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  1. DiaGuy liked a post in a topic by Star-Lord in Some Propaganda-Styled Art for AJSA   
    Awesome art! Maybe this'll be put on the front page. 
  2. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by DiaGuy in Some Propaganda-Styled Art for AJSA   
    So I became immensely bored and decided to create some propaganda art for the AJSA. I tried to use Paint Strokes for the main picture to imitate the old propaganda posters of WW2. Enjoy!

  3. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Wildstar is going Free to Play   
    Well, you know what this means.  So, which side will everyone be on?
  4. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Saigonrice in PSA: NEVER use Skyrim's own launcher   
    ...at least not if you use any mods of any kind. The first time you launch the game, it will auto detect and change your graphics settings to whatever works best for your hardware. Problem is, mods can trigger this to happen again, and guess what happens to your mods when Skyrim suddenly decides to change everything.
    You can probably see the reason behind this thread by now. I had over 160 hours worth of gameplay with a save filled with over 50 mods when I had to change the render distance (I don't know why I didn't do it in-game). Long story short, Skyrim changed the graphics settings and fucked up over a douzen of mods.
    What gets me the most is the fact that you can't even cancel the auto-detection. You would think the game would go "Do you want the game to auto detect your hardware and graphics settings?", but nope. It does it by its own accord and fuck you if you happen to have any mods installed, because it's not like Bethesda games are known for their modding communities.
    So if you're playing a modded version of the game, do yourself a favour and launch it via SKSE. You'll probably need it eventually, as it's used for alot of mods like SkyUI.
    TL;DR: Skyrim can auto detect your hardware and fuck up your mods, use SKSE.
  5. Kaz32 liked a post in a topic by Star-Lord in What is the worst line you have ever heard from a movie/game/tv show?   
    The Room: By Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy: You're lying, I never hit you! You're tearing me apart, Lisa!
    Lisa: Why are you so hysterical?!?!
    It's a terrible line and delivered poorly, but Tommy Wiseau is a genius so I thought it was amazing. Also, if you haven't watched The Room, I recommend you do, it's one of those "so bad it's good" movies.

