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  1. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Shot down a light UFO and gave Zhang his first mission.

    Encountered a group of drones early on, most were killed by Overwatch fire.

    After a long walk through the map we encountered an undefended meld canister (meld is used for gene modifications, psion powers, mechs, spending extra money and meld can make building things faster, or it can be sold.

    After a few more turns of slowly walking through the forest we finally reach the crashed ship

    Sectoids are encountered and Seekers move in to the left of Zhang and Meat.

    Mental attacks cause Dominguez and Meat to panic. Zhang ignores their screms of terror with a will score so high that he had a 100% chance to pass the test.

    The teams rocketeer manages to destroy a seeker and do heavy damage to the remaining one.

    After killing the Sectoids we move up to trigger the Outsider. The Engineer weakens him with a grenade, while Zhang hunkers down to avoid being shot. On the next turn Meat gets a hit in and the kill is taken when one of the scouts flanks him.

    Next I shot down a medium sized UFO that landed in the middle of a town. Oreyn would lead the team.

    The team quickly made their way up the stairs (even though it looks like we landed on a roof?).

    A group of four seekers was encountered

    Dyzz was shot by one of them, unfortunately I had removed his extra armor item for more grenades leaving him with two wounds to his health (which is an impressive 7). He was healed by Oreyn.

    The Assault was able to destroy one but was grabbed by the final seeker

    After shooting that one off of her we made our way to the ship and ran into two large groups of Sectoids.

    Dyzz threw a grenade to damage their cover while the rest of the team took cover and deployed smoke. With her ability to shoot twice Laz did some damage with a shot before taking cover. Mr. Black had remained behind on some stairs giving him a high ground and lone wolf bonuses, and making these Sectoids easy targets. Oreyn would end up using his command action to allow Black to shoot twice on one of his turns. Black ended up with four kills while Laz picked of a few with overwatch fire, usually as they tried to run away.

    Sectoid bodies everywhere. We opened the nearest door where Oreyn finished the last remaining Sectoid that was trying to flee and we assaulted the command room with two outsiders.

    A poor moved activated them earlier than I wanted and got our Assault shot, she was healed by the other medic on the team and ended up killing both Outsiders thanks to her close combat training and the wounds inflicted by Demon and Laz.

    No promotions.

    That is, surprising, not true. Hiring soldiers also costs more in Long War, I think it costs $50 to get a random new soldier instead of $10 like in the base games.

    Yor has been promoted to Lieutenant. Reb Brown's team did die in Strike Commandos and Robowar so let's hope things go better this time.

  2. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Whenever I get to the final story mission in XCOM after completing different objectives it gives me. In Long War that will take a very long time.
  3. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in post your pools :D   
    my pool

  4. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Total, that mission only had eight enemies.
    A routine small ship crash site. I promoted some of the other recruits and took a new guy to train, I'm going to need to promote more people as fatigue is starting to become a problem.

    I get first blood with an overwatch shot and learn that the acid from a thin man can damage their own allies

    Three floaters appear behind us, smoke is thrown, the scout draws their fire, and they are quickly dealt with

    The team sets up to breach the ship with me taking a side bath to cover them from another group of floaters

    The Outsider is wounded by me, while the scout draws his fire and finishes him off.

    Thinks were looking good...and then this happened

    Normally I would want the team full of shotgun wielding Assaults with the close combat specialist ability, unfortunately most of the people I would have wanted to bring on a mission like this were fatigued so I ended up sending a lot of Infantry with Laserrifle as my close range Specialist, Alexander and Dyzz brought shotguns and Dyzz took four grenades with him just in case.

    The team ran into a group of floaters about to kill some civilians, the team was quick to respond

    Laz rescued the civilians and we prepared to go inside, while Alex went around back helping a civilian along the way

    Upon entry we were met by four floaters looking at us through the windows.

    Dyzz civilians to save and no time for this

    With the wall down and one of the floaters dead, two more were killed by the rest of the team. A wounded one fled only to be finished off by a long range (18% chance to hit) pistol shot by Alex.

    Black and Laz moved to the upper floor to get a better position and to rescue a civilian while Dyzz and Laser moved to save the four people in the next room. Caljkn remained in the first room to reload, as he is slow and apparently unable to hit anything even with multiple shots.

