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  1. Recoveryanonymous liked a post in a topic by Omnichromic in Possible Other Army?   
    Take it however you like, but I fear you're sorely mistaken.  I fully support Joe and this whole thing is just an idea.  Am I denied of free speech?  I never intended for a complete split of the community, instead I was thinking more along the lines of a friendly group.  However...
    I very well can see the concept getting far too out of hand, and causing exactly what anon fears.  I never intended for this to happen and I am perfectly content with the way things are now.
  2. Omnichromic liked a post in a topic by SgtRoss in The Secret World - VOTE FAILED   
    Should The Angry Army Play (The Secret World)?
    Leave your vote and your opinion in the Thread Below!
    *No Flamewars
    *No Council Bashing
    *Respect Current Decisions, but know it can be reversed with enough demand from members in The AJSA!
    extensive skill tree (in the end you can become anything you want). no subscription (but you need to buy the game first). great story line based on all the myth's and legends of this world...( vampires, werewolves, Clthulu...).  
    need a good gaming pc for it to run smoothly. us servers are hosted in Canada. game has some lag issues.  
    Current Council Decision: FAILED! Game did not accumulate enough votes.
    *Based on Community Votes Command will decide to play the game in question if enough demand is there within The AJSA! Regardless of their decision or personal preferences - good game-specific Officers will be recruited and an additional commander maybe added to the roster to help oversee this game primarily.
    ***Please Remember that even if The Angry Army doesn't Officially Support The Game or Create a Game Division within it, that you can by all means still play the game with your AJSA Tag if you would like to do so!
  3. Omnichromic liked a post in a topic by ' in Possible Other Army?   
    It would be super silly, but maybe as a skin for the website. But that would be it xD
    Oh wait April fools im so stupid xD
    Edit: I am ultra stupid today it seems. Well well sho ga nai and all that.
  4. Omnichromic liked a post in a topic by GloryHound5711 in Possible Other Army?   
    Look what happened to WCW when they had the NWO & the NWO Wolfpack and how that destroyed everything. We already have enough arguing when it come to console vs. PC and BF vs. COD. Do we really need to pick sides between who's our preferred Joe?
  5. Omnichromic liked a post in a topic by GoodOldSmurf in Possible Other Army?   
    AJSA doesnt need inside-rivalry, we already have some hard time just keeping it together ~
    i like the idea myself but i can only deny my support to it, it will only mess AJSA up and create unneeded problems
    AJSA's explosive nature makes it perfectly fine the way it is right now
  6. Omnichromic liked a post in a topic by Commander Shepard in My new biggest fear in modern gaming :c   
    Well Gomly, not playing Multiplayer FPS wont let you see the community around you. Besides, I hear they are friendly

  7. CaptainKickass69 liked a post in a topic by Omnichromic in My new biggest fear in modern gaming :c   
    It really depends on the game, whether single player should be involved.  Single player doesn't belong in an MMO (Duh), but when it comes to more modern games such as CoD, BF, etc., I believe that the developers are taking the single player portion FAR too lightly.  Remember back when CoD 3 had a full, and enjoyable single player experience? And let's not forget all of the Medal of Honor games that featured their single player stories.  While not all of those examples were exceptionally remarkable, that should be the standard for games to date.  It's okay for multiplayer not to be a gimmick of the game, just don't cheat me of my single player.  As for RPG's, it's either one or the other.  I can't see skyrim working too well with online integration (engine limitations, most likely).  And RPG with no single player is an MMO in my opinion.