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Pietro Nardelli

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  1. Why are some devepers still making region locked games. For gamers that have friends in different countries and to communities like the AJSA, players have to divide themselves by regions which is completely ridiculous and it makes the whole experience worse. I noticed that the administrators of the PS4 Planetside 2 were having a lot of problems due to PS2's region lock. It is bad enough that consoles such as the PS4 makes the accounts region locked, so if you move to a different region, well, you just have to get yourself another account. I not only lost all my progress (games and tophies), but also all of the games I got with PS Plus. I would have kept that account, but guess what, you have to have a credit card from that region, so if I wanted to keep that account, I would have to keep a bank account at that country. And once again I am worried due to the fact that in one year, I will have to move again ...
  2. PSN ID: Mr-Mesadri In-Game name: OneRandomPlayer Region: NA Favorite Roles: Engineer and Medic (Can play as assault, but these two are my favorites).
  3. Can you guys add me @Onerandomplayer
  4. Pietro Nardelli | Pietro-Nardelli
  5. I completely agree with you, I was just discussing with a friend that hardline seems more like a dlc than a game. By the trailer they shown, I guess they have different modes and maps, or it could part of the singleplayer story, e.g. the car chase.
  6. So, I have played Battlefield Hardline Beta for two days. I would like to know what is your impression about it. Some key points to me: - It feels battlefield. Even though it has a different theme, as stated in IGN, it has a war enviroment, which can be positive or negative depending on your opinion. - Lack of car chases, I had about two, but I noticed it does not happen often. It also depends on your experience. - Amazing concept, I personally love the cop concept, I want to see how they will use it. - I expect to have more than what I tested in the Beta.
  7. Since I do not live in US, I have to watch it online, any suggestion for live streaming, i mean, which is the best in your opinion? (IGN, GameSpot, ... )
  8. I have not checked what the PC guys are doing, but I would not mind if we mirror them, I have been waiting for so long to an event on PS4 that an event is always awesome. If we organize someday to do it, I am 100% up to it. Nice initiative!
  9. I can be Engineer
  10. Hey

    Hi, I have been watching Angry Joe for a while and finally decided to be part of his army. I am now playing PC and PS4. On PC, I only play on Steam, CS:GO, Dota 2, Insurgency are my favorites and on PS4, Battlefield 4, ACBF and Blcklight Retribution and can't wait for ESO and Planetside 2. I hope to find people to play a real game and not non sense games with players which do not play as a team. I also always use my Steam ID, which is OneRandomPlayer
  11. Hi, I am getting my PS4 in 3-5 days, so I wonder how does the AJ army works. How can I become recruit and if you guys play BF4?