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    I would like to conquer the world.
    I'll settle for some high scores.

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  1. best of luck with that....
  2. I've been considering buying Rust, although lately I have been staying away from anything that has too much first person shooter action because after a few decades of it they all seem to melt together and become the same game.... But the survival and crafting aspects of the game really appeal to me. My only problem now is that from my understanding every new player is just meat tossed in the grinder for any established groups of players, and entering such a game as a solo player would be.... aggravating to say the least.
  3. To the best of my knowledge there has been no official statement that there is a planned console guild for PS4 or XB1 Alphaleader2000.
  4. Eiousx has offered to take over the position, and as there is no other candidates for the job it's all his. I may return to the game one day, but for now I need a break from all MMORPGs before I go crazy.
  5. I think I've hit everyone so far in the thread with invites, poke me if I am mistaken.
  6. Sadly I've been having a in game issue with the display on some of the ships so I haven't been playing while I wait for somebody to respond to my ticket, which apparently means that I have one hell of a wait in front of me because nobody has even LOOKED at my ticket in over a month....
  7. Just FYI If anyone is still following this thread.... opened a poll of faction preference if anyone is interested: Elite: Dangerous. Faction Poll Thought it may be useful to check on active players for when "Wings" is live
  8. Just wondering what factions people are interested in for Elite: Dangerous..... Personally I am on the fence but leaning towards Imperial or Alliance just for the underdog fight. Federation would be too easy I think, but that is just my opinion..... What do you think?
  9. Just toss @name in the flagged invite thread if you need one, I should be able to invite within 24 hours (except Mondays)
  10. I'm not going to judge the game 'till at least the beta comes out. Trying to predict weather it will flop or not before then seems pointless to me.
  11. Yeah I'm flying a Type 6 right now myself. Loving it, and even once I upgrade to a larger trade ship (I am thinking a Imperial Clipper for my next trade ship) I'll hold onto the Type 6 and mayhaps outfit it for mining . In Case I haven't mentioned it yet I'm Playing as CMDR Jack Schmit.
  12. If you have been removed (before the summer they were merging the 2 guilds into one so many inactive people were removed) just make a post HERE: New AJSA invite/promotion thread (NA server) with your @ name and I'll send you a invite ASAP
  13. We have a few members playing ESO still but not many. I do expect, if not to have players returning to the game, at least a decent number of players returning to see improvements to the game once the sub fee is removed.
  14. When doing quests that require you to transport slaves for profit, do imperial slaves count, or must the quest objective say "imperial slaves" for it to count? It seem to me I shouldn't smuggle slaves without answering this question. EDIT: Looks like slaves means NON imperial, I assumed that was the case, just hoped that it wasn't. I guess Imperial slaves are only for Imperial faction stuff. makes sense,