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  1. Most games with stories worth a dam (Warcraft,Halo etc) works better as series (HBO,Netflix etc) and the ones that don't have those relies on gameplay elements too much to tell the narractive. Obviously this can't be easily recreated on the silver screen, or at all.
  2. No , the Orcs look amazing.Properly menacing and yet each look individualistic enough to be a character on their own.Everything about the Orcs in this movie (asethetics, story,acting etc) works.The reason why the scene with the human looks sub par is because the the props used by the human actor looked out of place compared to them, and their story sucks compared to the Orcs. Don't even compare that to real practical weapon like the gladius (which look nothing like the sword in the movie) or claymore, nothing about this sword works in real life. The guard is too big and impractical (one of the worst guard deign), the sword is too thick (compared that to any real sword) .It's too heavy (it is probably comparable to a zweihander than an arming sword,lol) and too imbalanced(due to the obviously weird distribution on material on the sword) to work and looked too much like a prop weapon.I could go on and on.. Anyone with any inkling on sword design (doesn't even need to be into HEMA or ancient weaponry for this) can easily tell you that. Could you imagine the nerd outrage if they decide to use practical sword like in your picture instead of the ones in the movie?I mean you already complained that they didn't use the surfboad sword from the lore, you would be livid if they decide to use them.The ones in the movie were a compromise that still keeps the aesthetics of Warcraft weaponry,despite being impractical in real life. Actually, the movie had very little in terms of plot holes (can you point any?) .Most of the scene and interaction actually makes sense if you pay attention to what's happening on screen.It serves the in universe logic quite well and was quite consistent throughout the movie. Inconsistency isn't one of this movie's flaw.The acting(by the human, the orc out did them) on the other hand was just merely passable. The problem was the story felt rushed and there was little characterisation due to having not much time to delve into how each one of them develops, which in turn hinders any attachment to them.A miniseries could easily fix that flaw. Even GoT would fare even worse if we tried to adapt it into a 2 hour movie. Even if they did built the portal first ( which they immediately work on it the moment they got on Azeroth) they would still need to repeated raid the human settlement to gain enough souls to sacrifice.Such action will still gain the attention of Stormwind and the rest of Azeroth's kingdoms. Plus their portal opening timetable was dictated by Medhiv (as Sargeras hadn't fully control him at the time), they can't open the Portal on their own even if they completed it . In other words, thing would still transpire like in the movie, Umm.. Garona was in the original lore and she did kill Llane there as well, though in slightly different circumstance.Considering that they already established early on that killing the chieftain (or king in this case) would grant great honour to the Orc that did it,It makes sense in the context of the scene.Llane knew that he woukld die either way, he could at least save her life and put someone who is sympathetic to the human into the Orcs' fray. I don't get the point of this complain.I think you meant to say that you don't believe that the Orc would accept Garona that easily, that still doesn't gel wit the rest of your sentence. It was established (multiple times) in the movie that the Orcs had a strong warrior culture and would honour the Mak'Gora. Of course they would let Anduin walk if he wins .The fact that Gul'dan was willing to disregards this undermine his authority in the Horde. It is obvious that they planned to expand on all of that in the sequels.As I said multiple times this is just a 2 hour movie and they can't fit all of that here.The Fel influence is established in the lore, I though you would actually be glad that they at least kept that part. It's plain that the completely changed this to Garona grew up naturally as a pariah in her own clan.I'm actually glad they did this.It would still be squick factor had they keep that whether she was romancing Anduin (which was done very unconvincingly in the movie) or Medhiv as in the original lore). Another problem with single a two hour movie.There is not enough time for fully establish all the important characters .Especially when most of them had heavy backstory that actually weighs on bot the storyline and characterisation. I played the first Warcraft game when it came out decades ago as well as its expansion and sequel .I was there when they retconed the lore circa Warcraft 3 (I played it and the expansion) and established the current lore.Though I did not play WoW (MMORPG isn't my thing) ,I still keep up with the lore.I'm more baffled how you could not appreciate (and how little you paid attention to the details ,judging by what you miss in this post alone) what they did with what was given to them (condensing the rich story into a goddamn 2 hour movie).I admit that it was not a good movie ( decent isn't a good score), but it was far from a bad one.
