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  1. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Raythe in WATCH DOGS ajsa yay or nay?   
    Sigh......this game.....this mother fucking game.......
    Keep in mind, I'm not a huge GTA fan, I'm really not, I haven't played GTA V, I thought GTA IV was okay, GTA III was fun as was Vice City. But, those games when done right, had some charm. Sure there were some hard boiled story burried in there but....it had style.
    This game? In some ways it reminds me of Alpha Protocol. It sounded super cool in concept, and if it had been executed right it could have been genre changing. The driving is scary bad, the world feels lifeless and stale, the story does nothing to actually get you invested in the hero. To be honest? They just didn't do enough to make me like the protagonist. They just wasted the opprotunitiy with poor story writing and working so hard to try and convince you to take the game serious, it makes it really hard to play the game for very long. Yeah it's pretty, but I don't like paying 60 bucks and not get my money's worth out of the game.
    Final verdict? Wait. Just wait and see enough reviews to get a better idea of how the game actually feels. I don't see this game staying at full price for very long. It's just not a very well executed game and is no damn fun at all once the novelty of hacking cameras that basically you are forced to do rather than it really being a choice wears off.
  2. Holysmoke liked a post in a topic by Raythe in Wildstar's future(looking into crystal ball)   
    Ask....and ye shall recieve!!!
    Code for GMG
  3. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Raythe in Wildstar- Server and Faction   
    Get this game! Was rolling with a few ASJA people over the weekend, don't think I've enjoyed an MMO as much as this since probably when I played WoW for the first time. You know, before it went to crap and everything was new and shiny? I wouldn't be surprised if Green Man Gaming cranked out another deal on it before release. Oh, and those thinking about how to pay per month, if you play a decent amount, it's very possible to pay for your subscription through a trade program so it ends up costing nothing. And there is houses. And hoverboards. Enough said