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  1. Well, I can relate similarly with your experience with WoW and Zone 4 because of Dragon Nest SEA. I don't exactly mind the imbalances before the release of the 60 cap (and now we just got our 70 cap) and it has had its differences in the game because of class and gear discrimination when it comes to making parties through the most simple nests/dungeons that drop loots that are benefficial to everyone anyways for the sake of "efficiency" and what not. And also, from my open letter, the reason why I mentioned the community is because games are supposed to be the ones giving you its experience, and it should NEVER be hindered by human interference with acts of toxicity. Which is why I made this open letter in support to someone who was "advertising" it in our chatgroup. It is a call for help.
  2. Well, there are times that those rage-inducing games happen to have the gameplay that is actually appealing and what alot of other players other than myself have been looking for.
  3. My gaming rig is outdated but it plays BioShock Infinite in medium settings with negligible frame drop. But since you are going to build one, I suggest what Eleglas said. And yeah, IMO USD1500 is a ridiculously high budget if its gonna be used here in the Philippines. You can get a setup that is gonna last a fairly long time that it could probably play the incoming fourth and fifth installment of the Crysis games (if there are ever gi\oing to be, and Crysis is kinda like my benchmark... which is kinda mainstream but it works well as a benchmark) on fairly high settings.
  4. Well, it is similar to how Touhou is (obviously not gameplay-wise) in a sense that it is played for its difficulty. I see no reason why not.
  5. Only if the stress comes from the game and not from the players that make it frustrating.
  6. Thank you very much. Personally, I was once a toxic player. I feel much more alive now after realizing and accepting how much of a bad individual I was, I just had to wake myself up because I realized that I was looking at the people who I am playing with first and the game second. I cared about what the end result was because defeat was usually the receiving end of all the hate and so on. But then I realized that it was just a stress-enhancement. I ended up not enjoying games because of that. Now though, I feel much more "mentally stable" at some point. I want to experience the stress that the game has, not what majority of the gaming community is actually pressuring to those who "underperform" and what not. Due to overexposure to toxic players, even after being reformed from one, it is hard to see and hear all of it happening. It is just pushing players out of the game and missing out on the experience it offers... when clearly that it was none of the game's flaws that push them away, but those who are toxic.
  7. Well, I just felt like adding it in for something to break the tension about the "tranny" part and I would like to apologize for that. But it is rather getting old that the cause for a person to "get mad" is another person. Yes, games do have imbalances. Yes, it is unlikely that players have actual "ratings" of skills other than the ratings given by leaderboards or statboards from games. But does the community of each game have to ruin the experience that a game is giving because of his or her liking? I am talking about game communities for most cases, not the games themselves.
  8. Dear Gamers, (TL;DR? Skip to the last paragraph) I was just hanging out in a chatroom in Chatango and one person who somewhat assumed I was a (offensive word removed) was “advertising” his blog about ragers, trashtalkers, and for some reason, game developers too.Here is the link that he was "advertising" http://thatdudewhoplaysgames.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/an-open-letter-to-ragers-and-trashtalkers-as-well-as-game-developers/ I can forgive that person for assuming I was a (offensive word removed) because of my usual antics and what not in the chatroom, as well as that person was just new to the group. But I would like to get back on-topic about the blog he or she made. As I was reading his/her post, he or she was very polite. Instead of adding swears, insults, and slurs, he or she just explained politely what he or she hears and sees through the chatbox and voice chat. Which begs the question: What are games? Are they meant to be fun? Are they meant to be taken seriously, regardless of how little is at stake? I’ve been playing games competitively and casually for a fairly long time. I have also wondered if I really want to become a professional gamer as well. Well, I’ll be honest, I still want to be a professional gamer to this day, but I know that no matter how much I keep playing to improve my skills, I will never be fit or skilled to become one. Then, I asked myself if I play it for fun or not. I just realized that what brought me to that path was because I had fun, and what is fun is normally what people want to keep doing. Which is why I pursued to become a professional gamer, but then failed. I just play games for the experience that each game offers, if and/or because I find them fun. But really, my biggest concern are those toxic players. For those who really want to make their respective game communities peaceful, you guys should do your part in making the game’s experience more enjoyable or more endurable. Don’t whip them newbies with things like “F*ck you man, uninstall the game” or something similar. Help them to get things right. However, if you have been doing your part to make the game more enjoyable or more endurable, but you see or feel as there is no improvement, don’t stop. Your community needs the likes of you, even if they think they don’t. They will regret not having you around, whether they know it or not. For those who choose to rage, blame, spew out insults, slurs, and offensive language/s, please… if you have nothing better to say, then keep your hands/fingers off the voice chat or the chatbox. You are just filling up a screen that makes it harder to see what is really going on. Just because your team and/or your opponents have been doing things that frustrate you, using the chatbox is just something that makes the overall experience of the game more stressful. If using insults, slurs, and offensive language is your technique to winning… it just proves that you can’t play the game. If you choose to blame your teammates for your/their incompetence, or fail to accept that the other team just outplayed you and your team to getting the win, then please stop queuing up alone. And for those who do end up losing their patience, I can’t blame you for giving a f*ck. But please, if you do so, you’ll just end up inspiring him to do more. HOWEVER, if that person refuses to stop, regardless of how much you ignore him, then that is beyond your control already. Which would then lead me to my other concern. Game Devs… Just get this one thing right. If you guys are going to make an online multiplayer game, let alone having PVP multiplayer feature in it, please make a chatblock feature. If you guys have implied that, be sure that it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and not having to leave the lobby or room just to do that. Maybe a simple “rightclick + ignore” would be easier. And it would be much appreciated if it blocks voice chat and chat through the chatbox effective immediately after activating them. Why do so? This may introduce a cold-shoulder effect or something, but it is a good idea to further lessen the victim’s intake of the toxicity of players who rage, blame, talk trash, use offensive language, and so on. Plus, sometimes it is not the game that drives the players to stop playing your game… it is the players in it, or more specifically the ones who just make the game’s experience worse. Come on guys, you are still gamers. Guess what? Other game developers have applied and simplified it. I mean, look at League of Legends which allegedly has the most toxic gaming community. Riot has added a chatblock feature just by pressing no more than 2 buttons. To make things short: 1.) Gamers, please make the game more enjoyable or more endurable. 2.) Ragers, blamers, trashtalkers, basically toxic players, please don’t make the game’s experience a headache. You are making us looks bad. 3.) Game devs, please add and/or simplify the chatblock feature in your online multiplayer games. There are lots of people out there that would rather piss off others for their incompetence or for the sake of one’s own pleasure at another’s expense. 4.) This letter is barely scratching the surface. There are other issues other than this. Yours truly, a reformed toxic player named Deso (This is copied and pasted from my Tumblr http://desokun.tumblr.com/post/77778956386/an-open-letter-to-gamers just incase someone is going to ask)