  3. So,would you want gigantic pauldrons to to top off your comically large and impractical swords? I could understand why they need to shrink the human weapons so that it could actually work on screen,of course even then most of the humans weapon were way too large (especially Llane and Anduins) to be practically wielded . While I do not like Travis Fimmel (whom I think was miscast) interpretation (what with his Jack Sparrow lite ?) of the character at all but I don't take much issue with some the adaptation distillation needed foe the movie, a problem with anything that have such a huge lore. As I said the movies biggest Issue was it tried to cram too much into a two hours movie.Because of this the flow of the movie was severely compromised and felt imbalanced ,noticeable between the excellent Orc portion(which could carry the movie if they focused on it) and the rather average human portion (which seem tacked on) .Even Anduin anchor(his son) felt like that because they didn't have time to properly fleshed out the relationship.This movie needed to be at least a three hour epic to be properly adapted.It would work better as a serial (ala GoT) than a standalone 2 hour movie. Oh please, the only thing Kombat had over Warcraft was the excellent song.Everything else from acting, story, plots,directing, writing and even action(and etc) were surpassed by Warcraft (and many other video game movies) multiple times over.Mortal Kombat was a far,far bigger mess of a movie than Warcraft ever was. Compared to that Warcraft looked like Citizen Kane. I'm not saying that Warcraft was a good movie (hence decent at best), but it was still better made than all other videogame movie so far and was't really as bad as some of the review made it to be (those reviews is even more questionable when you realised what some of those pundits considered as better movies).Unfortunately, being just mediocre is enough for it to the best in the sea of turd that is videogame movie adaptation. Back to the topic: Didn't they already made a live action Witcher series based on the novels and that failed as well?
  4. Didn't they already did a Witcher miniseries based on the novels?I heard that one was pretty bad. Warcraft was a decent (at best) movie.Still that's enough to make it the best videogame movie to date.The biggest problem with Warcraft was they tried to cram an entire Game Of Thrones's season worth of characterisation , story and plot development into a 2 hour movie .Understandably this caused the movie to suffer.
  5. The final trailer is out.I had to admit ,though.I like this one the least out of the three trailers so far.Still pumped for the movie.
  6. Oh, I thought you were talking about Death Note. I never liked the idea of Scar Jo as the Major.I always though it would be better to find a rather fresh ,talented unknown for that role. Yes, he had both friends and even a girfriend in the manga/anime prior to him finding the Death Note.Though he ditched them soon enough (fatally for his girfriend in the live action Japanese movie) the further the series goes.He was portrayed as someone that easy to socialise ( despite how he fells about them on the inside) with and was rather popular ( as opposed to the standard anime/manga loner) , at least what fits the Japanese version of "popular at school".Of course the truth is he was very,very adept at social manipulation in order to get what he wants and hiding his true nature.The guy from the trailer looked like he'll be under an standard FBI profile just by his looks
  7. Can you point/quote which part of my comment where I ever complained about the casting? Though after you mentioned it ,I looked at the trailer I do find something off about the casting.Eg: Kira was supposed to be a fairly popular and seemingly well adjusted kid in the manga, the guy they chose in this version looked like more like a loner/outcast type .I kinda worry too about the choice of transplanting the setting into America, some thing might get lost in the translation. Of course we have to wait and see for this one. Not all anime/manga are like that, most of them as just as shallow and derivative as you would expect (remember Sturgeon's law).Ghost in The Shell however is most definitely one of the more nuanced one out there.The fact that they not just tried to adapt the first anime movie ( which would already be hard enough to adapt on its own) and instead to amalgamate element from the manga, various animated movies and the animated tv series compounded the problem .