    I have just the man to deal with this. I'm sure Laser will be ok, he's behind cover.

    Laz drops down from the second floor and shoots the one in back

    Alex rushes into the building having finished off the fleeing floater and shoots the second one, the first one should be killed by Laserrifle's automatic shot when an enemy moves within 4 spaces of him no matter which way it goes

    Laser weakens one then kills the near one with his reaction on its turn and Caljkn finally hits something.

    Mr. Black kills the zombie to end the mission

  5. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Satellites are up over Australia and Germany, two of my four pilots have been transferred to Asia to protect Australia.

    With the satellite over Australia I can now promote my Gunners and Rocketeers and each will get an additional +2 to their Aim. In addition to their usual gun, gunners can now equip rifles, shotguns, and a new LMG which is like their regular gun only it slows them down and prevents them from firing it after moving but it gives them squadsight like a sniper has. We shoot down another small UFO and get ready to assault it (names were not edited yet).

    The team fought their way through three drones with Laser taking a hit, he was then patched up by Oreyn (medics get one free medkit even without it being in their inventory). Before getting to the enemy ship to engage the Outsider.

    Three Sectoids joined the fight so we had to quickly finish off the Outsider to protect our flanks

    The Sectoids were no match for us with the Outsider dead

  6. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    We have been given a mission from the council (the AJSA Council I assume)

    It looked like it was time to start promoting people. We were going in with light weapons, light armor, and high mobility characters to get this job done quickly or die trying. No newbies on this mission. Everyone armed with smoke grenades (except for Dyzz who as an engineer gets two of every damaging grenade he equips so I gave him two AP and two HE grenades). I plan to hit them fast with Laser, Dyzz (whose terrible Aim will be improved by fighting up close with a shotgun), and Alexander while Laz and Oryen can support with smoke grenades while Gunner tries to take out long range targets.

    So Dyzz, Alexander, and Oryen are really fast. How fast? Well, this is how far Oryen can dash and he is still wearing a heavier vest, I could have swapped it out for a lighter one to give him two more mobility, and if he had an SMG he would gain another three.

    The first thing I did was have Lazilot move up to disable the nearby power source while I sent Oryen and Dyzz to the left side of the map. Alex and Laser went to the right with Gunner following along a high ground path to the left.

    A lone Thin Man appeared in an unexpected spot and it looked like it might have been the end for Oryen, had Lazilot not exposed herself to danger to take a shot

    The team on the right continued to advance with Laser taking point while Gunner's new Marksman Rifle made short work of even the aliens in heavy cover.

    Both teams continued to advance, disabling more power supplies along the way. Until Dyzz made his way through a building and found himself fighting three Sectoids. Gunner was able to take out the one suppressing him, while Laz killed another, allowing Dyzz to finish the last one off with his shotgun, he may have terrible aim but apparently he can control his bullets with his mind and make them go in an entirely different direction than where he was pointing, a possible candidate for psychic testing.

    The teams regrouped in the middle with Dyzz finishing off another one before he did his job and disarmed the bomb.

    Three thin men dropped in as reinforcements and all went on overwatch (I forgot that that happens). Luckily I had Alexander and his lightning reflexes, he ran towards the nearest thin man drawing and easily avoiding all of their shots before making his own

    Oryen might have been a good doctor but he was sick of missing every shot and decided to get up close this time

    Laz deployed smoke to make up for the light cover some of us were in while Gunner wounded the final thin man.

    The thin man fired back with acid that hit both Laz and Laser, (I guess it can cause panic now when you move, no one took damage?)

    Oryen still wanted to prove his combat prowess and charged in for the final kill

    The money will be used to start construction on our lab and to prepare to build our final elevator. I now have Scopes (+8 Aim) and Marksman Scopes (Scouts and Snipers can ignore range limits with Marksman rifles) but the Scopes are pretty costly at $70 for one.
    For anyone that wanted to see the Long War equipment list
    Stats on the first post have been updated.
  7. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    The first mission with named soldiers has been finished

    We were immediately attacked by three drones on the first turn, followed by three more on the next. I took the lead with two of you in the cover behind me while I kept one of you in back and two more along the right path in heavy cover. If we weren't going to be able to kill them I had a smoke grenade ready to give the three of us in low cover a better chance to avoid their return fire.

