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  1. Apex Spartan liked a article by Angry Joe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild Review   
    Sorry for all the delays! Thanks for all your support guys! This is the 7th version we've tried so far - Someone needs to teach Nintendo Japan about Fair Use! I'm sure this will get claimed eventually which we will fight as much as we can.
  2. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, (Updated) Community Spotlight - 9/5/16 A Commander Leaves For A New Journey   
    *To those members in the U.S. and Canada regions, hope you enjoying your Labor Day. Be safe!*
    One of the hardest things about being a Commander is watching time go by and seeing those who latch on with it. In my short time as being Commander I’ve see many come, and just as many go. Some with big impacts to myself and this community, others impact big behind scenes only to have no one notice. Today we celebrate a Commander who will be stepping down, who may think he didn’t make much of an impact but that’s so wrong. He’s help more of us in ways he might not even know and in other ways he does know. Early on Wildfox help tackle the giant that was known as Planetside 2 during the time that our Lord Commander made a mistake. And because of guidance, strength, and idiotic determination to not stop help Planetside 2 become a hallmark in our AJSA history. And while we may never see the fabled Minecraft AJSA pc server (All those minigames), we must honor the same idiotic determination to help spawn such a dream.
    He may not known this, infact this is the first time I am admitting it but he helped me without knowing. When myself and Doshka were made Commanders we both were a bit shocked. Both didn’t know how to process it at all. But those first few months hearing Wildfox cracking jokes and poking fun at Doctor_Evil and Tons0fun really helped get that weight off my shoulders. Had me lighten up a bit and now with him gonna looks like I got to be the one cracking the jokes and poking fun. I think I might manage though.
    Today we’re saying goodbye to Wildfox, a Commander who did so much and needs to be remember for it. However small it may have been or as large it has been. Life continues forward, and we have to make choices. Some choices will force us to step away from other things. But doesn’t mean it was a wrong choice or a right choice. Many of us chose to be apart of this community, and however big or small of a role you think you may play is overshadowed by how much it meant. Wildfox is simply stepping down, and will be around time to time. Below I got the chance to do an one-to-one interview with Wildfox, as well as get a few Commanders to say a few words.

    *Updated: I have went through and updated the interview to include screencaps of Wildfox's legendary grammar and spelling for all to see. And for those to see the level I had to go to in cleaning up his reply for the interview. I mean look at it! It's like decoding a dead language!*
    WITHASTICK: Firstly thanks Wildfox for taking the time to do this one-to-one interview. Honestly wish it was for different reasons. However, to the many of member of the AJSA Community may not you tell them a brief introduction of who you are and what you did? Also if you want to share this, possibly what you may do for a living?
    WILDFOX: Ah, well for for a long time it was just Planetside 2 and the RTS games with Beef until I started on the Minecraft server. As for what I do I’m a U.S. Soldier with the guard as an 11B1P.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: Can you tell us a little about how you came to be a Commander within the AJSA Community?
    WILDFOX: Lol, ah well my first day with AJSA was the day Planetside 2 started up. They asked for help leading, so being in the U.S. Army I’m like “Ya I can do that, sure!” Turns out that’s how you get promoted about 2-3 weeks after I’m an Officer. Than incharge of the game itself and after what Joe did with the event I was made Commander to better lead the once largest AJSA game we had going at the time.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: What history of Planetside 2 and yourself may members might not have known?
    WILDFOX: Hmmm I did a lot of work getting the rest of the PlanetSide 2 groups to like us, like TRAF and BWC. At the start both groups were like the rest of the player base of Planetside 2, who at the time hate the AJSA for being nothing but fanboys and all around bad players. It took a lot of work to get them to start seeing us as a group who were better than the stigma given to us. However in the end that stigma is what killed the game for the AJSA.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: What are one of the best memories you have from when you were leading Planetside 2.
    WILDFOX: Has to be the 24 hour event. So much work, but I loved it.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: To the Planetside 2 veterans who maybe reading this do you have anything to say to them?
    WILDFOX:  to Yes! Go play with TRAF. We as the AJSA may not play as a group anymore. But, we still have guys who running with TRAF, who we’re on good pals with and work well together. We have AJSA members playing with them all the time.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: I know may be swore to speak on, but can you explain what the fabled AJSA Minecraft server to the members who might’ve not known of it?
    WILDFOX: Ah right, well at the start Tons always wanted one and I’ve had some ideas. I could say it was going well, but we never really had a big team and I could only do so much. I can build with the best of them, but I can’t do command warps and the plugins all that well. We also got hung up on the 3rd world which was going to be the mini-game world. After a lot of time trying to look for someone to help, we with no luck pulled the plug. That being said it’s not dead it’s simply just going to be some time before we can finish it.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: What are one of the perks of being a Commander will you miss?
    WILDFOX: Pfft, perks? Doc locked me in a room and said “here ya go!” I’ve just now got out and I’m on the run… if you see him I wasn't here!
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: What are one of the best memories you have from when you were a Commander?
    WILDFOX: Hmmm, just palling around playing games. Really that’s what they AJSA was for. It’s not about Joe, Tons, or Doc it’s for all of us to get on and find some random guy off the site  to play games with that you’ve never seen before. I’ve met so many people that I still play today I’ve helped people find others who even if they don’t play with the AJSA anymore still talk to those people. That’s what I leave behind those ties are what I look back on.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: What’s your favorite video game?
    WILDFOX: Oh boy, here we go. Well, Legend of Zelda. It was my first game and still is such an amazing game even after all this time.
    Original unedited reply:

