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  1. Please tell me this is next weekend not tomorrow... If it's tomorrow than I'm sorry, but ESL One Cologne is on right now, and, for me, that takes priority.
  2. I'd be fine with playing any except Demoman and Medic. I have over 450 hours on the game, though I haven't played in a while. During my prime (approx. 6 months ago, before I started playing CS:GO) I was consistently topping the scoreboard.
  3. I'd love to come today
  4. I can play Scout or Engineer (better with Spy and Sniper, but those are taken)
  5. Just so you guys know, over here in the UK, it's British Summer Time, which means GMT +1, so I doubt many people from here in Europe will be attending at past midnight
  6. Would love to see this game as unofficially supported. Great game with great gameplay. One of the classics that brings nostalgia whenever I open it.
  7. Last event was fun, though I did have to leave a bit early. Maybe this time we can lower the CTF point limit? That match on Felucia took AGES.
  8. Hey! I can actually make it to this one
  9. British time is currently in British Summer Time (BST), so we're actually on GMT +1, so a lot of the time these event are way too late to play.
  10. Sorry guys, I would REALLY love to go, but I'm at my dad's house (his internet is really bad). Maybe next time though? Hopefully these will be every week, if so then I'll be able to make it every other week.
  11. I haven't played SWTOR since I finished the Shadow of Revan expansion... I'll have to renew my subscription at some point!
  12. It's been a whole fortnight now....
  13. OK then, please add me on Steam.
  14. OK, before you read further, plz know that I am just looking to muck about. If you really care about your rank, please leave now. Still here? OK then, I am looking for 4 people to competitive with me (preferably around my rank - Silver Elite, so the whole ranking thing doesn't stop us from playing together). Sounds simple right? Well there's a twist. We will be using StratRoulette.com This means that, at the beginning of every round, I will roll and we will get a random "strategy" for whichever map we are playing. The "strategy" will either be a completely ridiculous strategy, or a restriction on the team. One example is the "I'll keep an eye on you". This means that you can only move if you have a team mate in sight. No exceptions. Please add me on steam: ProphetOfTheNarwhal if you're interested and don't minding maybe going down a rank
  15. Congrats dude, tht's my dream knife. No-one I see (even pros) seem to have any Tiger Tooth knives but I think the skin looks awesome and the M9 Bayonet is my favourite knife skin. Shame I'm probs never gonna get it, but good for you, living the dream!