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  1. Guest
    Guest liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in PlayStation 4 Slim?   
    functionality over design!
    the ps4 slim ist pretty good, cause it needs much less power under load and is much quieter
    AMD did a jaguar APU shrink
    ps4 = 28 nm
    ps4 slim = 16 nm
    result - up to -50% power consumption (load)
    nice job!
    also the price is  very decent
    cost in EU 200-250€ (~1:1   in $)
    for this price tag (gamepad included) you get a pretty good console, that plays all games... nothing wrong with the ps4 slim.
    i put those plastic  caps on my DS4   gamepad... feels now way better.

  2. Ninjaneer liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in finally i made it through ...   
    yes - finally i made it through metroid echoes on gamecube!
     the bonus gallery is now unlocked and accessible in the start menu  
  3. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in "PlayStation 4.5"   
    both games run with 20 fps (yes 20 fps locked  ) at 480i (640/480 PAL 60) and  they are one of the best games ever made.
    what i am trying to  say is... resolution / framerate does not always matter.
    btw. printed the cover on my own, have only a b/w laser printer
    i hope to see much more "very good" exklusive games  on ps4 (neo) / x1 / NX / wiiu in future.

  4. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in AV comparatives - real world protection (malware!) - march to june 2014   
    most of AV tests are  not done right with only a hand full of malware in a short run at a specific date.
    av comparative  (university of innsbruck austria) tests every day over a 4 month period with lots of day zero malware.
    4 months testing = end result.
    maybe kapersky has not auto-updated itself at ONE or TWO days.
    av comparative says: all av software runs on default settings with auto updates.
    in a test from august to november 2013 kapersky was at first place.
    they tested it back in 2011 with very good results (1st place) but not nowadays anymore.
    there is a short  test in march 2013 and norton scored LESS then microsoft MSE cause of  missing 8,8% "samples" (thats alot).
    maybe there will be in future a test again over 4 months norton included.

  5. DestinyDecade liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Star Fox Zero Preview Gameplay 60fps   
    looks great.
    they should realy make a new wiiu revision without the (expensive) game-tabletpad and ship it with the pro pad for less money.
    fixing pro gamepad compatiblity in games isnt  that much effort.
    i already liked  starfox assault on the cube. its a superb game.
  6. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in ever seen such a n64? O_o the beast!   
    this gamecube mod was sold for 1350$
  7. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Which country do you wish to go to?   

    the alps in background

  8. Apex Spartan liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Which country do you wish to go to?   

    the alps in background

  9. illutian liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in microsoft SURFACE BOOK   
    here we go!
    one of the best business notebooks i've ever seen. price starting at 1500$.

  10. WTFShelley liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in A question for any LInux users   
    install linux inside a virtual machine with hardware acceleration.
    the linux distri i use is linux mint.
  11. CookieArcher liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in GTX 960 or GTX 970? Or just keep current card and get a new monitor?   
    Moving from GTX 760 to 960 makes little sense.
    GTX 970 on the other hand is much more powerfull and in my opinion is the ultimate answer for 1080p.
    1080p 60hz monitors are very cheap (entry level) , you can find one in any pricetag from 50$ to 500$.
    But do not upgrade the GPU with your monitor, There is just no point.
    I have seen cheap tablets with higher resolution than that.
    So First monitor than GPU.
  12. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in new smart phone - new wallpapers :D   
    i bought a samsung xcover 3 and so i edited (cut / resize) some wallpapers for it.
    enjoy my collection
    btw. share your smart phone wallpapers too.

  13. DoctorEvil liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in new smart phone - new wallpapers :D   
    i bought a samsung xcover 3 and so i edited (cut / resize) some wallpapers for it.
    enjoy my collection
    btw. share your smart phone wallpapers too.

  14. tbolt1976 liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in A very Special day coming up for me!   
  15. Neon Gopher liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Splatoon, fun at first, not much staying power.   
    splatoon is  a good game but not a very good game.
    its simply too expensive. should not cost more than 40$; dont know why nintendo selling it for 60$ via amazon.
    60$ is a AAA 9/10 game or even a special box edition.
    8/10 for splatoon!

