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  1. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Recon_avwf in Dying Light: The Following   
    With this new DLC coming I wanted to also give other information that people might not know thats happening. For starters the devs have also announced an enhanced edition Including all the DLC, Graphics and Animation upgrades and also free new missions.
    Finally those who own the original version of the game the graphics and animation upgrade and the free missions will go to the original version in a free update that will come around the release of The Following DLC.
    There is however one thing all should know the season pass has been increased in price due to The Following DLC being bigger than originally planned. The price is now $19.99/€19.99/£15.99 If you owned the season pass before the price increase then you WILL NOT have to pay any extra money.
  2. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in CANCEL AWARDS SEASON THIS IS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE!   
  3. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Ghaleon in Oculus Rift Price Confirmed   
    So wait, it's for xbone only now? Not for pc?
    oh wait nm, sorry, for some reason I thought you said it came with an xbone, not just a controller. and I was also like 600 is pretty cheap since the console is gonna be like half of that alone.
    I woudln't worry about the price folks. Brand new technology always nosedives in price fast...and when I mean new technology, I don't mean new console generations, or new ___ generations.. I mean like first of their kind, never before has it happened etc new technology... Digital cameras for example cost hundreds of thousands of dollars new, and like in just a couple years dropped to like single digit thousands, and a few more they're like low hundreds.
  4. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Blind gamer beats The Legend Zelda: Ocarina of Time   
    A blind gamer named Terry Garret AKA MegaTgarrent on youtube has beaten the Nintendo classic though his sense of hearing alone. Using an emulator, a close mounted 3D stereo set up, a custom keyboard mapping that includes a quick save/load so he could figure out where he was and what to do by repeating very short sections (trial and error) and five years of patience that's well beyond anything I could hope to have, he finally did it.
    In this era of bad business practices, internet trolling, bad shit happening in the world in general and gamers not being that respectful to each other, I'm so glad to see a story like this when we can see all join together and say that's beautiful. What awesome dude and I wish I'd heard about this guy earlier.
    The first vid is from back in 2011 and gives an insight into exactly how he plays the game and the second is the when he gets to Gannon. Please watch these and give this guy a sub. He deserves it.

    Here's a more detailed article
  5. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Everyone Needs a Laugh   
    Mr. Boyega's got his priorities straight when travelling:

  6. Tidell liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Hz on my new mouse ?   
    It just makes it feel smoother the higher the Hz is as far as I know. The higher the Hz, the more times the mouse reports it's position to the computer per second.
    Also, I have to point out that I am jelly. Very jelly. D:
  7. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Tidell in Hz on my new mouse ?   
    Hello !
    I just bought the XG-M2-NIP mouse and you can change between various Hz , 125 Hz , 500Hz and 1000Hz . My question is , what difference does the 3 Hz do ? 
  8. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Steam has been hacked?   
    Seems more likely to be a problem with Steam itself, it is logging people into the wrong accounts as well as allowing them to see the email, phone, and credit card number of people if they go to account information. Steam itself and others with more technical knowledge seem to be saying they were not hacked (which probably just ends up making Steam look even worse). If you buy games with Paypal you can login to paypal and cancel automatic payments to Steam, but it is best to avoid Steam for now (if you can even get to it anymore) as it looks like they finally shut down the site and store after about two hours of this.

  9. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Toriko in D. Gray Man is Coming Back Guys!! As Well As BERSERK!!!   
    After 8 years we are finally going to get an anime continuation. I just got done rewatching the original a couple weeks ago only to see this news on crunchyroll. Im so happy right now. 

