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  1. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in AJSA Code of Conduct   
    The AJSA Community was created as a way to organize and bring together both fans of Joe and those who are looking for a community where they can play and talk about games. We want this community to be a friendly and welcoming place for anyone who wants to play and talk about games, ideally in a positive and/or constructive way. It is not a problem if you do not watch Joe's content, we will still be happy to have you as a member. Currently, the AJSA consists of this website, the AJSA Discord, Youtube channel, Twitter, Twitch channel, official clans and groups in a variety of PC games, and our active PS4 and Xbox One communities.
    If you have just joined, after reading the Code of Conduct check the New Member's Guide to see how to get involved with the community.

    In order to stay a member you must abide by the following rules, which will apply in all the previously mentioned areas, and anywhere you are representing the AJSA. Members will be expected to maintain a mature and respectful attitude as your behavior fosters our reputation.
    Harassment and Discrimination
    The AJSA will not tolerate any form of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or harassment towards anyone. Members will respect others of any race, sexuality, gender identity and expression, nationality, religion, age, profession, gaming ability, and community rank and will refrain from insulting anyone as having physical disabilities or mental disorders. Failure to do so will lead to you either being suspended or, more often, permanently removed from the community. Offensive stereotypes and generalizations towards the communities, countries, or organizations of others will result in moderation action against you. Making unwanted or random sexual or suggestive comments towards other members will lead to moderation. Do not share or repeat phrases, actions, icons, or memes that have been created by, co-opted by, or frequently associated with harassment or hate groups, doing so can see you removed from the community. Creating or sharing content made with an intent to lead to harassment of others will lead to moderation. Creating or sharing baseless or obviously incorrect slanderous content and hit pieces will see the content removed and will likely result in moderation or removal from the community. Attempting to start fights or to use the AJSA as your own personal army to attack other communities or individuals will lead to your removal from the AJSA. Threatening others will lead to your removal from the community. 
    Sharing videos or articles from people and websites who frequently engage in any of the above or that use their fans to do it for them will lead to the content being removed and moderation action against you or your removal, at the very least a warning not to post that kind of content again if there is reason to believe you were unaware. If you are representing the AJSA (have AJSA tags or an AJSA avatar, are a ranking member of the community, a member of our Stream Team, are sharing our content or event news, or are telling people you are a member) on social media, a different forum or Discord, Youtube, Twitch, etc and you are partaking in any of the above you will face moderation and may be removed.
    If ever you are subject to personal abuse by another AJSA member in the form of a personal message you are able to add a Moderator or Admin to the conversation, this will allow them to see what was said by both sides. We encourage you to do this as we take our members being subject to abuse very seriously. If someone is harassing you on the forums or AJSA Discord report it to a moderator or admin, do not retaliate.
    Attempts to create a hostile and unwelcoming environment within the community will see you removed from the community. The Angry part of the name does not need to be taken literally, we are here so people can enjoy games and to talk and learn about them, not to be overly aggressive or perpetually outraged about them.
    Disallowed Content
    Illegal Content: We do not allow the posting of illegal content. This can include linking people to places where they can pirate games, posting links to full movies, telling people where to download roms or bios files for emulators, asking about the use of or how to acquire drugs, etc. Admitting to video game (or any other media) piracy is not allowed, apart from the legality, it could negatively affect the reputation of Joe and other community members that actively work and interact with developers and publishers. Posting illegal content or admitting to illegal activities can lead to your removal from the community. Discussing the concept of piracy and the ways that it has either positively or negatively effected the industry is allowed, but the above rules apply in those discussions. Partaking in or attempting to justify piracy in an area that has no need for it because you thought a company was mean or that their games were bad is not going to go over well with moderators or admin.
    Pornographic Content: We do not allow the posting of pornographic material, real or animated, on our forums, nor do we allow links to porn to be posted. We do not allow linking to content on a site with primarily pornographic content and advertising, even if the content that you wanted to link does not directly contain any (don't link to that funny video if it is hosted on pornhub). Discussion of sexual content in games is allowed, as is linking to something like a video game bundle deal that includes games with adult content is also allowed, just mark any such links as being NSFW (not safe for work).
    Real World Violence/Triggering Content: We do not allow posts that contain bloody or graphic real world violence or content that can be sensitive to certain viewers. Do not post anything containing real world shootings, stabbings, racist tirades, abuse, sexual harassment, assault, graphic injuries, etc. Do not post random images or videos with rapidly changing images or patterns that may trigger epileptic seizures. Warnings can vary depending on what you posted.