    I had no need for the smoke as we quickly destroy the first three drones, with only Oryen taking a hit that didn't even manage to penetrate his armor.

    Three more drones appeared in the train, they had not started flying yet making them easier targets

    After advancing we ran into a group of three more aliens, which were shortly joined by another three. Reb Brown did what he does best and killed one of the aliens while on overwatch, destroy the meld container in the process, I threw my smoke grenade to help some of you advance. On the next turn Yor threw a flashbang to cancel on overwatch allowing Laser to flank his target while I covered him.

    I didn't think Gunner would get a kill as he managed to hit three times but did the lowest amount of damage possible, luckily he was able to finish off the final target resulting in promotions for everyone.

  8. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Im really liking the detailed mission description 
  9. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    The world was recently attacked by aliens, for a time it looked like our defeat was assured, but failure is not an option and Alexander452 has been quietly removed from his position. XCOM Command staff has been replaced by trusted higher ups in the AJSA. The war will continue, this is going to be a Long War, but it is one that the AJSA will win, until victory is retconned with the release of XCOM 2.

    Long War is a more difficult and much longer game than the normal XCOM and they have changed the difficulty options, I will be playing on Classic which used to be the hardest setting other than impossible. I will be treating it as if Ironman is on, only reloading if I do something like miss click, something strange happens with sight lines, or it shoots me through 50 feet of solid rock in that first main story mission that it treats like it isn't actually there, etc. Both of the DLC missions are on, while they still make the game much easier if you complete them the difficulty has been increased to the point where most people seem to prefer to skip them when playing Long War. Red Fog and Commander's Choice is on. Red Fog reduced the aim and mobility of any solider or alien that is wounded and Commander's Choice lets me pick what class I want to give everyone the first time I promote them.
    Long War Changes
    Soldier stats are random in Long War they will have different aim, mobility, and will (much lower starting will than in the base game, there are now items and officer abilities to stop panic from spreading). The main game also gives everyone 4 health, except for Snipers who get 3. Long War gives everyone 2-4 health. Long War also gives everyone a defense stat that I assume adds to their ability to dodge incoming fire, I've seen it give soldiers anywhere from a -2 to a +5.
    There are now 8 classes Scout, Sniper, Infantry, Assault, Gunner, Rocketeer, Medic, and Engineer. Grenades and Rockets are actually useful in Long War, due to the increased number of missions losing salvage isn't as big of a deal (as well as the harder difficulty), there are also new grenade types like Flashbangs to lower accuracy or to remove overwatch. There are new weapons like single shot sawed off shotguns that can be equipped instead of a pistol, SMGs that do low damage but increase your mobility, more accurate rifles that do less damage, less accurate rifles that do more damage, etc.
    Our base will be in Russia, I don't know what all the changes in Long War is but extra money should also be helpful. Research time is much longer though so unlike the base game building and maintaining things like labs will actually be useful, from what I hear.

    Long War is a lot different than regular XCOM in how you are going to be using soldiers. Long War starts you with six and allows you to upgrade to eight for larger missions. In addition to getting wounded (which now takes longer to heal from) soldiers also become fatigued, if you send them out again when fatigued they need a long resting period before they can be sent out again. You also no longer have to choose between three missions when abductions happen and you are able to stop more alien activities (although they also do things like bombing runs to increase panic, etc now). Because of this, instead of maybe using 6-8 people like in regular XCOM you are now expected to train about 6-7 squads of six soldiers each, with the first month likely spent on getting as many recruits promoted as you can. I will need a lot of brave soldiers signing up for this army so feel free to give me multiple names to use, let me know what class and voice you want your characters to have. Let me know what color you would like as well.
    Soldier voice options include English (American), English (British), English (Australian), English (South African), English (SE Asia), English (Euro), French, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian. Males can also be English (Irish).

