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  1. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by snipermex in Steam Winter Sale 2013   
  2. Bushido90 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in For the Emperor!   
    Woo! Warhammer! Did ya' hear about the Warhammer MMO that's supposed to come out in 2015? I'm really looking forward to it, myself.
    Also, welcome!
  3. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Shiirow in Anime - What are you watching now?   
    Yes and by episode 144, you will realize nothing of consequence has happened yet. As for me, Ive been watching Soul Eater, keeping up with Naruto (the manga too, along with the Bleach Manga), tried a few other anime on Hulu like Attack on Titan (the slowest anime since Drag On Ball Z) and From the New World, which is a serious heart wrenching, mindfuck of a show especially the ending when things finally get fully explained.
    where did you see the new DBZ movie??
  4. Renegade liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Anime - What are you watching now?   
    With each new season of anime, I end up watching the majority. It'd take quite a bit to list 'em here, so I'll just leave a link below:
    Now~, if you would ask what my favorite is this season... Well... You'd be asking a tough question.
    I'm quite fond of what we got this Fall. A few I can say stand out are: Strike the Blood, Gingitsune, Kill la Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata and Coppelion.
    I listed those 5 'cause, when I think about it overall, they're the ones I look forward to the most (In the right way). By that, I mean, I look forward to new episodes of everything that I watch, but these are the ones that like... Get me screaming inside (Out of happiness, I promise c: ). There's also a few Feel Good animes (Gingitsune is like that a bit, but meh) that I enjoy watching quite a bit, aswell. I usually leave those for the evenings when I'm not in the mood for anything too ''wild'' (Non Non Biyori. Gawd, I love this, aswell...)