  16. CookieArcher liked a post in a topic by Ixnatifual in DOOM Gameplay!!!   
    Going to give my thoughts. Overall I'm tentatively excited.
    The art style resembles Doom 3 a lot more than the more cartoony Doom 1 and 2. I don't have any issues with this personally. Everything looks very detailed and appropriate for the setting. Animations seem to be top-notch across the board. The new versions of the monsters looked great as well. I particularly liked the Revenant and it was good to see the old Spectre make a brief appearance, too. Watching it play in smooth high framerate as it must be was very nice.
    But I think there's a big negative. It's possibly because of lighting choices, but unfortunately, everything looks to be the same colour. It makes the environment look bland and boring. Background, foreground and monsters seem to meld together because of the lack of contrast, both in colours and brightness. I think the developers noticed the symptoms of everything looking sort of brown/orange while playing but didn't identify the cause. So they band-aided it by adding glowy bits to the monsters to differentiate them from the environment instead of fixing the real issue.
    The Prometheus style holo recordings looked pretty cool. I don't think anyone sane would ever find that sort of system practical in real life, but I think it's perfectly fine in a Doom game
    I think they hit all the marks on this one. Movement looks very fast and fluid, and I agree this is one of the most important things of Doom. But rather than stay completely old-school, they added double-jumps and parkour. The fast terrain navigation looks and feels great from what I can tell, and adds an extra dimension and skill to the gameplay, although I wonder if it's automatic or player activated. I think I might prefer the latter. I also liked the lack of fall damage. Or at least that you can fall quite far without damage, as it feeds into the freedom of movement. It was a nice touch to see the Doomguy support himself with an arm during a really long fall.
    Combined with the fast movement, the combat appears to be mostly kick-ass. Weaker enemies die quickly, giving the player a sense of power, sets a good pace and allows for many opponents to jump the player at once without overwhelming him. Would have liked to see more enemies on the screen at once in a larger area. I think 8 was the highest number I saw at once.
    The fatality moves actually appear to be great, for multiple reasons. For one, they retain immersion well by not switching the view away from first person. They are also done very fast and thus only have very brief interruption of your control. They look very brutal and satisfying, and again the animations just look very smooth. The most important part however, is that they appear to be player activated rather than random or automatic and the player can choose whether he wants to do a fatality in a given situation or not, so no automatic jerking control away from the player. I'm not entirely convinced about the discoloration on the monsters when you can do a fatality, as it takes away a bit from the visual cohesion. I would like to see a less intrusive indicator, or just let the player know by the monster's animations alone.
    I do have a big beef with the fatalities, and that is the pickups it seems to generate from the monsters. For one, they look super tacky and out of place, but more importantly it turns monsters into walking health fountains rather than dangerous demons from Hell. You'd think saving ammo and cool factor would be enough. More on that the level design section later on. I would however like to give bonus points for having the monsters capable of performing fatalities on the player, though!
    The weapons generally look and sound great. The super shotgun and chainsaw being particular favourites. The plasma rifle was a disappointment. They managed to make it look and sound even less interesting than the Doom 3 plasma rifle. Don't have much to comment on the slowmo weapon selection as I'll be playing with mouse and keyboard on the PC, but it's great that we can still carry them all at once and that there's no reloading except for the obvious and fast must-have auto-reloading of a select few weapons like the super shotgun.
    I wonder if there's no pistol this time around as the player "spawned" with the shotgun. No gripe, just curious.
    Level design
    It's hard to comment too much on the level design as presented, as they showed what appeared to be fairly staged setups and areas, with all the guns within easy reach so they could all be demonstrated. I did think there was a good sense of verticality, at the very least.
    But I fear that the walking monster health fountains could have a detrimental effect on the overall design. Exploration and finding various pickups, particularly health, ammo and armour, was a big thing in the original levels and led to a more open and exploratory design. And there are few things sweeter than being low on health and coming upon a Medkit! If they want people to move forward rather than stay back and regenerate health as in many modern shooters, just place some of the friggin' medkits and ammo inside the room with the monsters or behind it!
    If there's no reason to place these kinds of pickups, I fear the level designers will also be naturally inclined to make the levels more straightforward and linear as there's less reason to make areas off the beaten path.
    The biggest downer for me would be if the level design suffers from the modern shooter formula like Call of Duty or Wolfenstein: The New Order, with small levels of typically only one direction to go, cutscenes interrupting the gameplay and zero exploration. But right now we just don't really know, I suppose. The level design was a huge reason for why the original Doom is so great, and this part was mostly glossed over in the presentation. This has me worried. Will we have anything like Doom's E3M3 (Pandemonium) or not?
