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  1. Master_Fishgoose liked a post in a topic by iamzani in Stuck at Silver, here is why... Spoiler: Raging   
    Soooooo I am stuck on Silver, why you ask? Well just watch this video...

  2. Jackschmit liked a post in a topic by Master_Fishgoose in ESO Update 3 And its Guild improvements   
    ESO is soon going to get its 3rd update, which brings a lot of new improvements for guilds. If you want to read the full article, go here: http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/2014/07/08/the-road-ahead---july-8
    The main thing I want to talk about is the new Heraldry and Management systems. The management system will allow ranks for guild members. So, I was thinking, what should these ranks be? (this should have a bit of RP or something to do with the AJSA) Also, we should have a competition of people desinging our Heraldry gear when the update comes out and then pick the best one, and then that will be our Guild uniform. Thoughts?
  3. Warmaster_Mack liked a post in a topic by Master_Fishgoose in Best first person shooter   
    It's between Titanfall and Battlefield 4.
  4. Master_Fishgoose liked a post in a topic by Orpo in Hardest Decision made in a Video Game?   
    Do i keep playing or should i study?
  5. Master_Fishgoose liked a post in a topic by GalvaZero in Hardest Decision made in a Video Game?   
  6. shadowthehedgehog89 liked a post in a topic by Master_Fishgoose in Team Fortress 2 (A Second Call to Arms)   
    Now, I know I say this about a lot of games, but this is one of my favourite games! I was really annoyed to join the AJSA and see that they had a chance at supporting TF2 and failed it. I am glad to see that it gets another chance, and will back it up all the way!