    Religion and Politics: Do not create threads about religion or politics, exceptions can be made if it directly relates to a game being discussed or the game industry (Here's how A Mind Ever Voyaging was one of the first games to address the politics of the time/How that Dragon Cancer addresses religious faith = Fine). Posting a thread about religion or politics will likely result in a warning but offensive statements and content aimed at an entire religion, group, or attempting to treat the morality, lived experiences of, or existence of people as a political debate subject will fall under harassment and discrimination and will likely lead to you being removed from the community.
    Advertising: We do not allow members to attempt to sell things on the forums. We have no way to verify if someone actually has a product, what condition it is in, if the seller will actually send it, if the buyer receives it, if the buyer will pay for it and not try to do a charge back, etc. Threads attempting to sell something will be removed, if you sell something in private and it doesn't work out we don't want to hear about it. Any account linking to gold farming websites for MMOs or EA Sports currency will be banned, they are also likely bots and the links should not be clicked on. Accounts that join just to promote a product, link to a survey, ask for money, or link to another community to join will be banned (there is an exception for accounts sharing video game crowd funding projects in the appropriate section of the forums). If you are someone who creates content and you have something like a Patreon, you are free to link that in your forum signature or in the community content sections of the forums along with the content that you create.
    AJSA Branding: The AJSA name and logo are part of a business and how they are used influences our reputation. They are to be used only in official AJSA groups, Discord channels, servers, wikis, merchandise, or as a clan tag for AJSA members. If an online group using the name was not created by Joe, one of the AJSA admin, or as part of an official AJSA group that has been approved of by staff and Game Officers then they are not something that we support and not something we are involved with. If a member is found to have been creating these things without our knowledge they will be told to stop and to remove the creation. Do not use the AJSA name or logo in an attempt to sell products.
    Languages: We require that everyone write in English on the forums and in our Discord, both because posting in another language is unlikely to lead to many people understanding what you said and because admin and moderators need to understand what you are saying or linking people to. Obviously, we don't expect everyone to have perfect grammar and to spell everything correctly all the time, but if a post has so many mistakes that it is nonsensical it will likely be removed and on the forums the post may even be flagged as spam or automatically hidden as potential spam.
    Alt Accounts: Alternate accounts will be banned and users who create them risk the banning of their primary accounts and any other accounts found to be associated with them. If you are having trouble with your primary account and are unable to access it please contact a moderator on the Discord or create a new account and immediately let a moderator know that you are using the new account to contact them for help. Once you have received help with your primary account and are able to access it again the secondary account will be deleted.
    Usernames and Avatars: Do not create a username or upload an avatar that breaks any of the CoC rules or includes profanity, this applies to the forums, Discord, and while playing games.
    Forum and Discord Rules
    Trolling/Don't Be A Dick: Treat other people with respect. Do not post flame-bait or personal attacks, attempt to derail another member's thread, or post in game or console specific threads just to complain about the gaming preferences or hardware of other members. Disagreements on games and topics are fine but we don't expect to see our members insulting people for liking different kinds of games or systems or making people feel unwelcome over their gaming preferences. Wishing harm on developers for making a game you didn't like or working at a company you don't like can lead to your removal or moderation, it not only makes us and Joe look bad and invites attitudes we wish to avoid having here and that kind of content damages the image of gaming communities in general. You can be a member of the AJSA even if you don't watch or like the content that Joe creates, but joining for the sole purpose of creating threads or going into existing ones to complain about him will see you removed from the community, this also applies to people that are doing nothing but complaining about the AJSA. Attempts at gaslighting (pretending like you didn't say something you obviously did, that your obvious intent was misunderstood, making an attempt to accuse other people of doing the thing you did, etc) either to try to cover your actions up, confuse people, or to try to get people to respond aggressively towards you will lead to moderation. Attempting to bring previous fights or grievances into new threads can lead to moderation. We don't mind some minor ribbing between members that know each other but unless moderators/admin are familiar with the people involved it can be easy to mistake it for trolling if it starts to go too far.
    Drama: Intentionally trying to cause trouble and create dissent is not allowed, problems can be privately discussed with AJSA Admin. Officers going on power trips will see them removed from a position of power. Do not create threads to complain about another member of the community. Attempts at grandstanding by creating "goodbye threads" when something upsets you will result in your account being banned and the thread/post will be deleted. If you have a legitimate reason for leaving there is nothing wrong with letting people know but if you try to make a spectacle of it or convince people to go with you we will help you find your way out.