    Roster of less expendable soldiers and their current status
    Commander Kennan
    Nickname: Anlashok Na
    Class: Sniper
    Role: Lone wolf elevated precision
    Rank: Sergeant
    Color: Lighter Purple
    Nationality: French
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 4/13/44/88/1
    Kills: 17
    Missions: 7
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Manimal
    Class: Gunner
    Role: Halo targetting and shredder ammo, shoot first for high damage and to help others finish
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Color: Pink
    Nationality: American
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 7/11/42/78/4
    Kills: 6
    Missions: 6
    Status: Alive
    Laserrifle125: Dreams of becoming a robot
    Nickname: Hardcore
    Class: Assault
    Role: Close range offensive (Aggression, Rapid Fire,)
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Red/Gold
    Nationality: Russian
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/13/47/72/0
    Kills: 11
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Mr. Black
    Nickname: Snake Eyes
    Class: Sniper
    Role: High damage, high crit, sharpshooter
    Rank: Sergeant
    Color: Black
    Nationality: German
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 4/13/46/88/-2
    Kills: 18
    Missions: 9
    Status: Alive
    Lazilot: As someone with an assault rifle
    Nickname: Psycho
    Class: Infantry
    Role: Covering Fire and suppression
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: White
    Nationality: Australian
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 5/14/35/78/1
    Kills: 10
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Yor Hunter of the Future (2and900): An American with a penchant for acting in movies from Italian directors
    Nickname: The Man
    Class: Rocketeer
    Role: The Reb Brown (Rockets and overwatch)
    Rank: Corporal (Lieutenant)
    Color: Gold
    Nationality: American
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/14/41/79/-3
    Kills: 8
    Missions: 8
    Status: Alive
    Bartholomew Kaur (2and900):
    Nickname: Spike
    Class: Assault Defensive (Will to survive, resilience)
    Role: Close Range
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Orange
    Nationality: Irish
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 7/15/41/73/-3
    Kills: 13
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Alexander452: A man who feels like this has happened before and is worried about his odds of survival
    Nickname: Omega
    Class: Scout
    Role: Point Man, shotgun, flanking (Long Wolf, Low Profile, Flush, Hit and Run, Tactical Sense, EC)
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Darkish greenish gold kind of
    Nationality: Italian
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 5/16/36/75/2
    Kills: 13
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Atlas
    Class: Engineer
    Role: Sapper
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Tan
    Nationality: American
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 7/15/39/66/0
    Kills: 11
    Missions: 6
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Baroness
    Nickname: Wolf
    Class: Gunner
    Role: High damage, flush, suppressing fire, and heat ammo
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Lightish red
    Nationality: South African
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/14/39/74/2
    Kills: 7
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Zero
    Class: Sniper
    Role: Low profile disabling sniper
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Dark blue
    Nationality: British
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 4/13/40/82/3
    Kills: 13
    Missions: 6
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Chops
    Class: Infantry
    Role: Covering Fire and suppression
    Rank: Corporal (Lieutenant)
    Color: Green
    Nationality: British
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/11/46/81/-3
    Kills: 14
    Missions: 7
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Knight
    Class: Medic
    Role: Suppression, smoke grenades, and healing
    Rank: Corporal (Lieutenant)
    Color: Teal
    Nationality: American
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 5/16/47/69/-3
    Kills: 10
    Missions: 8
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Wardog
    Class: Assault
    Role: Close Range Defensive (Will to survive, close encounters)
    Rank: Sergeant
    Color: Cyan
    Nationality: Irish
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/13/52/78/-1
    Kills: 21
    Missions: 6
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Shadow
    Class: Scout
    Role: Mid range, covert operative (DGG, Ranger, Scan, Conceal, Sprint, EC)
    Rank: Sergeant
    Color: Darker White?
    Nationality: Southeast Asia
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 5/15/44/84/-2
    Kills: 11
    Missions: 9
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Brick
    Class: Rocketeer
    Role: Rocket Specialist (Heat, Fire in the hole, shredder, mayhem, shock and awe, Tandem/Javelin)
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Dark Blue
    Nationality: Polish
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/12/40/79/2
    Kills: 8
    Missions: 6
    Status: Alive
    Neon The Ninja
    Nickname: Mustang
    Class: Assault
    Role: Close Range Defensive (Will to survive, close encounters)
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Olive
    Nationality: American
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/15/41/71/0
    Kills: 11
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Cobra
    Class: Infantry
    Role: High will, suppression, make psion
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Black
    Nationality: American
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 5/12/55/77/-2
    Kills: 15
    Missions: 7
    Status: Alive
    Class: Scout
    Role: Mid range support. (Halo Targeting, Ranger, Flush, In the Zone)
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Color: Black/Gold
    Nationality: French
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 4/14/38/72/3
    Kills: 6
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Nickname: Ace
    Class: Medic
    Role: High will, healing, reviving, make psion
    Rank: Corporal
    Color: Darker Purple
    Nationality: European
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 6/13/61/67/0
    Kills: 6
    Missions: 5
    Status: Alive
    Class: Gunner
    Rank: Specialist
    Color: Blue
    Nationality: European
    Health//Mobility/Will/Accuracy/Defense: 5/13/33/69/3
    Kills: 2
    Missions: 1
    Status: Alive
  10. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    but you gotta admit it's fun
  11. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    This is slowly becoming a big thing on the forums, isn't it. xD
    I'll bite, aswell. Dyzz, preferably male but I don't mind either gender, USA. Which ever class becomes available first, I'll take it.
  12. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    I might be starting my own game with the Long War mod, also on Classic difficulty. Trying the mod out first a little but if I decide to play it I will need some soldiers.
  13. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in Need people's name in my xcom game   
    Im sad to announce that Ancient died while escorting a VIP to the Skyranger
    He was shot in the face by a muton and it's plasma rifle
    he will be missed

