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  1. "The Force Is Strong With This One" Really hoping for some star wars!
  2. Earlier last year, The Repopulation went into a public alpha, claiming to be a sandbox mmorpg with influence from SWG and Ultima Online. Joe did a stream on it, but unfortunately I missed it. Please leave opinions and thoughts about its current, and planned features. Note that this is not a post about wanting to see the game become official, but rather seeing who is interested and what is known about this title.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie_pPYZNjk0
  3. While sometimes the disc just points you to some drm and gives you a code, I will agree with Soullnsurgent.
  4. I would support this
  5. Take it however you like, but I fear you're sorely mistaken. I fully support Joe and this whole thing is just an idea. Am I denied of free speech? I never intended for a complete split of the community, instead I was thinking more along the lines of a friendly group. However... I very well can see the concept getting far too out of hand, and causing exactly what anon fears. I never intended for this to happen and I am perfectly content with the way things are now.
  6. Great game to play with friends, but attempts at a large scale organization would either be really cool and fun, or have terrible results. However, we can't know till we try.
  7. It really is a fun game coop/competitive game, I would support it.
  8. Gonna have to attempt to gain 4 levels and explore the area on my thief. Sounds fun though!
  9. Add Omnichromic please.
  10. Our Lord Commander, Angry Joe and his (sidekick?, second in command?) Other Joe, have worked hard (along with many others) to build up this community. Now before I get into details, I want to say I mean NO DISRESPECT to ANYONE in this community, and especially to those who helped create it. Now recently, as most of you may recall from Joe's DCUO stream, Other Joe got a hand at the controls and created his own character, with the contrasting Blue and Black, compared to the signature AJSA Red and Black. I believe, that in the stream when Other Joe was backed by heros, that Angry Joe mentioned something about an "Other Army". My first and possibly over-hyped reaction was , "Can we make that a thing?" And so, I ask the community, "Can we make that a thing?". This could include donning Blue and Black in some MMOs, possible merchandise, and maybe even a forum badge. Some may consider this a bad idea, but I do hope that it is received with positive feedback. Changes/Suggestions are welcome. EDIT: I have edited the polls to make them a bit more simple, I thank everyone who gave their inputs and ideas.
  11. It really depends on the game, whether single player should be involved. Single player doesn't belong in an MMO (Duh), but when it comes to more modern games such as CoD, BF, etc., I believe that the developers are taking the single player portion FAR too lightly. Remember back when CoD 3 had a full, and enjoyable single player experience? And let's not forget all of the Medal of Honor games that featured their single player stories. While not all of those examples were exceptionally remarkable, that should be the standard for games to date. It's okay for multiplayer not to be a gimmick of the game, just don't cheat me of my single player. As for RPG's, it's either one or the other. I can't see skyrim working too well with online integration (engine limitations, most likely). And RPG with no single player is an MMO in my opinion.
  12. I'm going to try to start playing again, add Omnys.
  13. There is nothing new under the sun, and EA is no exception. Most likely, Titanfall 2 will either attempt to reskin all of the weapons and Titans to attract hopeless fanboys, or not even bother and just add the lobby and match setting we want. We will see how Respawn handles the situation.