    WITHASTICK: Final question, well not really a question. More of a moment for you to speak. I know you’re only simply stepping down from your duties, and you’ll be around time to time. But the floor is yours sir to say anything you may want too.
    WILDFOX: Hmmm, well in the end it was fun even with all the problems the AJSA might’ve had. Like the kidnapping (Tons and Doc), and the forced labor (Tons and Doc). It was fun and yes I will be around still willing to help out. I just can’t focus as much as I could back then. So if you guys ever need help and you see me on I’m more than happy to have a chat!
    Original unedited reply:

    As a final jester to Wildfox, I’ve linked the video of the 2014 Game Awards Legend of Zelda theme performance by Imagine Dragons and Koji Kondo. As Legend of Zelda is his favorite game of all time, and this hands down is the best musical performance at any Game Show we’ve seen thus far. While it may be a goodbye look at like this. It’s a hero taking a new path, that’ll lead to new journeys. While time may past and he may come back from the path looking different. He is the same… as he always been and always will be.

  3. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 8/8/16 - No, Our Sky Community Challenge!   
    No Man’s Sky takes a fantasy that many of us all share, exploring a universe freely and venture to discover; Galaxies, systems, planets, geographical wonders, creatures, aliens, items, ships, space stations, space battles, and more. You can venture from any mountain you see on a planet, to any star in the sky you spot in the entire universe. That’s the beauty of it, sure there is shooting and destruction. But for the first time in a long time we are being given a chance in a game to explore space. Just as we imagine it when we were children, to even right now whenever we see a beautiful star lit night sky. You’re the navigator of your own dreams, placed in a ocean of endless expanding stars.
    Challenge: Discover something/anything new first and claim it (Galaxies, systems, planets, creatures, etc). Take a screenshot and share your discovery to the community (possibly share of a story about what you've discovered fictional or nonfictional).