    furthermore i wish to congratulate Dyzz for reaching the rank of sergeant and earning the Nickname "Hulk"

    and South africa, egypt and argentina left the xcom funding 
  14. Vosphorgoth liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Favorite Dawn of War expansion game   
    Soulstorm \m/.
  15. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Skyrim Gets a Multiplayer Mod   
  16. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in Angry Joe's Top 5 best E3 2015 games vlog.   
    Out of all the games, I'm really2 interested, and really2 scared, by Kitchen. Oh man. I hate long haired Sadako girls, and since Joe said that she's going to be in your face, I will probably scream like a little girl as soon as I see her if I actually play the game. Goes to show that Capcom can still make a scary game which is good! And bad because it'll make people have a heart attack all over again!
    Now if all goes wrong, like this game called Rise of Nightmares for Xbox 360 with the Kinect, this game will probably be scary for just the first 1 hour of playing it and after that i'll be unscary. But if the entire game can become that creepy, then we have ourselves one of the best horror game of the decade, besides Alien Isolation. I hope this won't be one of those short 15 minutes games that Markiplier play on Oculus Rift.
  17. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in Upcoming potentially amazing Open World gamesof 2015. Watch out for these epic games!   
    Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Nuff said
  18. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in How do you do the doing to be done ?   
  19. Alexander452 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in How do you do the doing to be done ?   
  20. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Mr. Molotov in DOOM Gameplay!!!   
    That guy at the end must have HUGE GUTS!!!
    Anyways the first gameplay trailer has been publicly released. It looks awesome, as you can probably tell above. Thoughts?
  21. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Alexander452 in DOOM Gameplay!!!   
    That chainsaw.... holy fucking yes

    this looks like it has potential, although it could also turn out to be a terrible console port 
  22. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Eiousx in Star Citizen: Is it worth it?   
    First off, this is based on old information. Two, this guy is cynical and just looking at anything to make his point more believable. Star citizen has constant updates and is very open with its development process. I won't say it's perfect. This is all just a product of a persons fear of a crowdfunded game. Check out the game and try out the free fly weekends. Don't let a highly cynical blog tell you how to feel about something. Check it out yourself. 
  23. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Christopher Lee, a very famous actor, has died today, aged 93   
    He's well known for his countless movie roles over the years.  He was a voice actor in a number of games like Kingdom Hearts series and LOTR:Return of the King.
    Much more info here:
    RIP Christopher Lee

  24. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Craigr910 in PC Gaming E3 Conference   
    Making their debut at E3 comes a conference designed to appeal to strictly PC users. Hosted by PcGamer they will have debuts, trailers and more from some of the best game companies on PC
    . Deus EX Mankind Divided
    . Microsoft (likely talking about windows 10)
    . ARMA 3 (new expansion)
    . New Heroes of the Storm info
    . New Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void info
    . X-Com 2 info/ Gameplay Trailer
    Feel Free to discuss this conference below 
  25. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Sargefan19 in What are your bad gaming habits you are aware of but can't shake?   
    I get servere OCD when i game which is a blessing and a curse when i play games designed to grind