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Everything posted by Jackschmit

  1. Just starting a new thread for invites and promotions. If you need a guild invite to AJSA on the NA server please post here. Also if you are in need of a promotion to member or Veteran, post here (Rank is determined by your forum rank, read AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks for more info) PLEASE include your @name with your post! Official Faction is still AD but members lay on all factions. I wouldn't want to be one of the guilds that boot anybody playing on another faction because that seems a little harsh.
  2. Just wondering what factions people are interested in for Elite: Dangerous..... Personally I am on the fence but leaning towards Imperial or Alliance just for the underdog fight. Federation would be too easy I think, but that is just my opinion..... What do you think?
  3. I just tweaked the ranks around so that Sergeants were above Veterans then tossed them the ability to edit the message of the day to make it easier to inform people of events and whatnot. Having said that, there is a good chance that some Sergeants were demoted to Veteran, and I am also pretty damn sure there are members who should be promoted to Veterans (the requirement are listed under AJSA Chain of Command - Ranks ) if you are the wrong rank, please let me (@Jackschmit) or a officer know, or just post something here and I will get to it ASAP. If you have any interest in taking a more active role in the guild (promotion to Sergeant) , please let anyone Sergeant rank or above know. I can use all the help I can get!
  4. best of luck with that....
  5. Well sadly after about a month of attempting to recruit some people in game for AJSA and not even getting A SINGLE PERSON to join us I'm ready to say that we have indeed crossed the Rubicon in ESO. We have fallen into decline and there dose not seem to be much that can be done to reverse it. My inability to play much during weekdays these past few months have not helped matters.... but it is what it is. The only new members we have seen whatsoever after summer have been 2 AJSA members who picked up the game at a later date then launch. I have already messaged our point of contact with command about this. The guild shall remain open to make communication between what members we have left in the guild can ask for assistance or advice from other AJSA members, and to prevent strangers from using the AJSA tag to tarnish the name of the AJSA. Personally I have found the solution to having no bank space whatsoever to be solved nicely with the use of the guild bank for refined materials and common cooking supplies. I am re-stacking items every week or 2 to ensure we keep plenty of room, but it dosn't look like that shall be a problem anytime soon. A reminder to everyone that if you are in need of a promotion to use the guild bank, please do not hesitate to ask. It has been restricted to veteran rank due to several instances of members cleaning the thing bare and quitting the guild within a day. Most people have been playing sense launch and should qualify for one. Just post a message here New AJSA invite/promotion thread (NA server) and promote you (or invite you) ASAP. I advise people to stick with less valuable items in the guild bank just in case. Personally I have no intention on leaving ESO 'till Star Citizen is released so if you need assistance of any sort (Except gold i still need more for bank space/mount upgrades) please do not hesitate to ask me or other guild members. -@Jackschmit
  6. I've been considering buying Rust, although lately I have been staying away from anything that has too much first person shooter action because after a few decades of it they all seem to melt together and become the same game.... But the survival and crafting aspects of the game really appeal to me. My only problem now is that from my understanding every new player is just meat tossed in the grinder for any established groups of players, and entering such a game as a solo player would be.... aggravating to say the least.
  7. So, we managed to set up update 3 campaign to Thornblade.... about 24 hours from the next update. So I would like to use the poll here (made public so that you can see who's where) to show what campaign AJSA members are currently playing on. For the start of the campaign I choose the new one (Azura's Star) just to see how the server looks. So far it looks like AD dominates but perhaps it is a little too early to say for sure. I know that when they add/remove campaigns it can change the game when guilds join/leave your campaign. At the moment I am going to assume that Thornblade is still our best bet considering it always seems to have high population for all factions, but if anyone disagrees please let me know where you feel our home should be. Please vote to show what Campaign you are CURRENTLY playing on, and please update the info if you switch campaigns. EDIT---- 20/09/2014 Back on Thornblade. I've come to understand that being on a campaign that is winning yet has no resistance whatsoever is not satisfying. That shouldn't be a problem now.
  8. To the best of my knowledge there has been no official statement that there is a planned console guild for PS4 or XB1 Alphaleader2000.
  9. After much soul searching I think it's about time for me to quit playing ESO. Everyone I know IRL who played the game is long gone, and pretty much every guild I am/was in has fallen apart due to declining members. Hopefully the new pants to make ESO a no B2P game (Buy to Play, as you must still pay the cost of the game to play as opposed to free to play, where they offer it free) will pump some numbers back into ESO, but we'll see how that goes. As the game goes B2P I may pop in, but I doubt I will come back to play seriously as once I stop playing a MMO game it generally looses all appeal to me. And so we get to the heart of the issue: the AJSA will require another overseer for the guild. Currently we have no officers or sergeants, so there really isn't anyone of rank to put into the position. As such any AJSA member may take the position if they are interested. Currently the ESO guild is unofficial, and as such Seph is our point of contact with command. The bare minimum you will be expected to do will be to keep an eye on the ESO forum, and to continue to invite AJSA members as they request invites. We may very well see a surge of people returning to the game once the subscription requirement is removed, but many members are still in guild in a inactive state. I didn't want to purge 200 people when they were inactive, for fear of us losing guild bank access once members dropped. Please contact me (preferably in this thread of through a private message on the website) If you have any interest in this job. As I am leaving the game, I will be tossing most my crafting stuff in the bank, but perhaps I can give a little something special to whomever takes the job. I had been saving my yellow tempers and enchanting materials for when I hit level cap, but with all the PVPing and alt leveling I've been doing I just never got around to it. not sure of exact numbers but I think I have X30+ of each tempers. Not sure about the numbers on my Kuta, but I've yet so use one and I think I have at least X20.
