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  1. AuKrystalon, thanks in advance if you invite me
  2. Who here on Devona's Rest?
  3. So there is no one from Devona's rest here? *sigh*, but if you are! post!
  4. Thanks, Ill try it and reply to see if it has worked, and yes I have SKSE, but I just have two question. Is Wyrebash better to use to do the merged patch than tes5edit and will it conflict with Nexus Mod Manager? thanks for your help again
  5. Well, I have turned off all my Water mods such as "Pure water" (the one I use) and "water" which are not on at the same time. I use boss to organize the mods and to tell me if they conflict or add specific water to whiterun but it comes up with zilch I was wondering if I would be able to use the creation kit to target the water and delete it from there instead of using the console commands, but If I were able to do that I might target the wrong types of water as there are many in whiterun. and seeing how the water only appears as a little box in the air and then appearing all around me when I apparently go into it, makes it even harder to do
  6. PC, I run 70 mods....all for enchanced gameplay. I cannot list them all right now because I am not at my house which means my rig will not be available. I will try to reply as soon as I get home, if not today maybe tomorrow or the day after that Thanks for replying btw
  7. I am not referring to a mod but a bug or glitch, let me re-phrase it In whiterun, there is a block of water above the city, and when I walk deeper into the city, Water appears out of nowhere and I begin to swim. so far I have seen that the water ends at the stairs to the keep So.....I really need help to fix this
  8. Ok so here is the thing, I recently was playing skyrim and started a new character, my redgaurd by the name of Altarkur was captured by the imperials. After all escaping with the stormcloak and getting told by his sister to get help from whiterun for riverwood. Altarkur was so exited to meet the famous trading hub of skyrim. As he walked into the city he noticed something in the sky "Is that water" he thought to himself, as he walked to the gildergreen he became surrounded in water that appeared in thin air! Thus ends the journey of the dragonborn. That out of the way I want to discuss the bug, As I was wondering in whiterun I noticed a block of water above the center of whiterun, at first I thought it was a bad texture but as I was going to the jarl I started swimming, in the center of whiterun and I watched as helpless people floated atop. I have searched this bug and seems that no one has encountered this bug (If anyone has then I am glad that it is not just me). I really need assistance to fix this mod or my favorite city will become rapture, and we all know that is not a good thing. If anyone knows a hint on how to fix this POST RIGHT NOW AND DON'T THINK TWICE!!!! Please I need help to fix this mod, badly.
  9. Warthunder, it is a great combat flight simulator...a bit hard to get used to at first but that's what gives its realism and awesomeness. And its free on steam, so what are you waiting for?