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  1. Well, I'm not in a situation where I can take screen shots and post them...so /closeenough
  2. More performance stuff people have tried: https://www.reddit.com/r/GTAVpc/comments/36901s/gta_v_gtx_970_i5_3570k_8gb_ram_performance/ https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203482287-GTAV-PC-High-CPU-Usage Seems one person (Sylvrwynd) limited the affinity of one of the cores (so the game could only use n-1 core; in your case 3 of 4). --- For the Nvidia control panel, just right click on the desktop you should see it as one of the drop down menu options. From there in the left hand menu pane (says Select a Task... at the top). Click on Manage 3D Settings, it'll take a bit of time to load. You should see two tabs: Global Settings | Program Settings Click on the Program Settings tab and it'll take some time to look through the programs it can detect. You'll want to have found what the process name is ([name].EXE <-it must have .EXE), by looking at the Task Manager while the game is running (can be at the menu doesn't have to be 'in the world'). You can probably find it easiest by opening Task Manager and looking at the Details tab and sorting by the most CPU usage (unless you like scrolling ). Once you got the EXE name look for it in Program Settings of Nvidia. If you can't find it, then you'll have the "joy" of mapping to it. Click on "add" and dig for the GTA:5 exe..probaby in the root of the game install folder. Have fun flipp'n through the settings! FYI: Global has the same settings, but, as the name suggests, it'll affect every single program you run...which could leave other games screwed.
  3. In the end, it's up to you. Based on the 'recommended' system requirements for GTA:5, you should be able to run it just fine. Might even need to try these: https://steamcommunity.com/app/271590/discussions/0/611704730329043028/ Which has the OP using a system about as powerful as my old one (i7-920). Maybe that'll work and you can save money!
  4. Yes, it seems Lineage II was the only MMO (so far) that's run like ass on less than 12GB of system RAM*. Another plus, is you say you don't have problems in other games. If it was hardware, you'd have issues in anything that taxed the system beyond 'sitting at desktop'. If you do go for more RAM, try and get RAM you could use in a new system if it's like "well, fuck that didn't work. Guess I'll just build a new system." But, chances are the $6 to $100 USD spent on a larger memory capacity will fix the problem entirely, or alleviate it to the point where it's "I was gonna stop playing about now, anyways." *For Reference: That system was an i7-920 @ stock speed, 6GB of RAM, (2) GTX 670 in SLI, 7200RPM WD Black (game drive), 120GB Intel SSD (OS drive). I had 6 GB Corsair Dominator in triple channel (matching what the CPU could do). When I upgraded it to 12GB it was the 12GB version of the Corsair Dominator (3 sticks; 4 GB each vs 3 sticks; 2 GB each). The timings changed every so slightly, as is expected as the stick's capacity increases.
  5. Could be, I'm reminded of Lineage II and Skyrim. And I saved myself a bunch of cash taking a chance and just up-ing the RAM.
  6. It's probably a RAM issue. I have this happen in games like Skyrim and the RAM capacity for the program (usually capped around 3.5GB even for 64bit) will be nearly 90% (of the cap that appears to be in place). And the game will run like asssssss. Exit out and immediately start it back up and everything's peachy.....for several hours (depending on game settings). It's usually only in Open World games where the game doesn't completely drop everything that was loaded for the zone. MMO's seem to almost never have an issue. -- Because Skyrim suffers from it, yet ESO is fine....also seems to be the age of the open world game; Morrowind and Oblivion never have (yes, I still play them!) this! XD 99% sure there's nothing wrong with your system; 99% sure everything is squarely on RockStar for being shit at garbage collection after unloading assets. A possible fix would be to up the memory of the system to at least 12GB. I swear by this because Lineage II ran hooorribly from 'world spawn' till the 'character selection'. The only thing I changed was going from 6GB to 12GB. Suddenly the game ran fine. Nothing else changed. I know. Because I tested it the day the RAM arrived and it still ran horribly and then replaced the 6GB with the 12GB version (same brand same model same-ish timings [varies a bit as you go up in capacity]). So, people are always like "oh if you have 64bit OS go for 6GB minimum". Me? I'm like "do you game?"; "then 12GB.". I would also recommend not getting naked RAM sticks (no heatsinks and cover). You really don't want un-even temperatures on: CPU, RAM, GPU. All sorts of flaky shit happens then.
