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  1. I joined in to help them reach the part where they giveaway free Payday the Heist for 24 hours, but I do hope they can reach all the milestones since im curious about the final reward.
  2. Wow finally a competition, looking forward to this in the future.
  3. There certainly a lot of bad reviews about the game, shame since from the looks of it I could probably can have a lot of fun playing it.
  4. Every game review made by the Angry Video Game Nerd is the worse of the worse! Also Final Fantasy 13...
  5. Holy crap! @.@
  6. I hope this isn't the last of these TF2 shorts, it would be amazing if they can make it longer.
  7. Dungeons of Dredmore was one of the best rouge games I've ever play! Still haven't finished it though since I just can't stop trying out the mods.
  8. Playing it all alone is how I enjoy the game, you feel like you're all alone most of the time without anyone ruining the experience.
  9. I've seen enough of the gameplay to NOT buying it anytime soon, probably never.
  10. Deus Ex: The Fall, oh boy what a drop from the last Human Revolution which I consider one of the the best Deus Ex game since the first one.
  11. Well it looks cool enough, will check it out again later.
  12. I'd watch the hell out of the movie for sure!
  13. Looks alrighty to me but we'll see.
  14. Awesomenauts are awesome, I need to get back into the game someday.
  15. Damn that's a MOBA game?? Well im hype!