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    On the path of sanctification. You'll find me there.

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  1. Rats...it seems to be Win 10 exclusive. Dang it Microsoft.
  2. What is ur steam name? That one doesn't work.
  3. You wanna make it rain and bring the pain? Be there 2moro on the AJSA discord at 2pm EDST and we'll initiate you in the heat of a thousand sinks.
  4. I downloaded it, just it case it gets taken down...again. >:( Never play your opponent's game. Take it and then beat them over the head with it.
  5. Don't forget to be late, Dark. It won't be the same if you're not...and sheesh has it been 2 years?
  6. Remember: ER Large Laser tactics for this week! Practice it solo!
  7. I'll try to be there for next time, been in this game since beta.
  8. Did u ever find what you were looking for? I mean, I don't suspect PGI would do anything different, but...
  9. BE THERE EVERYONE. It's time to slaughter some PUGs.
  10. Time to kick it up a notch.
  11. BE THERE!
  12. Gonna pick it up at some point...started playing demo and I'm like...this is literally Commandos. The mechanics, everything.
  13. Welcome. The Mechwarrior Online unit is always looking for more blood...you think you got what it takes?
  14. Greetings and welcome. Semper Iratus.
  15. We are a currently a mercenary company, which means we take weekly contracts based on current war situation and who pays best. This also means we can be either IS or Clan. We generally do IS for a few reasons, but you can grab whatever you like. I usually prefer IS as well. Clans are more expensive as well. Get in the Discord and we can talk more on this.