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Everything posted by ArenthianSniper

  1. I'm doing a survey/assignment for one of my classes at Michigan State University under the topic of what games people play. I would appreciate the help on this. The questions are mainly demographic and very short answer. The questions go over name(first name only or make up one), types of games you play(such as FPS, fantasy, sports, open-world, word based etc.), what platforms you play games on(PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Mobile), Gender/Age, and how many hours per day or week you spend playing. Answer in this order 1. Name 2. Types of Games 3. Platforms 4. Gender / Age 5. Hours per day or week
  2. No worries I make up names.
  3. Getting Rise of Iron tomorrow won't be able to dig into it too much got school all day. I will be showing up for Destiny today for sure.
  4. I'll give it a try on xbox one I may have missed the event, but still why not.
  5. I picked the perfect time to get back into ESO. Think I might download and try ESO on Xbox One.
  6. Ya I like Jakku its got pletty of cover I like it but it's not enough to still overcome the shear boredom after 1 hour.
  7. yeah just had to put Halo 5 during the NCAA Championships Day what r u thinking?
  8. It seriously lacks any core multiplayer components and for it to be a multiplayer focused game It is sad that EA/DICE choose graphics over essential components like server browsers from the still as soon as I hit 50 which is easy by the way, I will drop the game for a long time so as to not burn out the game due to its lack of content. Pretty to look at and fun at times when your doing good, but even that gets old with so few maps in the rotation.
  9. Im trying to grind to 50 very quickly im at 21/50 at the end of day 2
  10. I recorded a Yao Guai spazzing out after I landed the killing blow and it jump arched over my head.
  11. I almost took this thread seriously then I looked at the date. This one has come back from the dead.
  12. Had a good time with a friend of mine with a few gripes. Trying to group up is hard even with 1 person. Spawn points needs work i understand spawning on your partner in walker assualt but not drop zone. Rebels get owned far too much by imperials in walker assault. That LMG also might need a small damage nerf as well. It's not my ideal Battlefront game either far from it, but I have to hope it will catch up to Battlefront 2 with time.
  13. Well at this point it looks like we'll have to wait a little bit for the beta to even become available on the store at 1pm EST US. They are releasing the beta by region. I know if you change your region to Australia you can play it right now.
  14. Sounds good to me.
  15. Yep I just need to be reminded to get on the beta after work. With School and work i've been forgetting things like this.
  16. Ya I found myself in a predicament where it was taken king or Black ops 3. They are both Activision, Destiny is just a lesser of the two evils until Halo 5/Fallout 4/Star Wars Battlefront comes out then i'll forget I ever played Destiny for a while.
  17. Im in for an Xbox One event for Destiny at some point in time. Raids or Crucible.
  18. I'm buying Taken King thanks to a couple of friends. This means i won't be getting COD Black ops 3. Not much of a loss to me I've always liked the crucible in Destiny. I'm excited about getting back into the game, however not so excited about all the rage moments, but I hope there will be more members here at least interested in doing the strikes, raids, and crucible again.
  19. On occasion I will started with shadow of mordor, dragon age inquisition, and destiny. With the lineup we got for october/november I should be streaming a little more frequently. I still got to get around work and school though.
  20. ArenthianSniper and ArenthianSniper
  21. PSN: ArenthianSniper No PS4 but, I support the AJSA on all platforms and would love to get a PS4 in the future with Sony supporting games like COD, Destiny, and Star Wars Battlefront.
  22. Good luck with getting the guild going of the PS4 side of things, ill keep things active here on the PC side.
  23. The game has changed a lot since joe last reviewed it. Its gotten better at a few things joe pointed out. Since the sub is gone I went back to the PC and had a better time with it being removed. Id give ESO a shot again.
  24. For real sure that would be awesome!