    Enter your No Man’s Sky Discoveries here: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/35982-august-community-challenge-no-our-sky/
    Enter your No Man’s Sky Discoveries by 8/29/16
    Both PlayStation 4 and PC gamers are allowed to enter your No Man’s Sky Discoveries (Sorry Xbox One gamers).
    You may enter as many of your No Man’s Sky Discoveries to this challenge.
    Your No Man’s Sky Discoveries can be uploaded and linked from any source (Imgur, Twitter, Facebook, etc).
    OPTIONAL: You may give your No Man’s Sky Discoveries stories fictional or nonfictional.
  4. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, League of Legends 1v1 Tournament Event   
    I would like to take a moment and welcome you to the AJSA NA League of Legends 1v1 Tournament. The inaugural tournament will be hosted on July 10, 2016 at 6pm Est. There will be 16 spots available in this tournament. Prizes will be handed out for first through fourth place finishes:
    1st place wins $75 2nd place wins $50 3rd place wins a 3500 RP code 4th place wins a 1380 RP code  
    To sign up for the tournament you have to be apart of the AJSA League of Legends Club and respond in the forum announcement with your in-game name. Seeding will be randomized Check in will be at 5:30 pm Est in the club chat. If you are not present by 5:45 pm Est your spot will be forfeited to the reserve list. The opening rounds of the tournament will be single match ups. The semifinals and finals will be best of three.
    Match Rules: The 1v1 matches will be played on Summoner’s Rift (in the mid lane) and the win conditions are first blood, first tower or first to 100 CS. Selections, Early Rounds: The selection process will include a “chat ban” phase before a blind pick during the opening rounds of the tournament. During this process each contestant can ban up to 3 champions. This ensures nobody has an unfair advantage in the single match ups. Selections, Finals: The semifinals and finals will have a draft phase. There will be a coin toss to determine the order in which sides will be picked in the best of three. Winning: Once any win condition is reached, both participants take a screenshot of the scoreboard to submit for review if your game is not being streamed. If the score board is suspicious, the match up will be replayed with an observer. Suspicious scoreboards include reaching 100 CS before 9.5 minutes into the match which is the realistic threshold for 100 CS without missing a minion. Global Bans: The following list of champions are unfair to play against and currently have absurd win rates (54%+) while maintaining an unhealthy ban rate (30%+). This list is subject to change; Malzahar, Swain. Streaming: Games will be broadcast on https://www.twitch.tv/thetitan18 and/or https://www.twitch.tv/ajsagaming. Every semifinals and finals match up will be broadcast. Broadcast match ups in the opening rounds will be chosen at random and participants will be informed if they are selected. Non-broadcast Matches: All Non-broadcast matches in the first round have to be underway by 6:20 pm Est. All Non-broadcast matches in the second round have to be underway by 7:20 pm Est. This allows for remake time if necessary. Disconnects, Hardware Failure, and Bugs: In the event of any of these situations, the game will be remade if neither side has hit 60 CS. If one side has hit 60 CS, the CS delta has to be under 15 for a remake if the player affected is behind. If a remake is the outcome, the game will have an observer, and has to launch within 5 minutes of the decision. If this happens two times to one player in a match, that player will forfeit that match.  
    Keep up-to-date with the League of Legends Tournament over at our thread post. There we accept sign ups, questions, as well as give updates to possible changes. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/35282-league-of-legends-1v1-tournament-event/
  5. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 6/6/16 - Take Part + E3 Predictions   
    June has arrived, and that means E3 is right around the corner with all it’s surprise madness. The downs (a lot of them), the ups, the surprise announcements, the Ubisoft game announcement with amazing graphics… only to be downgraded later at release (Seriously, you haven't seen this pattern yet?) While all in good fun, it can be maddening to get across everything. So to help with the AJSA efforts to cover E3 on Spotlight in our own unique way WE WON’T BE HAVING A COMMUNITY CHALLENGE THIS MONTH (Had to caps it so you can see it easier.) I mean there is some form of challenge this month, that’s where we talk. First, I encourage everyone to take part in the E3 discussions to will be coming. I also encourage to keep the conversations as that, conversations. Second, the Xbox One Division is giving away a copy of Overwatch (For the Xbox one). All you need to do is create your own unique Overwatch character and submit it. We normally don’t get to do stuff like this often, but we love when we can. So go take it out, and take a shot at it!
    Objective 1: Take part in the E3 discussions surprise game announcements, ups and downs of shows, the new Ubisoft announced game that’ll be graphically downgraded and won’t live up to it’s full potential in promised gameplay (Again seriously it’s a pattern.) Everyone’s got opinions and hype, just express it positively (We don’t need shit posting.)
    Objective 2: The Xbox One Division is giving away a copy of Overwatch for the Xbox One. All you need to do for a chance to win it is create your own Overwatch character, and submit it. Here is the to the giveaway link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/35042-overwatch-giveaway-contest-xbox-one/

