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Olgoth the Humiliator

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    {BLG} Prince Sheogorath
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    Noble 0005

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    Decent story driven games. Or games with way too much content.

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About Me

Born and raised Aussie, some of my earliest memories were watching star wars so gg.

First got into gaming when I started on Playstation 1, I then moved to the N64 then to PS2 then PS3 to xbox360. Only a few years ago though I finally put down the controller and picked up the mouse and keyboard.

I am a huge lover of all things gaming, currently learning the ways of game development in University.

I'm a huge fan of the Total War series, Crusader Kings 2, Skyrim and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

I am also a loyal Veteran of AJSA, been watching the channel forever, did a lot of my service on AJSA Planetside 2.

Thats all, Olgoth out.