    Spam: Do not bump threads just to get them to the top of the list. Do not post in discussion threads that are over a month old to bring them back from the dead (if months or years have passed and you want to talk about it again just start a new topic on the subject). Do not create chat threads (chatting can easily be done in our Discord or through private messages). Do not quote reply to massive amounts of text and images or quote chain to the point that each post starts taking up huge portions of a thread page. Do not make double posts shortly after your previous one as a form of editing or to quote and respond to multiple people, an edit button can be found at the bottom of each of your post and you can change or add to your post as needed. If you have found new information about something and some time has passed then you can make multiple posts in a row in the same thread.
    Language: We allow swearing within reason but try to keep it to a minimum, we have people that just want an environment where they can relax and unwind while talking about and playing games. If you create an entire post that is next to nothing but swearing, are constantly swearing in chat rooms, or are raging at a video game the community is playing and are making it difficult for other to enjoy themselves you will be asked to tone it down or you will be removed from the game. Profanity directed at other members can result in a warning.
    Thread Creation: Use the search feature to check to see if a thread with the same subject matter as the one you want to post has already been created, or at least do a quick look through the recent topics, duplicate threads are frequently created only a few posts or hours apart. Do not create threads with profanity in the title, with misleading titles, or ones with no discussion or informational value.
    Personal Information: Do not share the contents of private messages with other members, if you receive a message that is breaking the CoC, harassing you, etc let a moderator or appropriate admin know. Do not post the private information of other members, breaking either of these rules can result in moderation or removal from the AJSA.
    Discord Settings: The admin and moderator rank is clearly listed on the forums and their role clearly listed on the Discord, obvious attempting to block their private messages to you when they are attempting to warn you about recent CoC breaking behavior will likely result in your removal from the community, do not block all private messages from the AJSA channel as this will also prevent mods and admin from messaging you. If you have all messages blocked either by your own choice, a bug, or a mistake you will be asked to turn it back on in the normal chat, if you are obviously ignoring those messages you will be removed from the community.
    Impersonation: Do not attempt to impersonate another member of the community, either by creating an account with a similar name or by quoting a post and changing the text to make it look like something else was said in a way that is clearly malicious.
    Source Content: If you are posting the work of someone else please post a source if one is obviously available (don't copy and paste an entire article instead of just linking to the site or person that wrote it), attempting to pass the work of others off as your own will lead to your removal from the community.
    Etiquette: Do not participate in flame wars or post in threads that are clearly against the rules. If you see something against the CoC just report it and move on, drawing more attention to things that are clearly against the rules can lead to you getting in trouble as well. Liking posts that are clearly against the CoC may lead to you sharing the warning or punishment of the original poster. Do not post spoilers for a recently released video game or movie in the title of a thread and if you wish to discuss spoilers on our Discord use the appropriate chat room (spoilers_chat), if you are in a thread about a game or movie that won't obviously include spoilers based on the title then use the spoiler button (the eye icon in between the quote and emoticon button) so that your text is not immediately visible. When you join Discord you should have your account automatically set to move you into the AFK channel if you are in a voice channel without speaking for 10 minutes, please keep that on so that a game officer or moderator doesn't have to move you from channels if you accidentally remain in an active voice channel when you are away.
    In-Game Behavior
    Cheating and Glitching: If you are playing against human opponents the AJSA absolutely does not allow cheating, third-party tools, or glitches to be used to win games. In addition to ruining the game for others, it damages the AJSA's reputation and will result in you being removed from the community.
    Language/Raging: As was previously mentioned, try to keep it to a minimum. Constantly swearing to the extent that you are ruining the mood of other players or becoming hostile to others can lead to your membership or ability to participate in game events being reconsidered. Rage quitting can also lead to your membership being reconsidered. No personal attacks or offensive “shit talking” to our opposition, competitiveness is fine but keep it friendly, trying to starts fights with other people will see you removed from the game and possibly the AJSA.
    Guilds/Clans/MMOs: Many games limit the number of members that can be part of a guild (or the game's guild equivalent), therefore it might be necessary for us to remove inactive members to make room for new players. If you were removed from a guild for this reason, it is nothing against you, it is just something that needs to be done sometimes to make room for new active recruits. If you are part of a group that has these limitations and you plan to stop playing the game please let the guild leader know and leave the group to make room for new people, if you plan to return at a later date they will try to add you to the group again by replacing other inactive members.