    E3 Starts next week, both video game announcements Christmas and hellfire all in one place! Thankfully the many of us will be sitting at home watching it through our own means (Twitch, mostly through Twitch). But with one week left and rumors running, why don’t we make a few predictions from a few of our Commanders (WARNING: A lot of salt, all answers are made as… sarcastic old men jokes)
    Question: Out of everything you know so far going into this E3, what single prediction would you make knowing you’ll see this year at E3?
    WITHASTICK: That Ubisoft will announced a brand new game series, claim it’s “Iconic”. The gameplay and graphics will dumbfound everyone! And it’ll come out this fall! Only for it to be delayed by 2 years, graphics to be downgraded, and gameplay features to be stripped.
    Conan: Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation will make a video dismissing E3 as one giant circle-jerk.
    Doctor_Evil: Release date and lower price point for Microsoft Hololens (That AR thing) exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10.
    Tons0fun: Kickstarter games from successful campaign in 2014 will show off a new build and announce that they’ll release “Soon” only to be delayed yet again in July.
    Rune_X: I just really look forward to the next Red Dead Redemption. I imagine an announcement about RDR 1 being backwards comp. With Xbox One may be put forward as well.

    Mr_E_Meatshield celebrates having reached 100 subscribers on his YouTube channel. For the celebration he made a special Q&A video for his viewers! Congratulations on the achievement Meat!
    Alexander452 shares to us what Limbo in the afterlife must be like. Hint: It’ll never end.
    Finally, Blurmania 53 shares with us one hell of a Killing Frenzy he got on Halo 5 during an AJSA Xbox One event.
  6. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 5/30/16 - Community Challenge Champion   
    May has gone, with it a f#ck ton of games (Again for some strange reason or another) have finally passed us (Or we’re still playing them). The big three that stood out from the crowd were Battleborn, Overwatch and Doom. All first person shooters, all different in their own unique ways. Battleborn more of a MOBA, Overwatch more of a hero shooter, and DOOM trying to be old school (But not? I don’t know it’s a long story). These three games where your battlegrounds for this month’s challenges, but you were loud and clear that you didn’t need three. Many of you performed great feats during your combat in Overwatch, and loved to show it off. However, while everyone was great there can only be one Community Challenge Champion!
    The Champion of May’s Community Challenge “Tomato, Tamahto, Doom?” is… Apex Spartan!
    Objective Completed: Record and post a video clip/clips of you performing great feats (Killing sprees, Play of the game, Clutch save, etc) within any or all of the three game’s multiplayer; Battleborn, Overwatch, and/or DOOM (Overwatch Open Beta footage counts).
    Apex Spartan, you stepped forward to accept my Challenge knowing you had to perform a great feat. Instead of intense streaks or amazing Play of the Game footage, you took the chance to show off a tier of heroes who are over shadowed. The heroes that always have your back, that know what you need best. The Unsung Heroes (As you put it)!
    Once more hail your new Champion, Apex Spartan the fourth Community Challenge Champion and first second time Champion! Thank you everyone who entered/attempted. As an appreciation to all those who entered check out all their entries @ http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/34564-may-community-challenge-tomato-tamahto-doom/
    See you’ll next week for Community Spotlight!
  7. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 04/25/16 - Community Challenge Champion   
    The Souls games over the years have become one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming. Dark Souls 3 is the latest entry into the Souls series, and much like it’s title- it’s one hell of a Dark game. From the design of the monsters, the carved landscapes, the deep subtle lore and storytelling, even the air itself reeks of the games dark nature. You’ll were challenged to complete three in-game achievements in Dark Souls 3 for my pleasure. Now it’s time to name our Champion and the Honored Souls!
    The Champion of April’s Community Challenge “Will You Die?” is…
    Snapplemonkey, you stepped forward to accept my Challenge knowing it will kill you. But like The Champion you’re, you emerged victorious! You conquered Iudex Gundyr, the first of many who would stand in your way. You discovered the lost Untended Graves, a location hidden from fools. You brought The End of Fire, but a beginning of Dark. Rejoice!
    But remember Champion, there were others who followed in your footsteps. These souls will be honored as well, not as Champions! But as the Champions followers, his Honored Souls!
    Argetlam350 Recon_avwf Kaz32 Lenzerker  
    What? Oh! What about those who didn’t make it? Well it’s fairly simple... 

