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Everything posted by Dyzzles

  1. Some might remember seeing this at the last E3 event. The developers have started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the game. Take a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949863330/dual-universe-civilization-building-sci-fi-mmorpg
  2. I don't have a lot of time to write a post, getting ready to go to my lectures, so I'll just tell you in short: Your problem is the graphics card.
  3. Went ahead and made another one. I did a whole lot more this time around, had a lot of fun making it:
  4. I've been bored for the past few days, so I ended up dabbling in video editing. It's just a couple of clips of me and my friends playing CS:GO. Nothing special, no cool effects or anything. I'll probably try learning some of those for future videos, if I decide to make more. If you have any tips/suggestions/criticism, I'm open to it.
  5. Not too fond of how the horse wasn't affected by all of that explosive going off underneath it. Hopefully that changes. The gameplay does look really fun tho', not gonna' lie.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I was actually thinking of using slow-motion and trying out filters, but decided I'd leave that for another time. I was more interested in seeing how the quality would turn out. I'll try matching the footage to the music playing in the future. I used the trial version of Sony Vegas. I'll have to look into other options, though, since that won't last forever.
  7. Mixed. I'll do whatever I feel is the best way to go about the situation.
  8. I haven't played the game myself, but friends have. From what I saw of them playing, it doesn't seem like a BAD time killer, but for $60? No bueno. Might consider during a sale when it's $20-$30.
  9. I'd suggest taking a look at the TomsHardware PSU tier list (you can just copy and paste the underlined part into google and you'll find it, dunno if I can link the site here) to find which PSU's are of high quality and which aren't. Almost every brand has their good units and bad units, Corsair included. You just have to pick the right one. That list will help you. As for the fans on the GPU, you could always look up how the specific GPU performs when overclocked. There's usually always someone who does a test/review to help others decide. From what I hear, Gigabyte and MSI usually have the best cooling. I'd assume EVGA and Asus aren't too far behind, though. EDIT: You could also always get an aftermarket cooling kit for your GPU, although I dunno how effective they are, I haven't seen that many people use them. People usually just liquid cool everything.
  10. Can you list the rest of your components? If I'm not mistaken, the 1070 is the strongest card out of those three. If you want to get the full potentional out of that 144Hz monitor, you'd probably want the strongest one you could get.
  11. This is one of the few things that bug me aswell. Hell, even the graphics don't bother me too much, but the movement of some units... Would be nice if the devs notice the responses of people and change it. Probably not going to happen, though. They'd have to animate him from scratch (I think?).
  12. Based off of the Rambo review. I'll leave it up to you to decide what to call it if it does get chosen.
  13. Can you list all of your hardware? It'll help us help you. EDIT: Knowing what games you play/plan to play will help us aswell.
  14. Congrats on the engagement!
  15. If they think this alone is going to change much, they've got another thing coming. Hopefully they commit to it and actually dish out updates that'll change the game for the better. It'd be a shame if they just let it all go, since I really do like the concept of it. Just not the execution.
  16. A 6 or a 7. Just a hunch, don't really have a specific reason.
  17. Little Witch Academia anyone?
  18. I legit feel like having a controller like that would make me want to use it more often for games just because of the way it looks. My 360 controller I got for my PC doesn't get much use lately.
  19. The red one. Fits the AJSA theme.
  20. 'Das a good fokin' lamp! And as everyone said: Go for it, if ya' got nothing else in mind.
  21. So this is apparently a thing now. https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/faqs/000025116/Starter-Edition-FAQ You get full access to the base game with a twist: you need to grind a fair bit more than users with the standard version of the game in order to unlock new operators/characters. All of the info can be found up there in the link if you're interested in reading up on it^. I created the topic to put it out there and to also ask people that already own the game: is it worth buying? I haven't really read up on it at all and heard mixed things. At the price point this edition has though, it might not be a bad purchase, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  22. In short, no. You could just go into your bios to see if it's detecting it properly and if the clocks are fine, but I don't really recall ever hearing you need to reinstall an OS when you add or change RAM.
  23. I get around the same on my GTX 970. It's fairly normal, especially since summer is just around the corner. Of course, you'd always prefer the temperatures being lower than that, but it's nothing to worry about as it is.