    Leadership: Official AJSA supported games with frequent events are typically lead by Game Officers. One time events are typically run by AJSA Admin, streamers, Moderators, or Game Officers. Follow the person running the game or event's instructions, don't attempt to publicly fight with them over their decisions or the way that they are doing things. If you have a problem or ideas you want to share calmly contact the ones in charge of the game or event and work it out or contact a higher up member if you believe that they need to get involved or if the person in charge is breaking AJSA CoC. Suggestions should be welcome as we like to make sure the people we have running games are mature and capable of allowing for constructive criticism. Do not try to start fights between members, publicly complain about leadership in front of other members, or attempt to split off AJSA members into separate factions or communities, doing so will to warnings or your removal from the AJSA.
    Represent the AJSA well by playing fair and having respect for the opposition, your team, and yourself. Help new players to get used to games or to get involved in the community and work well with the people you meet that aren't part of the AJSA to give people a positive impression of us. A better reputation in games will lead to a better and more respected community that will be easier to recruit for.
    Admin and Moderation Team
    Member must respect the decisions of AJSA admin (Council and Commanders) and moderators (General, Discord, and Twitch). If you disagree with something they have said or done you can privately contact them, making your problems with them public or insulting them on the website, Discord, during game events, or within the PS4 Rooms will only add to previous punishments or cause one to be issued. You may receive a verbal warning in the form of a private message about a specific incident or trend of behavior, these verbal warnings should be respected the same as one through the warning system, to ignore a verbal warning can lead to harsher punitive action.
    Admin are able to curate the community as they see fit and reserve the right to remove people and content that, while not specifically mentioned by name in the CoC, has a history of or is currently used in a way that either breaks other rules listed here, would lead to the kind of membership that we want to avoid, or that would lead to the community having a bad reputation.
    Immediate Bans: AJSA staff have the right to immediately ban members caught cheating, spamming the forums with advertisements, posting pornography or hate speech, harming the AJSA’s reputation, issuing death or rape threats, or displaying other extremely aggressive behavior. If violating your local law’s the AJSA may cooperate with authorities in an appropriate manner to resolve.
    Appeals: There are higher up members to contact if you are having an issue with moderators or admin. If you are having a problem with the moderation team on the forums or Discord you can contact Legolas_Katarn, if you are having a problem with PS4 staff you can contact WITHASTICK, if you are having a problem with Xbox One staff you can contact RuneX, if you are having a problem with someone running PC events you can contact Conan, if you are having a problem with a Commander you can contact another Commander if the problem area falls under their job description or you can contact Council members DoctorEvil or Tons0fun. If a warning or punitive action was found to be a mistake, or was not justly issued, the punishment will be over-turned and the warning removed, if someone was found to have acted inappropriately the situation will be dealt with by whoever is in charge of that area. Acting hostile and insulting staff members during these appeals or showing no understanding of why an obvious rule is in place can lead to further actions taken against your account. Things that can lead to strong penalties against your account tend to be pretty obvious rules found in most every functional community, if your messages to us show a complete lack of self awareness, empathy, inability to understand why certain rules are in place, or some weird reactionary "debate me bro logic" your membership will likely be reconsidered. Appeals are for mistakes or misuse of power not for arguing against rules you don't like. Joe is not an appropriate person to file complaints with.
    The “Angry Joe” Policy
    If the sole reason for you joining this community is to “talk to”, “play with”, or “get personal time” with Joe, please DO NOT APPLY. It is possible to run into him in a game, on the website, or on the Discord, but do not be offended if he declines your friend request, game invite, etc. If Joe does join the community for an event, please conduct yourself in a civil and respectful way when interacting with him.
  2. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Rain in MWO Unit Recruitment   
    If that one doesn't work I changed it to Rain81 awhile back.
  3. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Rain in MWO Unit Recruitment   
    Damn I missed the event didn't I >.> I got to get discord on my phone to keep in touch easier.
  4. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Rain in MWO Unit Recruitment   
    I've thrown in hours now, my in-game name is Rain81...just bought my first assault Clan mech the other day and I'm doing pretty heavy damage consistently unless we just get steamrolled by a pre-made team.
  5. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by AHWarhawk in AHWARHAWK   
    Hi everyone, Im AH Warhawk. I am in my mid twenties and have loved the MechWarrior online since beta. 
  6. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in That one match   
    Not really.
    Also doubt they'd change anything to get the balance better. That stuff has really put me off playing solo.
