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Velvet Jones

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  1. Brandykins1982, a few bits of advice... In terms of gaming; the GPU you choose is going to have much more of an overall impact than CPU.Try to stick with using just SSDs. Traditional magnetic hard drives are a huge bottleneck.You can save yourself $100+ if you don't buy Windows and instead download the Windows 10 preview. You'll be able to fully upgrade it for free once the final version is released.Don't skimp on the power supply! A good PSU has an immense impact on the overall stability of one's PC. Cheers!
  2. It's all laid out here. Mostly. I've had an Intellivision, NES, Sega Genesis, GameCube, and Wii. But the PC has always been my first love. Well maybe not love; more like a steamy bipolar relationship. When it's good it's so good, and when it's bad you feel like pounding nails through your penis.
  3. Hello fellow AJSAers. Velvet Jones here. I come from a land where the oldest beer in the country flows like honey (and gets you wicked shitty in the process). I'm a father of two, a US Navy vet, and somewhat sporadic gamer. It all started with an Intellivision when I was but a babe, but it wasn't until the Sega Genesis (still the best console ever!) that I realized what video gaming could be (neck-beards and Cheeto-stained fingers). Warcraft began my tumltuous journey with PC gaming and I've barely touched a console since. I got burned out during the golden age of MMOs and ran away to found a codpiece empire. Several years passed and the gaming bug began to itch once again like a medevil furuncle. In 2011 I delved into the world of Hackintoshing which, conincidentally, was the year that gave birth to the GREATEST GAME EVAR! I stumbled upon Angry Joe whilst searching for hair gel porn and have been watching ever since. Joe, you crack me up. See you, Space Cowboy...