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  1. ps5 will be around 600€/$ on release day (2020-21). sony releases a cheaper ps4 refresh by the end of this year for around 200€/$. i keep my ps4 slim (2017) and wait till the ps5 slim (or) ps5 pro is available. btw. the ps5 support the current PS VR and future PS VR 2.0. “I won’t go into the details of our VR strategy today, beyond saying that VR is very important to us and that the current PSVR headset is compatible with the new console,” Cerny.
  2. i played through doom on my ps4. turn off motion blur (located inside the doom game settings, graphics)... maybe this will help.
  3. in terms of gameplay it looks like a futuristic far cry .... nothing special. too much hype about it.
  4. cant say yet ... your posted screenshots look fine, but also those level-design is bit dusty (industrial) i wait until it is released. btw. i also wont buy it for 60€. so i need to wait.
  5. hello guys! i played the nier automata demo on my ps4 slim and the gameplay is pretty nice... but i hate that "brownish" industrial level-design. this looks realy ugly! will the whole game in that level design? at google i found some pictures about other locations too, but they look simillar to the first stage with a handfull plants. dont know, i like that game but i hate that "brownish-industrial" level design anyone played the nier automata demo too? best regards
  6. depends on the game ... some run better on pro, others not, or offer only a small improvement
  7. according to some infos, it should run with 60 fps (ingame?!)
  8. yea! hopefully they focus on 60 fps gameplay
  9. functionality over design! the ps4 slim ist pretty good, cause it needs much less power under load and is much quieter AMD did a jaguar APU shrink ps4 = 28 nm ps4 slim = 16 nm result - up to -50% power consumption (load) nice job! also the price is very decent cost in EU 200-250€ (~1:1 in $) for this price tag (gamepad included) you get a pretty good console, that plays all games... nothing wrong with the ps4 slim. update: i put those plastic caps on my DS4 gamepad... feels now way better.
  10. hello, where can i buy an AJSA sweater in europe? would like to buy one
  11. i always played echoes over the years to around 2/3 of the game ... and never finished it. but last weekend i did it! so i played through metroid prime and echoes also like echoes more than prime, except the bosses overall the bosses are slightly better in prime 1 in my opinion
  12. yes - finally i made it through metroid echoes on gamecube! the bonus gallery is now unlocked and accessible in the start menu
  13. there are alot of symphony orchestra playing zelda music ... but all of them paying a license fee to nintendo btw. i have good tickets.
  14. yea i ll see the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses LIVE in VIENNA/AUSTRA this october!
  15. leaked picture of a reference 480.