  10. Eiousx has offered to take over the position, and as there is no other candidates for the job it's all his. I may return to the game one day, but for now I need a break from all MMORPGs before I go crazy.
  11. I think I've hit everyone so far in the thread with invites, poke me if I am mistaken.
  12. Sadly I've been having a in game issue with the display on some of the ships so I haven't been playing while I wait for somebody to respond to my ticket, which apparently means that I have one hell of a wait in front of me because nobody has even LOOKED at my ticket in over a month....
  13. Just FYI If anyone is still following this thread.... opened a poll of faction preference if anyone is interested: Elite: Dangerous. Faction Poll Thought it may be useful to check on active players for when "Wings" is live
  14. Just toss @name in the flagged invite thread if you need one, I should be able to invite within 24 hours (except Mondays)
  15. I'm not going to judge the game 'till at least the beta comes out. Trying to predict weather it will flop or not before then seems pointless to me.
  16. Yeah I'm flying a Type 6 right now myself. Loving it, and even once I upgrade to a larger trade ship (I am thinking a Imperial Clipper for my next trade ship) I'll hold onto the Type 6 and mayhaps outfit it for mining . In Case I haven't mentioned it yet I'm Playing as CMDR Jack Schmit.
  17. If you have been removed (before the summer they were merging the 2 guilds into one so many inactive people were removed) just make a post HERE: New AJSA invite/promotion thread (NA server) with your @ name and I'll send you a invite ASAP
  18. We have a few members playing ESO still but not many. I do expect, if not to have players returning to the game, at least a decent number of players returning to see improvements to the game once the sub fee is removed.
  19. When doing quests that require you to transport slaves for profit, do imperial slaves count, or must the quest objective say "imperial slaves" for it to count? It seem to me I shouldn't smuggle slaves without answering this question. EDIT: Looks like slaves means NON imperial, I assumed that was the case, just hoped that it wasn't. I guess Imperial slaves are only for Imperial faction stuff. makes sense,
  20. Invite sent @blindgoesbewm
  21. Been there, done that.... stations didn't like me when I do that. The NPC pirates seem kind of random when interdicting, I an go a day or two and see none whatsoever (even when poping though anarchy systems) only to have one jump me in federation space about 5LS from the nearest station. So far nothing I can't handle with X3 dots focused into weapons and shields (no guns, so no point in weapons) worst I have suffered so far is a 200-300 credit repair bill. Although I am not going to get the basic hauler because I'll just be easy prey for them. I'll get a Light explorer ship (Adder) and build up a good map of say 50-100 LY around my starting zone. once I have a good map of trade goods worked out I'll upgrade to a fancier trade ship and get to work making credits. The credits I make from making such a map should be decent. I've noticed that some blips on my radar have flipped from orange to green when I am near them, I am guessing that means I earned more reputation with that faction so they are considered friendly rather then neutral now?
  22. Well I'm still debating weather I should upgrade to a cargo ship for some wheeling and dealing, or an exploring ship to just fly out there into deep space and earn credits by selling the data I collect. I am leaning towards explorer simply because I sometimes have to wait for 5-10 min just to dock when there are a 1/2 dozen sidewinders waiting to unload their scrap metal hauls. At the moment I am still in my noob ship and wouldn't be to upset if i get murdered every now and then. And to be fair I've only been destroyed once...... well unless you count getting blown up in a REALLY bad landing attempt. For the record though My starter system that I am hanging around is LHS 3447, and my character is named Jack Schmit I am thinking that we should try to get as many AJSA members as we can grouped up for some fleet action at some point, perhaps even a once a month, or every few weeks type of event. It would be awesome fun I should think even if we only got say 10 ships cooperating in TS3.
  23. I have to play open mode all the way, despite the fact is seems utterly impossible, i hold out hope that maybe, just maybe, I'll be the 1st to triple elite for the prize My only hope i think is that if EVERYBODY else gives up on open mode, and upgrades in solo..... a slim hope but damn it I shall cling to it. I am considering selling out my weapons (because let's face it, i'm not attacking anything without a better ship/guns anyways) and getting advanced scanner and mining tool + refine unite
  24. I just picked up the game, I'm no good so far, yet i find it addictive. My grand goal right now is to earn enough credits for a cargo ship, because I know I'm gonna suck at combat 'till i can get enough cash to get a good ship with the auto aiming blaster and rockets like the two on one tutorial gave me. I'm gonna guess that because there is no guilds, and people are stuck in random systems that it is hard to try and group up (for now) Only been shot down once by another player so far, although a NPC pirate did force me to eject my cargo once :'(