  6. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Emphase in TMNT beats Guardians of the Galaxy at the box office.   
    I reckon it's partly the "Fox effect". Seriously. Stop giving that tramp so much screen time.
  7. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Berserker in R.I.P. Robbin Williams   
    And apparently, he will also be immortalized in World of Warcraft as an NPC: http://gamepolitics.com/2014/08/13/robin-williams-be-immortalized-world-warcraft#.U-u9_aPLVS4
    Which is pretty damn awesome.
  8. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Zarek in New guy here   
    Hello ladies, My name is Zarek and I.... wait. wrong website...
    I'm your average dude looking to play some video games with others. Nice to meet you!
  9. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by ThE_MarD in Fable: The Lost Chapters   
    I made a good character, a warrior. The magic system in Fable: The Lost Chapters does work pretty good, but it wasn't as effective as Fable 3 where I made a hybird warrior/mage which worked great. I always ended up playing a good character... maybe I'm just too nice of a guy heh.
    I loved Fable. The first one and the third are definitely fantastic titles. The second one has a decent story but it's definitely not as kickass as the others. I would have still preferred to play Fable 2 on PC but such is life.
  10. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Rakmarok in New Recruit Rakmarok calling in as ordered!   
    Good evening fellow Gamers!
    I'm Rakmarok and now proud member of the AngryJoe Show Army!
    To say something about myself:
    I live in Germany and work in the Metal Industry, that fuels my Passion for gaming with enough € to ensure a steady supply of games.
    I played for the majority of my Life, starting with "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" on the Nintendo 64. I was stunned by the Story, the Graphics and the Open World, which has been really impressive for that time.
    Later I got my Nintendo Gamecube, where I fell in Love with "Skies of Arcadia: Legends", that was my first encounter with this kind of games. It was followed by (many, many) hours of "Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" (I played through the story for so many times, as well as endless Deathmatches against NPCs... good times) and others games.
    Then I eventally traded my Gamecube for a PlayStation 2. Everything blew me away. Considering me a Nintendo Boy before (I hadn't much of a choice) the PlayStation 2 took me by my balls and never let go. I played games like "Splinter Cell Chaos Theory", "Grand Theft Auto" (III to Vice City Stories, all of them!) and "Need for Speed Most Wanted" (still the best one in my Opinion!).
    Then, in the summer of 2010 I finally set foot into the Next-Gen market by buying me a used Xbox §60 Elite. I was very happy at that time. Playing Old and new Games alike.
    Then in 2012 I got myself a Xbox 360 Matte Slim, awesome console.
    The breakpoint came for me when Microsoft held it's Xbox One Press Conference in 2013. I was very disappointed in this Company I supported for so long. I was also disappointed by the way that Microsoft handles their business, regarding to the Xbox. We pay 60€ for Xbox LIVE Gold and STILL receive advertisements on the Dashboard? Show me one advertisement on the Free PSN! Then we'll talk!Also the concept felt wrong for me. When watching the PC I just heard "TV, TV, TV, TV, Games, TV, TV, TV, Games, TV. Thanks for watching!"
    Sorry, that isn't supposed to end in an Micro$oft rant.
    To make is short: That brought me to a PS3. I never regret it.
    See you Guys on the Battlefield!
  11. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in AngryJoe is now in a video game.   
    I just hope these kind of games will die out eventually.
    Best thing to do is ignore the games and play some real ones.
  12. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Gone in Garry's Mod   
    The only thing i've used Garry's Mod for is the same thing i've used Source for ..... less than "family" orientated entertainment.
    Considering I have a healthy sex life you'd think I would be less of a pervert .... turns out i'm not though .... bring on the pixelated nudity.
  13. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by SeksyTimes in Time for some Seksy (gaming)   
    Hey Everyone,
    New to the AJSA, been following Joe's youtubes for a while now and decided to join his army.
    Here are a few things I would like to do/achieve while being part of this Gamer army.
    Gaming Background.
    My 1st ever game I got into really "hardcore" would have been Age of empires 1&2. and some Red Alert 1&2.
    when I grew older, I got into the MMO scene. and never left, played WoW, Lineage 2 (best game everrr! haha), and been playing FFXIV: ARR the last year, since I quit starting this summer. Before that I was in the top 10 best guilds in the game (Embrace or Sunshine) and had a lot of fun for a year. but I got everything out of that game that I wanted. So it's time to look further. I haven't found anything worth playing yet. I did however pre-order Destiny, so gonna try to sink many hours in that one. and looking forward to Kingdom under fire 2.
    why are games going down hill so rapidly the last couple of years, is it this generation? are there no Dev's with original ideas? or is making money their only goal and they won't take risks on this market? Any how, I can fill evenings on TS about those topics.
    So yea since there is nothing worth playing that I know of, I spend most of my time searching the web about upcomming games, theorycrafting and video game philosophy.
    Hope to see you ingame!
  14. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Emphase in Definition of "Badass"?   
    Slightly off-topic, but in my opinion this is the definition or epitome of "badass":

  15. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Skullcrusher416 in The Official AJSA Payday 2 Group is now Created and Online!!!   
    If you are a Player of Payday 2,
    Join the AJSA Payday 2 Group Today!
    WARNING: Group Rules and Info are working in progress! Rules will be on the steam group page As Soon As Possible!
  16. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by OverPenetrationX in Wow! Really glad to find this place!   
    Hey! I don't have much to say other than I've been a fan for a long time now, but I recently subscribed and now I find out there is a forum to join and I can talk to other people who also probably find that Joe's views reflect their own in the gaming world and want to help out more and be more involved, but with people they WANT to be involved with, and thats me! I want to hang with the angry gang! Serious, besides I think like Joe IS the only channel I'm subscribed to I think, right now anyways. Maybe TB too.
    SO JOE! I hope you get this or someone directs you to me, one thing I LOVE about the show is your CGI backgrounds and stuff, and I have some pretty good talent video pre and post production, and a lot of time on my hands.... I'm recovering from spinal cord surgery and well I'm at home a lot. I can get around not to bad and stuff, not ALWAYS in a wheelchair, in fact, been out of it more than in it lately.
    Anyways, Joe I'd LOVE TO HELP OUT! Can you and I collaborate somehow? Like would having a second graphics guy ready to crank out a game you are about to review and sending you extra material, or perhaps even doing all the effects and shipping the bits back to you as they get done ... would that be helpful? Is there any small thing I could do sometime shortly just to show you what I can do?
    MAYBE A LETS PLAY for AJS .. or why don't you check out my video I made after life had no meaning after ME3.