    Once more hail your new Champion, Snapplemonkey the third Community Challenge Champion! Thank you everyone who entered/attempted. See you’ll next week for next Month’s Community Challenge.
  8. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 04/18/16 - A Call to Action!   
    Over one year ago we sat down with Jayson (ArisingFlame) and handed over the AJSA Gaming YouTube channel to him. He was just a simple member of the community, whose direct and constant approach to his work climb him up the ladder quickly. Over the past year he has worked closely with many of us in Command, and with many of you on the field. He brought PlayStation 4 Game Nights to the channel, which encourage our counterparts on the Xbox One Division to step up to the challenge. Tournaments like the Expeditionary Force Rocket League Tournament have been forever archived and now able to be showcase to the Community. For the better part of this year it has mainly been Xbox One content, with us on the PlayStation 4 side taking a step back to review our own content. That brings us here today. I’ve been working with Jayson closely, urging for us to take a chance, much like we took a chance with him last year. A chance to give the Community as a whole the ability to share their creativity. I for one will continue to work with Jayson and others to help create new content for this Community and it’s YouTube channel. Now I know many of you still have questions. That’s why I took the time to sit down with Jayson and ask some of the more common questions from the Community. Jayson does cover questions you may have in his YouTube video “A Call to Action”
    Source: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/34251-ajsa-youtube-a-call-to-action/
    WITHASTICK: First, thank you Jayson for taking the time to sit down and talk. Now a big question many will have is how do they get in contact with you. What’s the best way for those unique snowflakes to get your attention?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Not a problem. It's nice to be getting word out and already getting responses. I've left a lot of ways to cantact me, the easiest being my email: Jayson@JaysonsRage.com, but there's also my twitter (@JaysonsRage), and a few other places, including a topic on the AJSA Forums that will be a great place to stay up to date.
    WITHASTICK: You aren’t just simply looking for video content creators, correct? You’re even opening the doors for graphic designers, musicians, video editors, gameplay clip providers. People with unique creative skills who might not even know they can help?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Exactly. A great team can be the best way to bring together a great creative group that may have not assembled otherwise. Hell, I wouldn't be working on videos or streaming had everything gone according to plan either. But I'm extremely happy to be working on what I do now, and this is a great chance for the AJSA to show what we can do when we get skilled and determined individuals together. I'm really excited about the prospects. It's good to keep it loose but also have goals. Up until I was 22 I thought I was gonna be working on music for a living, and I still do it on the side, but it is crazy to see some of the transferable skills from one thing to another can be.
    WITHASTICK: Let's just say someone got your attention through the many contacts. Will providing examples of their unique skills help, and what else can they bring to show and tell?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Well, just about anything involved in the creative process from ideas down to the final product. If you have ideas, shoot them at me! Show me your videos, songs, voice clips, whatever you feel you bring to the table or even think you may be able to bring to the table. It'll help to see what we're working with and how to move forward.
    WITHASTICK: Now what if someone is a video content creator, and wants to remain as an individual channel. However, they still want to be featured on the AJSA Gaming YouTube Channel. What can the AJSA Gaming YouTube channel offer to them?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Well, I'm not one to stop you from working on your own as well. I actually do the same and it can be beneficial both ways. The more personality we have on the channel the more varied content we can produce and collaborate on. And this is a great way not only to highlight the talent of the AJSA, but the individuals as well.
    WITHASTICK: In terms of video content are creators free to suggest any type of content to the AJSA Gaming YouTube Channel, and have it be hosted? Let’s Plays, Reviews, Commentaries, Reactions, First Impressions, etc.
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): Creators are free to suggest and create for sure. Now, we don't want to let every little thing up as we do want to keep to a certain standard, so it isn't a guarantee that if you submit something that it will go up. If there are issues, I'll let you know. Usually, the more communication on the project the better.
    WITHASTICK: Once more Jayson thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. To the AJSA Community as a whole do you have any final thoughts or statements you like to say?
    Jayson (ArisingFlame): No problem at all. Getting the word out is a great thing for everyone. The more variety of creators we've got going for us, the better! I'm excited about future projects that are even currently under development. And it'a always good to have an opening and closing catchphrase! You all stay sexy out there!