    This has me very excited. I never really got going in Doom 3 as I realised just making one room seemed to take longer than an entire level with Doom Builder. So this could be a great source of stuff both to mess around with and to add replayability for the game as lots of mods are bound to pop up if the game's any good.
    Happy to hear multiplayer is a thing again and that there's deathmatch. However, there was no mention of cooperation outside of Snapmap. They called the campaign "single player" and the levels seemed often too cramped for more than one player. Will there really be no cooperative mode with the official game maps? I never really played much Deathmatch in Doom (my friends understandably didn't like playing against me as I absolutely destroyed them), but I have many fond memories from playing cooperative through Doom and Doom 2.
    Anyway, that's what I think.
  17. illutian liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in is this ok   
    you need a sandy or ivy or haswell i5 (4C/4T)
    a 280/X or a 960 4GB
    8GB system ram
    if you cant afford this - buy a X1/PS4.
  18. CookieArcher liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Buying a new CPU   
    Pretty much what he said, plus a new Intel model is more likely to compatible with your current setup so I would just stick with that series.  I would probably push you budget a little further for an I5 4460/4590.  A six core plus will cost way more and likely require a change in motherboard.
  19. CookieArcher liked a post in a topic by Seph in local area connection 3 doesn't have a valid ip configuration   
    I don't want to insult your knowledge but do you know the difference between dhcp and static IP? If so, is the router configured for one or the other?
    If you and your family are unsure, you are more than likely using dhcp and do not need to manually add an IP. Manually adding it is probably causing the issue.
    Another possible problem could be a duplicate ip and you get connected when the other device turns off.
  20. Puntosmx liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Running out of storage on my C:Drive, help!   
    you can do a drive cleanup.
    go to "my computer" >  right click on C:\  > click on disk cleanup > mark all points and press cleanup (after its done restart).
    also delete (if you have a nvidia card) temporary driver installation files.
    c:\nvidia (delete the whole displaydriver folder - you dont need it).
    maybe u have also other temp files on c stored from recording software or anything like this?
    with the tool windirstat you can also look what folders/files  take the most space on your drive.
  21. Laserrifle125 liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in I'm having technical issues with S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat   
    i dont know stalker either windows 8.
    BUT you should update to windows 8.1 since this is the final windows 8 version with lot of fixes.
    maybe it helps.
  22. okito liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Witcher 3 keeps freezing/crashing for me even tho running very smoothly.   
    patch 4 is out for witcher 3.
    -Rebinding of all keys is now available after switching on the ‘Unlock Bindings’ option in the Options\Key Bindings submenu.   -Corrects an issue in the dialogue system that might have caused dialogue looping in certain scenes.   -Fixes an issue with incorrect behavior of Wild Hunt warriors after they were affected by the Axii Sign.    -Corrects a bug that caused spontaneous combustion of gas clouds.   -1280 x 720 resolution is now properly displayed as a valid resolution option.   -Fixes boat stuttering in cutscenes.   -Texture rendering quality for the high and ultra presets has been improved.   -Further improvements made in NVIDIA Hairworks performance.   -A few additional gwent cards are now available in the Prologue area.   -Fixes an issue where users with usernames incorporating non-Latin characters were unable to import saves from The Witcher 2.   -Includes a series of overall stability and performance improvements.   -Fixes issues related to alt + tabbing and minimizing the game window.   -Updates the game icon.   -Enlarges the loot pop-up window in the UI.   -Fixes an issue where, in certain circumstances, the comparison window could extend beyond the game borders in the UI.   -Upgrading items included in gear sets no longer destroys rune sockets on said items.   -Introduces small tweaks in the UI for gwent.    -Corrects some missing translations in localized versions.
  23. okito liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Witcher 3 keeps freezing/crashing for me even tho running very smoothly.   
    actually there are problems with kepler GPUs (GTX6/7 serie) in witcher 3. you need to wait until nvidia release a new driver.
    also the performance is at the moment not that good with kepler GPUs in witcher 3. compared to maxwell (GTX9 serie) they should perform  up to 30% better.
    if no other games crashing or running bad do not change anything on your system and wait until there is a new nvidia driver out.
  24. CookieArcher liked a post in a topic by Samurai Rabbit in Project CARS (PC) Review   
    Hey Angry Army,
    Here's my review of Project CARS, the new racing sim from Slightly Mad Studios.

     I'm bloody terrible at racing games but I'm really enjoying my time with this. Any of you ladies and gents got your eye on this one?
  25. Samurai Rabbit liked a post in a topic by CookieArcher in Project CARS (PC) Review   
    i made a benchmark on my 2012 rig. project cars runs very well on nvidia gpus. amd has atm performance problems but maybe they fix it soon. there is already  a twitter post from AMD.

    Great chat with Ian, we love @projectcarsgame and are working with them now.  Update to follow shortly, rest assured AMD on Project Cars.
    i tested project cars in 1080p - med/high - with smaa
    detailed grass low .. its by default off .. dont know why detailed grass is so important in a racer
    i5 3570 - GTX660 OC - 8GB
    ps. my fav car .. MC LAREN   ..  mc laren is soooo awesome