    (read the vid text, many of these were made, I still think mine is the best.. of the clinched unoriginal videos.. thats not saying a lot - lol)
    Um.. and I did a commercial for a friend just as an exercise recently.. 
    There is my (wasted) time I spent at an Occupy trying to get footage good enough for one documentary.. this was literally the BEST PIECE I was able to put together from that disaster..
    ...now that I've become totally jaded against political activism and hate the left and right equally I'm finishing up my political activism with an Occupy... well... they stuff they didn't want people to see.. its all about to come out.. the blurry videos that Glenn Beck were trying to show how de-generative the scene there was - well I HAVE THE REALLY NICE QUALITY ONES that were taken close up, but I'm actually sinking TIME in to that one cuz its my big KMA to the wacky left! NOW THAT ONE is going to show case some ACTUAL talent.
    So I have other stuff, but most of its pretty, lame (activisity). And I have other stuff that has nice art but no context.
    So.. I could use some portfolio work and if you guys ARE trying to start a revolution against the gaming industry against DLC and intrusive DRM, PreOrdering, well, I not only share your opinions but I have actual experience getting pepper sprayed and tear gassed, taken prisoner (arrested) in places like Montebello and Montreal ... I'm not just a gamepad warrior. AND SO.. I can really help create some material and .. if one thing people are asking you for more of Joe.. its material!
    ANYWAYS I just moved apartments so I'm a little, unorganized in here right now, my system totally needs a reinstall because, its just not acting as it should be. I'm trying to tie up this one last video I gotta do, I gotta burn some bridges (cuz thats what you do in warfare) and make sure I NEVER feel like getting involved in political activism without serious direction and leadership ever again.
    IN FACT.. gaming and its issues might be where I am best suited to be right now. And I can't think of anyone else I'd rather help with that message!
    Its why I signed up here!
    PS: (sorry for the formatting.. I'll get it right next post or two)
  17. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by GodPlzStopMe in Best Steam User Review Ever!   
    Its Rust i was about to buy that game until i saw the Rust reviews and never looked back at them.
  18. Bimpy782 liked a post in a topic by Star-Lord in Best Steam User Review Ever!   
    This review sounds like it's from either Rust or the Stomping Land. Hilarious either way, I love reading Steam Reviews.
  19. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Andreas111 in Payday 2 Crimefest   
    Already joined the group, hopefully they reach the final milestone since im curious on what the final reward is. @.@
  20. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by FroZenToday in What is the worst line you have ever heard from a movie/game/tv show?   
    IS this turning into a Nic Cage thread? OK.

  21. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in What is the worst line you have ever heard from a movie/game/tv show?   
    I despise that the Wicker Man was remade.

  22. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Mr. Lulz in Watch the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie NOW!!!!!   
    I saw it and thought it was awesome. Except there was this asshole behind me yelling out obvious shit like "Wow the Apes are on the run!"
  23. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in Watch the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie NOW!!!!!   
    Andy Serkis. Great Visuals by WETA Workshop. Andy goddamn Serkis. Impressive designs and haunting camera shots. Andy f@cking Serkis. Much darker and more suspenseful than Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Andy motherf@cking Serkis. Great cast, both humans are multi dimensional and Gary Oldman still does good work. The actors portraying the apes are remarkable. Andy "Good to his mother" Serkis. Brilliant and haunting music by Michael Giacchino. Andy Serkis better get a Best Actor nom at the Oscars this year. No Tom Felton.  
  24. Star-Lord liked a post in a topic by Aeetos in Recruit Aeetos, Reporting!   
    Hello everyone!
    I've been a fan of the Angry Joe show since last year and FINALLY joined, lol.  Glad to be here and I love watching the live streams and reviews!  I met a few of you officially last night during the Team Fortress 2 stream with Sgt. Ross and Tons0fun.  Looking forward to kicking butt with you guys!  (For those of you that were watching, yes I know I totally suck at Team Fortress 2, had fun anyways!)
    Currently I'm interested in PC games and PS4 multiplayer.  I've already been playing a fair bit of Destiny for PS4 and I'll definitely be looking for fireteam mates for the bigger events there!
    I will see you guys on the battlefield!