    The Soul games over the years have become one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming. Dark Souls 3 is the latest entry into the Souls series, and much like it’s title- it’s one hell of a Dark game. From the design of the monsters, the carved landscapes, the deep subtle lore and storytelling, even the air itself reeks of the games dark nature. But admiring the game isn’t your challenge, no. Your challenge is to complete achievements in Dark Souls 3 for my pleasure. So brave Champion... Will you embrace the darkness, or will you die?
    Update: The Champion has claimed Victory over April's Community Challenge "Will You Die?". However, I encourage everyone to still try and complete the challenge. As when the article goes up to name our Champion, those who at least complete the challenge will be honored alongside the Champion. The article goes up 4/25/16, meaning you have until than to be honored with the Champion.
    Be FIRST to obtain ALL three selected Dark Souls 3 in-game Achievements/Trophies (any platform). *To avoid ANY Dark Souls 3 spoilers, the Achievements/Trophies descriptions will not be displayed. However, links of the descriptions are provided for those who wish to know them.*
    Iudex Gundyr (Description Link) Untended Graves (Description Link) The End of Fire (Description Link)  

    Enter your claim to Victory entry HERE. Enter your claim to Victory entry before 04/25/16. Must display proof showing you’ve earned these three in-game Achievements/Trophies (PC, PS4, XB1). All three in-game Achievements/Trophies must be earned after 04/12/16, and display proof of this (Sorry Japanese players and Non-Japanese earlier buyers). The date will be applied to Global Times. Example if you're living in a timezone and you get your game at 10:00 pm in your Timezone, as long as somewhere in the world it has turned 12:01 am 04/12/16 at the time you earned these trophies you are okay. Your proof must be entered here I will not accept private message entries of any kind, from any source of messaging.  

  9. Apex Spartan liked a article by WITHASTICK, Community Spotlight 02/29/16 - Community Challenge Winner   
    Video games have more than just war, they also have love. That was your challenge for this month, to take a moment and think about those sweethearts we see tied together in video games. Maybe it’s sibling camaraderie between Mario and Luigi. Perhaps you like the level of friendship that is greater than “friends” that Master Chief and Cortana tease to each other (Oh c’mon we all know it!). Possibly you find some weird stuff cool… like Ratchet and Clank? (Who wrote this in here! Oh, I did. Okay) Hell whatever floats your boat, love is love (Man). You’ve accepted the challenge, honed your skills and took a shot in the dark. Now let’s see if you give love a bad name!
    Drum roll please!
    The Winner of February’s Community Challenge “Love and War” is…
    Apex Spartan!
    Fan Fiction Link: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/33160-ended-february-community-challenge-love-and-war/?p=337510
    Apex Spartan takes us back to the world of the Witcher 3. A world plagued of monsters, death, and misery. A world that Geralt and Ciri fight through and cleanse what little that plagues this world on a daily basis. Witchers are meant to be emotionless, unable to feel. Apex Spartan explores that idea between the two Witchers. How it reflect on to one another, and how each of them see the world with or without each other. Knowing the Witcher games I know how mature content can get, thank god I put a strict rule against the kind of stuff. I mean have you seen the sex scenes!
    Congratulations Apex Spartan for being the second Community Challenges Winner, and thank you everyone who entered! See you next week for next month’s Community Challenge!
  10. Apex Spartan liked a article by RavenKitsune, League of Legends Inhouse   
    We gather to the rift once again for a concert unlike any other a concert of spells and blades.
    when: Saturday 28th, @ 7pm EST (for NA) and 7pm GMT (for EUW)
    where: the League of Legends channel in the AJSA teamspeak, NA and EUW regions (separate times for each)
    what: the game mode(s) will be determined by the people who participate based on majority vote.
    rules: just be respectful and have fun.
  11. Apex Spartan liked a article by DamionRayne, Community Spotlight - 12JAN2015 "We Press On!"   
    In case you haven't seen it already, we've now got Several new game servers up and running! Here's the list as it stands,

    7 Days to Die
    CS: GO
    ArmA 3 (Wasteland)
    Space Engineers
    Chivalry Medieval Warfare

    Interested in seeing more? We have plenty of slots to open up new servers, so let us know what you want! As a note, this new clan package runs us about 450 a month to keep up. So if you're interested in helping us keep the lights on and provide you with great servers to play on, then please, donate or join the Support Club. We're also always open to feedback regarding the Support Club and we are trying to find the best value for our Support Club members moving forward in 2015.