  7. Pro tip: do NOT use anything slower than 7200RPM for a Game Drive. BF4, BF1, Black Desert, WORLD OF WARCRAFT, all take about 1 minute to load the world (start the timer at the load screen) running on a WD Red with 'Intellipower' RPM (variable RPM, but maxes at 5400RPM). And I would recommend at least a 3TB HDD for games. Games these day's run about 45GB each. 40 games may seem like a lot...but Steam's currently got 44 games listed as installed. Most of them I play at least once a month or have saved progress that I really don't want to chance Steam Cloud keeping.
  8. For the Imperium!
  9. I'm still here
  10. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742826700?page=9#172 ((And then the BDO happens...I had way too much fun typing this! )) Then I went to adventure elsewhere. And boy lemme tell you. I had to ride my horse all the way across the damn map, and along the way these freaking Imps cased me. Having none of that I dismounted and proceeded to combo attacks together for devastating results. There was this other guy fighting the imps too, he didn't look to be doing so well. So I charged in and picked up the Imp and slammed him on the ground; what a @!!*!@!# for attacking a player! Having helped a fellow warrior I mounted up and continued my long ride. Along the way it started to rain; my skin was sexy shiny and my armor glimmered. Upon reaching my destination an NPC asked if I would clear out some 'waragons'. Having no clue what those were and figuring it'd be a learning experience. I accepted and rode of to slay these foul beasts! I fell down a hole. Not to be detoured, I pressed on after consuming some grain juice I had made myself. When suddenly! I was was attacked by this vicious creature that looked like the Graboids from Tremors only with legs! His tail wiped around and instinctively, I raised my shield to block the attack! I followed through with a quick jab that sent the creature reeling backwards and empowered me by draining some of it's life. ...the creature charged forth to exact revenge. But I was ready! I brought my sword, screaming as it dragged along the stone floor, right into the creatures jaw; sending him flying into the air. As he landed I spun an followed with another slash! To my horror, the creature seemed to have suffered little damage. His health bar had not depleted! ...I quickly remembered that I had no knowledge of such a beast. And would have to learn, by sight, how much health he had. Lost in thought, I missed blocking the creature's next attack. I staggered, having felt as though a carriage had just hit me....I could feel the blood running down my face and my arms grew heavy; my legs buckling. I had to think fast! I reached for the healing flask, that I had prepared myself, and quickly drank it in one gulp. I could feel my strength return...the blood seeping slowed. -- The creature attacked once more! I blocked it and slammed my shield into its face, knocking it off balance. ...I could feel the blackened rage bubbling out of me...so dense it was visible around me. I. Had. Had. Enough! I looked down at the sword in my hand...and I knew. I knew I wanted this thing dead. -- The creature made another run at me....it's mistake. I swung my blade, with such hatred, that the rage flowed out of me like a river and washed over my sword. The air blackened as the power with in me swelled and surged into the attack. ...the attack itself felt slow...as if time were shocked; horrified at what was transpiring. The hit was swift. There was no mercy. The rage made manifest poured over the creature...it howled in pain as it was quite literally vaporized. But the power...it knew no limit, and spilled unto the ground like a tidal wave it washed over the surroundings...killing everything in sight. I stood there, grinning. ....this was the adventure I sought.
  11. Correct, both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Threshold will be about 10-25 GB, when downloaded and once installed your previous version will be kept during each of those upgrades. Note: Threshold will have your Windows 10 installation kept, and your previous version erased from the 'Restore Previous Version' backup.
  12. Basically, if it ran on Windows 8 it'll run on Windows 10. ...if it ran on Windows 7 it, for the most part, ran on Windows 8. Hmm....I need to try me some Birth of the Federation on Windows 10.
  13. Bast is probably going to be playing. Not sure what server on the NA cluster. BAAAST, come tell us!
  14. Advertising like a shameless whore
  15. I see nothing that says where the RAM is allocated. Please post the Resource Manager -> Memory screen. If your system is 32bit you really should have 4GB of RAM for optimal performance. If you did have 4GB of RAM, then I would replace the CMOS battery and do a BIOS 'restore default settings'. FYI: If it's a 64bit system then you should have 6GB or more. Other than that, your stuck with what you got. A program may have updated and now requires more RAM. So what was once fine is now...not fun.