  8. Nope, I was actualy fine with Nick Fury.After all Marvel modelled their comic's Nick Fury based on how Sam Jackson looked way before the movies came out. . Funnily enough I never gave damn that Motoko Kusanagi or any of the characters in GiTS were played by white actors.It doesn't contradict the lore at all.The whole whitewashing controversy was bullshit to me.I do however dislike the casting and wished they had found another actor (instead of Scar Jo ) as the Major and what I thought at the time was The Laughing Man, regardless of the ethnicity.I also knew that the anime and manga have so much layers that a live action production (Hollywood or not) will bound to fuck it up.It seems my hunch was correct. Why did you think my misgiving had anything to do with race at all?That's awfully presumptuous of you.
  9. Frankly , I'm still not buying it.Their "apology " videos reeks of obfuscation and damage control.They're only sorry because they got caught.
  10. Not quite true that only Keemstar accepted his offer to explain the situation. Phillip D himself contacted him and gave him a chance to defend himself, something he declined.Even Boogie (who was open about his own abuse history) reach out to Daddy 0 and even offered to arrange child advocate to visits and counsel him on the situation.Boogie said that the bastard (my word ,not Boogie's) was skittish and making all kind of excuses to reject his offer. You know what really pisses me of about Keemstar's (who is a scumbag in his own right) coverage was how much he defended Daddy 0 in his videos.The guy actually stated the he saw nothing wrong in any of those videos (this was before the "slapping game" video ) claimed that people that showed concern for the welfare of the kids are sissies. He changed his view very quickly afterwards. Regardless of whatever their motivation for doing it, I'm glad that they're giving attention to this and spread the news. Like someone used to say “I’ll take an insincere act of kindness to a genuine display of apathy any day of the week” .
  11. I'm disgusted by by this.I really anyone who watch this would report these monster asses to the authorities. Just in case you think Philip Defranco is just doing this for ad views, He pretty much disabled the ads on these videos.
  12. There have been only two attempts to reboot this franchise.The hard reboot with Tim Burton ( which was critically panned despite being a hit commercially )and this new soft reboot (which is both a critical and financial success). The reason why you should give a dam about this series that the new Apes movies were actually good (I said it again, great movie if we're talking about Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) movies that's worth the time you would spend on it.To say that they managed to capture the magic is an understatement. That's why I find your shitting on the very few movies that still cares enough to attempt (and succeeded) at being great movies to be particularly ...vexing . Why this movie need to exist? It the continuation (and possibly the conclusion of the Caesar Saga) of the story that was presented in previous movies.A tale that anyone who have seen the previous film would no doubt be vouched (justifiably, they're very good movies) to follow. If you watch Dawn than you would have realise that the movie was pretty much a sociological and character study of the Apes (who were both the protagonist and the antagonist) while offering commentary and insights into the human condition (at least to the level that old Apes movies were).I would say that this franchise not only managed to live up to the heritage of the old franchise and honour it, it might even surpass many of the old movies.I see nothing wrong with supporting good movies which pretty much deserves commercial successes. Save your rant for the actual cash cows with little to no redeeming factors, like Bayformers movies.
  13. I willing to bet that neither of you two actually even watch any of the new Apes movies based on your very ignorant comments.The new franchise is actually currently one of the more intelligent (if not the most intelligent) summer blockbuster series around, it's a thinking man's action blockbuster.On top of that they have been very good (great even in Dawn's case).They were the exemplary showcase on how to properly reboot a franchise . There good reasons why they are rated so highly and were box office success story. I suggest actually watching the movie in question ( or at least try to find out more about them) before spouting nonsense about them next time.
  14. I'm so hyped for this movie right now.Dawn was one of the best movies of 2014 ( a well as one of the highest grossing movie of 2014) and by the looks of it this might live up to that.
  15. I 'm surprisingly not in awe of this trailer.I don't know if it's because of me not loving TFA as much as most people or just because this teaser trailer isn't that amazing in the first place.