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    Team based FPS, MMORPG, RPG, Simulation, City Builders, Sports, Gym & Fitness. My work.
  1. This would give me much more to look forward to, sign me up!
  2. I'll add you, I was playing with a group of our fellow members today and had a blast. GT- RoamingDoughnut
  3. Can count me in, as I have the same issue. I play on the Xbox One most often, but also looking to get involved on PC. My gamer tags are linked to my profile here, pretty simple as they are all the same. RoamingDoughnut.
  4. Heists are out now, and can be fun when you have a good group that doesn't leave or get disconnected. As with everything, it still has its buggs.
  5. I'd be willing to join up for the raid when free, GT: RoamingDoughnut.
  6. RoamingDoughnut here
  7. I've been offline for some time and just recently been able to pick this back up. I found in addition to the OP, that the Crafting Stations Mod (found using Minion) is great. Rather than pulling up the map from the website, you just pull up your in game map, set your destination over one of the green campfire/crafting markers. It also details what set bonuses are provided.
  8. Personally I welcome the veteran levels, which will keep us busy. They didn't intend it to be a mad dash for the level cap, but rather an accomplishment for your hard work. Don't get frustrated because you can't rush to Veteran Level 10. You'll get there
  9. I've had a bug in that quest line where the disguise dissappeared and my character looked normal, but was still able to proceed with the quest. Fun stuff
  10. I'll have to take a deeper look at it when I get home from this business trip... Just ordered a new gaming Notebook so I can keep up with the action when I'm on the road this summer. Keep up the fight Soldiers.
  11. Yeah, it seems to have come with the new patch... My solution wa to close it all down and relaunch every time I got the 209 message and repair button. It takes a few tries then a few time I would get 301, just keep trying until it goes. It was a painful process sometimes, but it worked out. Sometimes it woul say play, then when you finish the session and log off, there was message 209 and te repair button in the launcher. Just stick with it and you should be on after a few tries, and I did no reinstalations, repairs or anything with modems or routers as I knew that hardware was not the issue here.
  12. Thought I would revive this thread to help identify the player base and roles: Acc: @RoamingDoughnut Server: NA Char: Raj Zha Race: Kahjiit Class: Sorcerer Role: Storm Tank/ Healer in training Wear: Heavy Armor Weapon: Greatsword / Board & Sword / Restoration Staff Skill: Blacksmith / Enchanter / Minor Provisioner Time varies on work scheduling.
  13. I will be able to join the campaign once I get more time, but for the time being I have too many work project to allow any substantial time online... Even this week I'm away for several days without internet. Then I'm away again the following week, pretty much with a repeat next month...
  14. Just click through them... Best we can do.