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Olgoth the Humiliator

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  1. A warm welcome to the AJSA, I hope you feel right at home among the community. Feel free to check over the New Members guide to help you get right in and involved with the AJSA community.
  2. horror

    Welcome to the AJSA, I hope you feel right at home among the community.
  3. Banned for having a necromancer girlfriend, Its heresy
  4. Eiii welcome to the AJSA, nice art btw, I wish I had the patience to do more art of that kind myself tbh lol
  5. Welcome to the AJSA PC ftw
  6. Welcome to AJSA!
  7. Banned because the banned game is my home and you guys are letting it die but I always come back.
  8. I look forward to this, will be orgasmic. Now back to procrastinating on finishing witcher 3
  9. The Longest Sentence in History Okay, so..here, the point of this here forum game is for you try to make the longest sentence in history. So, for example.. Quote: Person 1: I Person 2: don't Person 3: know And so on. Good luck, and I shall start: The
  10. Beer
  11. Eio! Welcome to the AJSA m8!
  12. Welcome to the AJSA, do enjoy.
  13. Eio, a warm welcome to the AJSA.
  14. lol

    Lyderior is hereby a official member of AJSA ROBLOX
  15. Ralf is hereby a official member of AJSA ROBLOX
  16. Hi

    Ninja is hereby a official member of AJSA ROBLOX
  17. Hi

    Lol ello Wolf, welcome to the AJSA m8.
  18. Ello, Ralf welcome to the AJSA
  19. lol

    Lol ello Lyd, welcome to AJSA xD And darkreds is me btw
  20. ey

    Lol, gg, anways Welcome to the AJSA m8,
  21. A warm welcome to the AJSA! Do enjoy your time among our ranks
  22. A warm welcome to the AJSA! Do enjoy your time among our ranks
  23. Did this seriously die? e.o
  24. Welcome to the AJSA
  25. introduction

    Welcome to the AJSA, I hope you enjoy every moment here, OLGOTH OLGOTH OLGOTH!