    Moving forward in news and announcements, and I'm just going to toss everything under announcements this week because we've a lot to talk about, is the Community YouTube Channel. Which is located here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCga3mZiwQIv3CO-qjopVSXg

    Councilmen Tons0Fun and Myself will both begin to upload content to the channel this week. You can expect tutorials, event videos, community spotlights and more moving forward. So, hit that subscribe button and help us grow the community as a whole!

    Last but not least for announcements this week, is the start of the AJSA Community PodCast. Stay tuned to the front page for more information coming soon about this. However, we'll be starting a Community oriented podcast on AJSA Gaming Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ajsagaming At the start this will be an "end of the month" and monthly thing, and depending on turnout and interest we may increase that to bi-weekly. So again, stay tuned for more! This stream/pod cast, what ever we decide to call it, will be your chance to get to know your command staff and field direct questions and concerns to us. We look forward to it, and we hope you do to.

    Aparently Dark Souls 2 is really effing hard? Who knew? (Sarcasm) Member Esek Shows us just how lucky he is to be alive.

    Veteran Angry Brute is giving the Forest a play through, and well, he's not that bad! So give him a watch!

    Apex Spartan reminds us why we love his artwork....

    Stay Tuned for more Next week folks! -DR

  12. Apex Spartan liked a article by DoctorEvil, Congratulations to our AJSA Anniversary Quest Winners!   
    AJSA Trivia Questions & Answers:
    AJS History: What game was AngryJoe's first Youtube Video to be called an "Angry" Review on?
    Answer: Far Cry 2 (watch the vid for a Baby Tons0fun sighting!)
    Twitch Trivia: Shadows of Brimstone Board Game Stream: What was Joe's Character's name?
    Answer: Mad Dog Joe
    Twitch Trivia: What is Other Joe's Catch Phrase?
    Answer: "Leave Him, He's Dead." (There are some who would say "Ice Cream Dat Fool" is his catch phrase, but in a stream and a strawpoll Leave Him, He's Dead won out as OJ's official catch phrase.)
    AJS History: What game was awarded the very first EPIC FAIL Seal?
    Answer: Iron Man 2: The Video Game (This would not be the last licensed game to get an Epic Fail Seal.)
    Forum Trivia: On April Fool's Day 2014, what game did the AJSA decide to officially support?
    Answer: STAR STABLE (http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/_/articles/ajsa-officially-supports-star-stable-r50)
    AJS History: What game got the first Proto-Bad Ass Seal of Approval?
    Answer: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (The Art for this Proto-seal still needed some work...)
    AJSA Steam Curator Page: What is the most recent game recommended on the page?
    Answer: Alien Isolation (At the time of the contest at least, Shadows of Mordor has been added with Joe's unofficial rating while streaming)
    Twitch Trivia: What is the Name of Joe's Nemesis in Shadows of Mordor?

    BRONZE-LEVEL (8 or more correct answers!)
    Blurmania 53

    SILVER-LEVEL (14 or more correct answers!)
    General Bravo

    GOLD-LEVEL (19 or more correct answers!)

    PLATINUM-LEVEL (25 or more correct answers!)
    Beatmaster A.C.
    Sol Omega
    Congrats to all our winners, and for those who didn't get enough for a award, there's always next year!
  13. Apex Spartan liked a article by Kizra, ARCHEAGE: AJSA Saturday Halloween Event   

    There is nothing funny about Halloween.

    This sarcastic festival reflects rather,

    an infernal demand for revenge

    by children on the adult world.

    Jean Baudrillard

    AJSA will be celebrating halloween on the 1st of november, leaving the 31st free for you to run around covered in paint!

    First event will start at 8 am PST (11 am EST) so make sure you're (still) awake!

    How will we celebrate?

    With events of course! (just in case you didn't read the title)

    The whole day will be filled with events, hide and seek, races, trivia and many more!

    All will be working on a Point system.

    How does it work?

    Each event will have a winner and that winner will win a prize, but even if you don't win you still gain points.

    You will automatically gain a point for entering the event and then additional points during the event itself.

    The grand prize will be given to the person with the most points at the end of the day!

    I know it is a lot to ask, especially with all the candy, but please keep your sticky fingers in your pockets, for everyones sake.

    I hope you will all be sober

    though I'm not counting on it.