  7. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Naqser in That one match   
    I think those present in the last event, the 17th of December, remember that one very heavy game we ended with, assaults and heavies galore.
    I was wondering if someone saved a screenshot? The math nerd in me want to do some math.
    The idea behind it would be to post it as an example on the Mechwarrior Forums and with a suggestion I came up with that could alleviate the weight balance issues.
    The math would be calculating the enemy team's total tonnage and see what ratio it was against ours, I'd wager at least 300 more than us.
    As no constructive criticism goes without a suggestion of improvement of some sort, the suggestion I'd propose for PG:
    Quick Match overhaul akin to that of DotA 2's new pre-game lobby, with a weight re-balance system.
    *Pre-Game: As per usual you select your mech and possibly a party to play with, and with the party, possible limiting weight restrictions.
    When you find a match, both teams' weights are checked, one is lower and one is higher, most of the times. When outside a certain range limit of each other the game puts a weight restriction that can't be exceeded. This could be done by taking the average value of both weights. So one team can increase their tonnage while the other has to shed some.
    Example: 12-man team enters and has the 600 tonnage limit, the other team is composed of two 4-man teams and four randoms, the whole team's tonnage sits comfortably at about 1000 tons (Don't know if it's possible but let's just go with it). 1600 / 2 = 800, the new tonnage restriction is set to 800, this means the 12-man team can increase their weight by 200 while the other team has to shed 200 tons.
    Both team's are given, say two minutes, to change mechs to meet the new restrictions. At this point, modules would be an issue.
    For simplicity, I think Modules should only work as they do now, need to be bought, for Faction warfare. However for quick matches, you'd select what module you want on your mech and it'd be free. This way you wouldn't have to jump back and forth in the Mechlab to reconfigure your mech during the re-balance phase of a quick match.
    A possible issue with this could be 12-man teams running all light mechs in order to disrupt other teams and get their tonnage down.
    In which case a minimum tonnage would have to be implemented, if the tonnage difference is large enough.

    Also, a tonnage matching system should also be in place in order to minimize matches with large tonnage differences. So, if there are several teams of 12 running all light mechs, then there would be no need for a re-balance even though their tonnage would fall far below the minimum tonnage restriction, in which case it'd be a match with 24 light mechs running around.
    Additional change they could make to the pre-match lobby would be that Company leaders and lance leaders could issue map commands there before the match has started.
    What do you think?
  8. Conan liked a post in a topic by BlackOpsElf in Salutations AJSA   
    Mechwarrior Online Unit is always looking for a few good pilots. You can find us in the subforums.
  9. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (any Commando or Desperado fans)   
    The game is out and is very good, will likely end up near the top of my GOTY list. It's also only $28.79 on GreenManGaming.
  10. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by biggboss095 in Introduction of BiggBoss095   
    My pc is not up to par right now, Bills and mouths to feed haha...damn responsibilities. haha 
  11. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by spiritdk in MWO Unit Recruitment   
    hi guys im still looking at mwo it looks great and i have already put a little cash into it.
    but one thing that wasn't made all that clear in the game (or at least I didn't get it at the beginning) is that there are 2 fighting faction the clan and the inner sphere, well that part i goth, the part i kinda missed at the beginning is that machs are not universal some are clan and some are inner sphere and cannot be used in faction play if you side with the opposite side.
    so before i throw any more cash and c-bills at any more inner sphere mechs (i just bourt what i liked the look of and hardpoints placments and apparently that's mostly inner sphere mechs)
    so my question to you. what side does the angry army mwo unit support ? clan or inner sphere ?
  12. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Todza in On Joe's latest video...   
    Such ups and downs are part of life Joe, I'm sure you will get through this. Take your time to regroup and reorganize. The Army will stand by you, you can be sure of that.
  13. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by DestinyDecade in On Joe's latest video...   
    That's a very smart move. I think that would be a good plan.
  14. Shagger liked a post in a topic by BlackOpsElf in On Joe's latest video...   
    Agreed, I believe there is a sustainable way for Joe to make this work, but if he can't do it, he shouldn't hurt himself in the process. I propose that he and the council appoint qualified members to act as his cushion to review the games he can't or doesn't wish to review, thus getting out more reviews in either written or video format. We may not have Joe's style or personality, but we are many and possess a broad spectrum of experiences and play styles. To this end, we can finally support Joe in a way that makes and genuine difference and improves/empowers this community at the same time. One man CANNOT review everything.
  15. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Shagger in On Joe's latest video...   
