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  1. I have been trying for a while to join up with anything, got a job that keeps me busy. Or I do not own half the games where these events are taking place on. I know its not any ones fault but my own, sometimes feel like the child looking at everyone having fun outside while they are stuck inside ha-ha.
  2. I made a comment about shadow of war being, Shadow of micro-transactions. That's all I put, nothing else just SHADOW OF MICROTRANSACTIONS. Last time I checked the attack on my comment was bout three people, one calling me a whiney twat. Trying to figure out why you can't put anything on the internet without getting attacked is tiresome.
  3. I saw you added me and it took me a second to remember who it was, had me confused for a second I was like ive seen that name....but where? Looking forward to the days ahead with yall.
  4. My pc is not up to par right now, Bills and mouths to feed haha...damn responsibilities. haha
  5. Halo 1-5 Plus reach. Got to reinstal 5 though haha
  6. Technically i have been here since 2014, but really did not get active until now. I go Back and forth between things and tend to forget about others (ADHD ANYONE?) Either way I am friendly guy who is just looking for a few good guys and gals to game with. Just about all the halo's (Except wars) I play Battlefield 1 and BF4 Metal gear solid online. I would play doom online....but i can never connect with anyone. I'm a amature writer hoping to maybe not live rich, but provide enough for my family to live comfortably. either way I'm Cameron Ayscue (BIggBoss095) it may take me a bit to get use to talking to ya'll for i am usually a quiet person haha