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Ramius Solus

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    Ramius Solus
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    Aspiring writer with a love for science fiction and dozens of other genres.
  1. Hell yes, id be happy to join up with you guys on chivs. See you there.
  2. Greetings everyone. As many Total War fans are aware of, CA has chosen their next setting for the next TW to be in the wondrously brutal realm of Warhammer fantasy. Of recent times, I have discovered a mod created by a very talented group of individuals for Total War Medieval 2 Kingdoms expansion. As the thread title suggests, it is a Warhammer total conversion mod for the title which features campaigns for each race, multiplayer and whole the whole package of glory that we are used to in Total War games. This is one that I highly recommend downloading if you have Medieval 2 collecting digital dust in your library or if you were looking for an excuse to get away Rome 2. Behold a glimpse at what CA might have in store for us with their upcoming official title with this wonderful mod! The Mod used to be called Call of Warhammer but has since been renamed Rage of the Dark Gods. The Intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gJO-wkGV34 Link to the mod: http://www.moddb.com/mods/call-of-warhammer-total-war
  3. That I shall do.
  4. It dips into both worlds good sir. Well hearted adventure for a greater good and absolute hopeless resistance against a grand threat on both a galactic scale and a universal one. It follows multiple viewpoints from all the factions the characters meet, including their own.
  5. Please do. I am a regular Chiv player and i would most certainly recommend it. I do warn you however that there are some current issues with class imbalances and hitbox issues that may spawn frustration. If any of you would like to play, feel free to add me. Ramius Solus
  6. Greetings good sir. I bid you welcome as this community has onto me and wish you both good play and, if you are the type, good greifing.
  7. I like just about every single form of strategy game except for fast paced ones. From the grand to the squad based, I love them all. My typical strategy for larger strategy games is usually attempting to create the largest and greatest strategy that would absolutely crush my enemy in a single fell swoop. Almost like a long line of dominoes if that makes sense to any of you. A single mistake on the enemy's part and the dominoes fall, leaving them in a ruin with me marching over their battered corpse with a flag held high with the word victory plastered in their blood. One thing however that I just CANNOT stand is when people exploit imbalanced or cheap units for a simple victory. Anyone with me on this? Your enemy is basically the Joe Barton of video games and simply spams the hell out of the cheapest unit in the game in order to win.
  8. Sure, I would love to join. I heard they are coming out with a new expansion that adds naval units. Dragon something I think. I would love to play it with you people, for being alone has only served on getting my ass kicked by predator veterans of the game.
  9. Greetings friend. Ive got every single one of the CoH's on my steam including CoH 2. I would certainly enjoy FINALLY having someone to play the damn things with as my other friends and holding off buying them. If you are interested, add me as you see me. Ramius Solus.
  10. Sins of a Solar Empire is the game you would be looking for then friend. It is a space Real time 4x game with just about everything you could ask for.
  11. Unfortunately for me, my buddies on steam have only bought Rome 2 and Napoleon while I have the complete collection. Next comes the fact they refuse to play Napoleon, leaving only Rome 2 as an option. Its an alright game now, not nearly the best out of the bunch. The means in which I stomach it is the extensive lists of mods that add to it. I swear, the only means to get me to play the game now is the fifteen mods I have all running at the same time which basically revamps everything.
  12. It is a fantastic game mates. My only peeve with it is that I have no one to play with! D: None of my friends have ever considered getting it after a LAN party when I played it with them and mercilessly wreaked them. One thing I look forward to if it ever releases is the Dawn of the Reapers Mass Effect mod some guys are developing for it. It certainly looks promising.
  13. The game as of now it alright I suppose. I play with a buddy of mine and we go about our games without any major glitches now. Naval battles have never been a strong point for Total War games but my god is it GODDAMN ABYSMAL in Rome 2. The other mechanics that seem deficient I can handle, just the naval battles leave an enormous amount to be desired.
  14. I really liked Dark Crusade and Soulstorm. To be clear, not Soulstorm itself but when added with the titanium wars mod that ACTUALLY BALANCED STUFF with huge variation that allowed for some really diverse tactical approaches. I remember my time on Dark Crusade playing as my beloved deathless army of blackened necrodermis. Chaos would fall beneath my slow advanced, the Imperium stood no chance, Eldar found itself outmanoeuvred and the Tau and their STUPID firepower overwhelmed when some rather frisky clawed fiends would rise up beneath their feet.
  15. Jeez how many hours have I sunken into all of these Warhammer RTS's? Ive played each and every one but my most frequented is Soulstorm with the titanium wars mod and DOW2 Retribution along with its respective Elite Mod. As for the faction I play? I am robust and varied, capable of playing as any of the factions to whoop some serious ass. Except the dark eldar, because screw them. But my all time favourite has always been the Emperors finest. Both his hammer and shield, the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines. Manliness and badassness all in one I say.