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  1. Is this open for console players as well, not sure how that would work with Teamspeak? Been loving this game especially as it was free off PS Plus
  2. Never played PS2 before but up for trying to get involved and see what its all about PSN ID: MidasChild In game Name: midaschild Region:EU
  3. Origins was great epic story with so much replay value it was a bargain even at release price. DA2 just felt smaller in scale as you were trapped on the blasted island could have a least ivolved so high seas pirate action! Characters were neh as well aside, from Varric but he even was a little clichéd even if they voice actor redeamed him a bit. Because of that I didn't bother replaying it just save predecision point and chose the other option to get a cut scene. Overall think the series would have been better received if they'd been released in reverse! Any bioware game gets my interest though as they clearly put effort into their projects ...EA interference aside
  4. Can't remember specifically which one but played a few half decent ones based on the Lord of the Rings on the old PS2. Although I did pick them up 2nd hand so price wasn't a factor. Some decent large scale battles in from memory. Actually the Matrix reloaded game was decent as well and added a bit to the actual movie Most are terrible though and not worth it unless your a real fan of the film as they are quick cash ins. Pretty much same can be said in reverse with movies made based on video games. Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Double Dragon the list goes on!
  5. The original game was horrendous in some of its voice acting but that just added to its charm. I kind of look back on it like a hammy b movie. One that sticks in the memory is Barry crying out against the Tyrant whilst pointing his gun nowhere near it. Or brad throwing a handy rocket launcher to Jill calling her an Amazon!? The later games just lost their suspense aspects and became shoot em up meat grinders. Less puzzles tons of ammo whilst ramping up the body count. Franchise has become Less a b movie horror and more a higher budget action film (straight to DVD release).
  6. The game is massive and you can spend hours upon hours on it but it does get repetitive very quickly, there's little variety in the quest options. I'm a bit obsessive about clearing all my side quests in RPGs before trying to go through the storyline quests but with Alamur I ended up just saying to hell with it and went ahead to just get the game completed. I was still overpowered to hell by the final boss battle though after serious level grinding. I'd say its a solid game to play if you get it on sale price. Its definitely not a 4 hour run through game!
  7. Was just thinking with Joe's issues with the youtube content system are we likely to see the Top Ten lists for 2013 this year? Be a shame as they're such a good way of rounding out the years gaming. Also as one can never have enough lists what's your top 3 games of all time? Snap decision list of mine 1) Mass Effect 2 - just loved this game to pieces and was even more impressive given how much I enjoyed the first installment it just about improved in every area. 2) GTA Vice City - the soundtrack alone pushed this up there 3) Suikoden - Actually probably a tie with shining force but played both of these constantly back in the day
  8. Depends on how the game or rather the storyline handles it. Had no issue with killing of my character in Dragon Age Origins, it was kind of in character for te way I'd been playing him. Although there's multiple options for keep yourself alive in that. Again no issue with the deaths in Mass Effect (aside the very final endings!) As they worked so well into the story and you could believe the characters would make that sacrifice. I got extremely ticked off with Jonny Gats death though in SR3 was pointless at that point in the game and just wasn't bad ass enough for the J-man! Guess others just don't want to see it end for either the series or the character and the audience always asks for more. Killing off a character is safe way to make sure you don't get talked into doing that one more movie/game/series where it all goes to hell! That's the problem its almost become the easy out writing technique for a franchise. Hero dies in selflless sacrifice to save the day, leave little breadcrumb of hope to the audience that they might have just made it. End on triumphant music and a wink to the camera.
  9. I generally keep at it until I crack it unless it's down to crappy game design. I have switched off to come back later on once I've settled down though, sometimes that's all it takes to crack it when you hit that 'wall' Can't remember anything that's ever stopped me and put me off from completing a game though specifically
  10. Not sure its illegal, they are after all trying to prevent online piracy and people making money of other people's work. However, as Joe has said himself they've just applied a ham fisted blanket system to it with little to no human input (keeps down costs after all). YouTube are guilty of putting out mindless blanket system without thinking of downstream impact on its users and services. In basic terms they done f*cked it up.
  11. Next gen always start slow whilst developers get to grips with the new tech. You probably start to see the real progression kick in around 6 months time once they've all had time to tinker with them both. As for games market crash doubt it. Its the biggest expanding media market out there. We might move back to smaller independent companies over the goliathes we currently have but that would be more of a market shift than crash.
  12. Pc offers more varied games, power and online options if you've got the cash to spec up and keep it going. I've mainly been a console guy for that reason as I couldn't afford to keep my pc upgraded in my uni days and never went back. If your wanting to be more casual player and mainstream then go for the console to.
  13. I mix it up generally play the good guy but acting out some times is just more fun. Some of the renegade actions in Mass Effect were just to much fun not to try!
  14. Mass Effect 2, just blew away all the others away in my view
  15. What was the first game you can remember playing and what was the system? To kick it off and to show possibly how old I am, remember playing a game called Saboteur on my brothers old ZX Spectrum.