I went to play this game with extremely low expectations. When I was waiting for my Ryder to show her face in-game, I was like "holy shit lets wait for the ugly face" and she looked CUTE af in most scenes. I will play a 2nd playthrough with male Ryder probably. Shit ton of content in the game and exploring is pretty fun too. I think the game deserved the flack, but I think it made the game look worse than it actually does. It's a good game to play imo and so far it's a solid 7/10 for me. Would of been an 8 if it wasn't for performance issues at some places and a few bugs. As for what I think will be the worst games of 2017...eh I don't know. I actually thought it would be Andromeda until I actually played it lol My current cents are on Battlefront 2 or any COD game if it comes out this year.
  19. They said they are fixing lip sync, the faces in general and eyes. Also they said their plan for the future updates is to fix the horrible animations. We'll see if they will keep it true.
  20. Ah, my favorite topic and game. You can play through the vanilla game, but instead, I would suggest you download this mod: RESTORATION PROJECT It's easy to install. Basically download and just follow the installer. *Have a fresh save though. It is not a mod like it adds custom stuff. It's a mod that adds items, towns, cities, quests, NPCs, props etc and 100s of things that were cut away from the original game back then, to make space and for game to be take less resources. It's a good way to start the game. It doesn't just add stuff, it fixes tons of stuff too. I would recommend it. The game originally had like almost 40% of it's content cut before release and this brings it back. As for tips: it's not a game that will hold your hand. You gotta learn it and feel it yourself. Many ways to play it and finish it. Hell, you can finish the game without even levelling combat skills or kill anyone. Take it slow, enjoy the game and it will come natural. Here is a few "directions" you might find useful as you play the game: 1. When you arrive in a city called NEW RENO, somewhere in that city and part of the map you will find a secret basement under a gunshop. You will need to sneak in it so that the guy on the cashier doesn't attack you and don't get spotted by the dogs. In the basement, you will find a crazy gun nut who will mod/upgrade your weapons for free. 2. Loot anywhere you can. 3. Navarro. You will eventually get there and when you do, you wanna loot the fuck out of that place. Best equipment for free in the whole game. 4. Try not to buy too much, if your negotiation skills are too low at start. You will get scammed. 5. Den. 2nd town you will probably come across, if you talk to folks around. It's a crime and fucked up city, but if you got good sneak and steal skills, you can steal from the gun sellers and get good guns and ammo for free. You can even kill them, if you can handle them and your karma won't drop, because they are criminals. All gun sellers there. Save before you do though and make sure your karma stays positive or neutral after. 6. Special NPCs and skills. Throughout the game you will sometimes meet special NPCs that can teach you skills that you only acquire from them. So talk to people. 7. Always find diplomatic solutions and explore. Try to as often put skill points into Intelligence, as it can be VERY useful. Explore the dialogue. Fallout 2 always has a peaceful solution to a bad problem. Not only guns and killing. And pretty much few more, I will add them as you play. If you wish, keep active in this thread and I can give you tips as you play, but overall, just enjoy it and explore. Really, really good game. If you won't mind the graphics and turned based combat, you will probably love it.
  21. Not Peebee, that's for sure.
  22. I'm pretty skeptical about this game too, but I'm going to be honest and say: fuck the media! Since the first trailer with bad animations, EVERYBODY just jumped on the hate wagon and saying the game is utter trash because the facials are trash. Then some idiot plays the game and he is lucky enough to find a walking bug and then he puts it on his shitty site and says the game is bugged and this bug is terrible. Witcher 3 had a shiton of fucking bugs and it got GOTY and shit ton of rewards and I fucking loved that game. But Roach is the buggiest horse ever, sometimes Geralt's face would get stuck mid-air and my face would disappear and so on. And I'm a fan of the game, but man, was it bugged. But nobody shit on it for it. I think people just expected too much from ME:A and are now disappointed, by what they saw on the surface. And why did I say fuck the media? Because many of them were crucifying the game and now when they played it, 50% of them are like "Oh if you can get past the facials, it's actually a fun game." "Oh if you can get past first 10h, the game really opens up." PC GAMER spent last week shitting on the game and making fun of it and now they gave it a 8/10, saying it's a good game if you can get past some annoyances. Nobody reviewed the story in detail: everyone just focused on the most basic shit: the animations. Fuck the media. You don't know who is paid to shittalk the game and who is paid to talk good about it. One week they write this and next this. I will wait till the game is out, watch more reviews and specifically focus on feedback from comments and normal reviews rather than big reviews and then I will decide. TBH I believe this game isn't good with story as previous ME and characters too, but the gameplay and exploration could be worth it.
  23. IMO I think ME3 was great from beginning, to middle and to the end. The end wasn't as good, until the update where they fixed it and explained the whole ending properly, which would be the perfect ending originally. Anyway, moving that away, if you aren't sure about the game and specially if you didn't like the previous: then don't preorder! I'm always against preordering unless for some reason you are 100% sure you going to like it and I always support it if you preorder physicial copies because they contain some physical goodies. However when it comes to preordering in general, I see no point, specially digital copies. All you are doing is giving up money up front for a product you don't really know what it's gonna be like besides promotional material (which btw always looks good hence why its promo material) and you are giving up money up front for a product that might fail. We've all learned from these mistakes and got burned by bad preorders. I personally don't because I only preordered 2 games in my life and I was lucky they weren't shit at launch. Now however it's more common that games are broken at launch and need 1 day massive GB patches and what not. I'm not a hater of EA, but this is EA we are talking about. They aren't really the best company to support like this atm. TLDR: Unless you want some special goodies that come with preorders, specially physical ones, then go for it. It's your money. But if you didn't like the previous game and you aren't sure about this then the answer is obvious: wait for reviews!
  24. So I just bought this awesome game on sale yesterday after playing for the whole free weeked and I love it! Haven't had that much fun in a game for ages and it might as well become my main MP game. I really love skilled based games and this looks like a hell of a lot of fun to try and learn and get better, but I suck ass at it now. I just got a controller too because it's apparently easier, but I don't know if that will help me since I never owned a console so I never really saw the point in having a controller. I'm not into football or cars, but I love this game! If anyone plays the game on PC, feel free to add me on Steam and hit me up for a few games: raptorcss If you can't add me, try from the profile directly. http://steamcommunity.com/id/apexzexsu Warning: I still suck at it.