       <-- current trailer that shouldnt be copyright flagged 
    BERSERK is coming back as well. 2016 shall be the best year in a few years for anime.
  10. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in The games of 2016 that you most look forward to?   
    And Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
  11. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in TFW your dad is part of the PC mustard race   
  12. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in Some info on the possible Star Wars open world game by Visceral   
    Even if it isn't, it still sounds amazingly great.
  13. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Blurmania53 in Some info on the possible Star Wars open world game by Visceral   
    By star wars follower.If only this was kotor 3. 
  14. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Demonbane775 in Some info on the possible Star Wars open world game by Visceral   
    I am... Cautiously optimistic. 
  15. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in The corruption of halo and star wars battlefront   
    1. I like Halo 5. The campaign could have been a lot better but I really like the game and have a blast playing at the xbox one events. I feel it was worth the $90 investment (yes thats the price for base game in Canada :'( ). As for battlefront, I don't like it but other people seem to, so good for them.
    2. If by "brainwashing" you mean "excellent marketing" (in terms of effectiveness), then yeah they want people to buy their product. Thats kinda why they spent all the money to make it. It is still the customers choice whether to buy it or not.
    3. Multi-BILLION dollar corporations don't really give a fuck about joe or his opinion. They wouldnt waste the effort with a ddos on him. Was probably some random person that doesn't like him.
    4. Some of the bashing on Joe was saying he sucks at halo so he shouldn't review it. I don't agree with that mentality he can review anything he wants. But do note that Joe is not good at halo 5 and some of the trolling was for that, not his opinions being attacked by fanboys. He got placed in bronze (you can see it in the video if you look for it) which is the bottom of the ladder. To get bronze, you would basically have to be one of the bottom players in every one of the first 10 games.
    5. "Isn't this our purpose" Everyone has a different purpose for joining the AJSA. Some are all gung-ho about videogame justice, and many just wanted to find new people to play games with.
    6. "These people bashing joe or anyone else are either trolls, idiots... People brainwashed by EA...make sure no one says anything negative" Etc. wait so you can't have a different opinion than an internet critic? What you basically said there is that your not allowed to have a positive opinion of 343 and EA or their games, and if you do, your just brainwashed. U wot m8?
  16. ScampyGordon liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Everyone Needs a Laugh   
    Have a good day.
  17. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Bast50 in 24hr+ Extra Life Charity Stream!!!   
    Hello AJSA, 
    I'd like a moment of your time to bringing this event that I'm doing to your attention.
    Starting at 10PM EST We'll be doing a 24hr+ Charity Stream for Extra Life 
    Please be there
    Thank you!
  18. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Mr_E_Meatshield in Angry Joe Finally Gets His Revenge   
  19. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in What did you buy during the recent or ongoing sales   
    Let's see now, what did I buy?
    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    Claptrap's Robot Revolution
    The Witcher Adventure Game
    I will probably save stuff like Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition and Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY Edition for later dates, preferrably when DAI goes on sale for even lower.  Of course I pray for the day that Dragon Age 2 DLC goes on sale as well.
  20. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in What did you buy during the recent or ongoing sales   
    What did I buy.....  Oh boy
    Command and Conquer Red Alert 3
    Decent Underground
    Dreamfall Chapters
    Fallout New Vegas
    L.A Norie
    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
    Pneuma: Breath of Life (Only to find out the next day that it was free with Games with Gold on XBox One  )
    Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
    Sniper Elite Trilogy
    Tomb Raider Collection
    Assassins Creed Syndicate Charing Cross Edition
    Dragonage Inquisition GOTY Edition
    XBox One 1TB
    Rise of The Tomb Raider (EDIT:  If you have an XBox One, BUY THIS GAME!  Even at full price it's worth every penny!)  
    HALO 5 Guardians
    Rare Replay
    Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita)
  21. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in What did you buy during the recent or ongoing sales   
    A lot of of places have been giving some good discounts on games (or consoles and accesories) such as Steam, GOG, Greenmangaming, Amazon, BundleStars, etc. Anyone been buying anything or have any sales to recommend?
    I ended up ordering parts for a new computer thanks to some sales going on and I picked up The Witcher 3, The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone, and Hard West on the Steam sale.
    Some games I recommend checking out that are on sale on Steam are Invisible Inc., Serpent in the Staglands, Stasis, Hand of Fate, D4, Dungeon of the Endless, and Darkest Dungeon.
  22. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by DemonsColt in What did you buy during the recent or ongoing sales   
    God help you.
    Got me a new Razer DeathStalker keyboard for about 60 dollars.
  23. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Differance in GTX 970 Types?   
    Well that's pretty much all there is relevant to know.  The aftermarket branded variants will usually cost a little more but will often have better cooling and performance.  I have a Gigabyte variant of the 980Ti and I do rate it.
    As for fallout 4 a GTX 970 whether it be the base version or an after market one should do fine for modding but as with any system installing more and more of them will effect the stability.
  24. Crazycrab liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in Differance in GTX 970 Types?   
    They're just different brands, as far as I know. MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA, Zotac, ASUS, Palit etc. etc.
    Brands usually overclock stock GPUs. Other than that, brands have different cooling from one another, people usually praise Gigabyte or MSI from what I've seen for their cooling. There're other things aswell, I know warranties differ between the brands, but other than what I've mentioned, I really don't know anything else.
    I personally like stuff from MSI, Gigabyte and Asus. I know EVGA is good, aswell but I've never had any parts from them.
  25. Dyzzles liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in Team speak 3 badges   
    Hi !
    For quite a while I'v noticed that alot of AJSA members are either unaware or don't care about Team speak 3.
    How about let's start rewarding people for joining TS3 with fancy TS3 badges.
    Badges could be leveled up from let's say "TS3 recruit" or "TS3 bronze" all they way to "TS3 Veteran" depending on how many hours they spend there.