    I'm sorry if this is considered part of the  DISCUSSING FREQUENCY OF JOE REVIEWS (ONLY THREAD), but I wanted to talk a bit about this video;
    Now, I'm in two minds about this. I totally with AJ and OJ on the timekeeping being difficult and I like the organised plan they have 2017 in terms of reviews. I do believe that some of AJS's viewers are getting bratty and entitled and thus just not appreciating the the time and effort it takes to put these reviews together. However, I can understand people's frustration over the lack of gaming reviews over the last year on major titles mostly because I don't really watch the other content on the channel. The EF reviews, movie reviews, let's plays and v-logs just feel like easy done, unnecessary padding to me. I don't even watch AJ on twitch because I don't watch gamers play on twitch, it's just not my thing. Even the Angry Reviews just haven't been the same. Ever since the DOOM review where Joe channeled his frustrations about the "demands" of his fans into a kind of backhanded joke the Angry Reviews have felt forced. No doubting the effort and honesty in them, but's it's just not felt as passionate as it used to.
    Joe isn't stupid, and if your reading this man, I'm not saying anything you don't already know, I'm just putting it into my own words. The Angry Joe Show is, and probably always will be, one of my favorite youtube channels largely because of the effort you put into it. I'm just a little concerned that the energy that drove it is turning into an obligation for you. Most jobs are like that, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with it because you feel obligated. For example, I'm a marine pipe fitter. It's my trade, and I like doing it. However, I've been working for most of this past year basically a laborer because my skilled trade was in lesser demand at my employer. I was still earning the same money and my job was, if anything, more secure, but I hated it. Some said I should be happy earning my tradesman's salary for a laborers work, but I felt like I was worth less than what I am. Then, just a month or so ago, I was put back into a pipe fitter squad and it's been an elation. I'm leaping out of bed in the morning now and feel a lot happier even though I'm working at the same place on the same contract and project. I know that being a youtuber and doing what I do are very different ways to earn a living, but the point that is valid to both is feeling happy with yourself and what you're doing is vital, otherwise one has question wether the sacrifice is worth it, and if one isn't happy, the answer is usually no.
    Now if AJ was to quit youtube it wouldn't hurt me that much, but I'd hardly be happy either. I'm just worried that the negativity is bringing Joe down and he's just not loving it as much as he used to. I know Joe loves what he does, but I feel he needs more application from us as fans. We're the silent majority for the most part and that's a bad thing.
    So Joe, just from me to you. I'm not gonna lie, I don't love all the content you put up, but love or hate it, I appreciate the effort and look forward to the plans folding out in 2017.
  16. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by DoctorEvil in Costas Reporting for Duty, Sir!   
    Star Citizen is not fully released, so the AJSA has no involvement with it until the game is fully released.
  17. homerolol liked a post in a topic by BlackOpsElf in Costas Reporting for Duty, Sir!   
    The Mechwarrior Online Battalion is always looking for new blood. As for SC, it was active b4 SC started taking so long, but I suspect there will be people to group with once the game hits 3.0.
  18. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Battalion Hall of Valhalla   
    Im really starting to love this Ebon Jaguar!
  19. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Want BF2/2142 For Free? Come Here!   
    Are there enough people playing it? Is it popullated?
  20. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Cyborg-Rox in Want BF2/2142 For Free? Come Here!   
    Oh my god Battlefield 2... used to play that for hours on end when I was 15.
    "Our post is being overrun" "Gimme a ride!" "I NEED A MEDIC HERE!" "Ammo here!" "STOP YAPPING AND GET OFF THIS NET!"
  21. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Want BF2/2142 For Free? Come Here!   
    Well its has the original + the Retail DLCs content of the game. Added with some community-made mods..and alot more in development.
  22. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Want BF2/2142 For Free? Come Here!   
    Proud owner of both since release, put a little over a 1000h of service in BF2.
    However, this is interesting. Is there actually new content in these?
  23. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Want BF2/2142 For Free? Come Here!   
    From there you can download this free community project that was made so BF2142 and BF2 is free and is content-loaded. Its currently in a beta phase but its being played by over 7,000 players a day!
    To play, create an account first then download the rest!
    If you want to play with me, my username will be xQwiKx.
    See you on the old and futuristic battlefield!
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    This is just a general survey on possible themes for future events and a few general game play questions.

    No Guts, No Galaxy.
  25. BlackOpsElf liked a post in a topic by QwiK in Battalion Hall of Valhalla   
    My best one in a while.