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Everything posted by Frailos18

  1. So was talking to Bast the other day and we came up with a great idea. We would like to get a group of people interested ( or already likes pvp ) in doing a group of Werewolves in Cyrodiil. If we have to we can trade off bites within the guild ( can do friends aka maybe get Manny to join us....) would like to get people inside the guild bitten first though. This will not have to be limited to those who want to be a WW, can come on any character you wish. Just the idea of a group of AJSA WW's running around owning Cyrodiil would be great. I would like to try timing this so that Bast can stream our group. If you have not already I hope you go to twitch and watch Bast stream ( don't forget to hit follow!!!!!). I mainly play Ebonheart Pact but I am leveling a Dragon Knight to do pvp/dungeons/trials with the guild as Aldmeri Dominion. Message me on the forums here or just reply to this thread if you are interested.
  2. No Spin, Combat Cloud, Crafting Stations, Public Dungeon Champions, Sky Shards, Research Assistant, Lore Books, Destinations, Iventory Grid View, and I like Wykkyd's Framework. Is what I run in my set up for addons.
  3. Do NOT use Tundra Defense if you have the Expanded Towns and Cities mod, royally screws up your game. Unless you are familiar with code and can change a few placements on your own.
  4. There is no " Mod Limit ". Nexus mod manager will not allow over 250 active mods. I had a set up for about 6 months where I had over 320 active mods running. ViralBunny, no Nexus only has a " very small " selection of adult oriented mods. I know where to get a crapload more then what Nexus has, most of the adult mods for skyrim on Nexus came from this other site they just ported it into nexus as a different user name. Other site has adult and regular mods for Skyrim, Fallout 3/NV, Oblivion, and many others including the Sims games. Just a fyi, do NOT ask me for the link for the site unless you are prepaired to see some really messed up stuff, but on the other hand this site also hosts the translated mods that come out of the EU/Asian mod sites, ones that Nexus refuses to allow on their site due to copyrights and just being total dicks about stuff.
  5. Should check out the mod they have for Skyrim that puts DA I's dragons/monsters into Skyrim. Is great. fyi, wont find it on nexus because nexus mods are $%! 's
  6. NEVER continue your main story line in DA I without doing the side quests. A lot of those side quests give you agents or more people helping you out later on in the game.
  7. Use Nexus for most of your mods. Now I will inform you about something with Nexus mods. They are touchy-feely about the whole copyright's of other games, so if your looking for mods that add things from other games that Nexus doesn't support there are a lot of other sites to get mods from. For the whole Immersive feel of Frostfall I can recommend another site that a mod author has taken Frostfall and merged it with Climates of Tamriel, Summer Skyrim, and it supports dawnguard/dragonborn dlc. You wont find it on Nexus since the mod creater did not get permission from the original authors to work their code into his own. His mod ends up doing what the old Seasons of Skyrim tried to do, adds different climates into every region of skyrim and depending on the time/date within Skyrim at the time depends on the weather you get.
  8. Been playing this, and ESO a lot. Been on Brynhildr server, will apply for a transfer.
  9. XP gains are increased with people in a party. Seems they decreased xp gains in dungeons but boosted xp gains out in the world from mobs and quests. Its good xp to group up with some people and do the world boss', public dungeons, dolmens still. And yes I to have logged out a lot due to lack of people to group with.
  10. The Cutting Room. A mod that takes all the unactivated content thats within bethesda's own files inside skyrim and adds those dialog/quests into the game. College quest line is extended out a lot. Just be warned, Cutting Room has a lot of conflicts with other mods just looke at the compatable/uncompatable sections of mod pages.
  11. What if I want to bring my Sorc from ESO and do map completions in GW2 !?! No seriously though, I have been thinking of installng gw2 again just to get into some WvW with ajsa again.
  12. Almost any time of the day when I log in there is always one person getting jumped by guards cause they failed at stealing/pickpocketing. Is great. They changed a LOT of the quests as in worked them to where they have different placements and stuff. Fixed a lot of those broken quests, like those main story quests that would glitch out on you in Grahtwood. They did a lot of class changes also. Was in Cyrodill and seen a 2h sword using NB jump in a group of people and just demolish them with a healer helping him out, he must have killed 7 or 8 people before he died was great.
  13. Yeah I came back last week and my poor dual staff ( dest and resto ) sorc gets 2 shot a lot. Thinking of making a new sorc and take it Heavy armor with 2h sword and resto staff.
  14. Color scheme of the AJSA, just use any armor you want maybe? Kind of what we did in GW2 for a while not sure if they still do so.
  15. Apex Spartan gives you a great choice of a mod. I have used that one a lot. There are many other mods that can enhance the civil war questline. One of them also lets YOU as the player choose what person will be the Jarl's in the places you take.
  16. WvW

    3 of our NSP guilds PB, GS, and ZoS had a discussion the other night and decided where NSP is lacking in numbers in WvW right now is the aus main times. 9am - 1pm central US time. Therefore we have asked of these 3 guilds anyone who is able to play during that time frame to jump in and help our server out in WvW. We would welcome anyone who wishes to join up and help hold our borderlands at that time. This will NOT be a " oh your online get into WvW now " type of thing. Its a join in if you want but do not feel obligated to do so. Even if its for 2 hours 1 day a week, just hop into WvW and look for the current tag'd up commander, or if you see none ask in map chat where people are. We got a few of us already lined up to rotate who will be tag'd up at times but its not concrete just yet. I personally have not seen much of the AA in WvW recently, but due to the times I play it may just be that. I would like to see more AA killing people in WvW and keeping the crazyness in WvW going that AA was known for. We will be posting onto the NSP forums sometime today. Hope to see AA in WvW!
  17. If your currently enjoying yourself in WoW then I would suggest trying to enjoy what your doing right now. Sure other game may be a bit more fun or what not but in the end its about what your " enjoying " in the here and now. Don't base what games you play on what others think. I have found that A LOT of games others say are crap and not worth the time are quite enjoyable to me. I played WoW from the Mara patch all the way into the second week of BC. I personally have not went back in since, though I have been tempted plenty of times to go try it out again. I currently enjoy GW2 and ESO for my mmo's, and Wasteland 2 for solo gaming. All I know is that if any news I read in the coming future about WoW " brings back " the talent trees then I would most likely try getting back into it. For now I am enjoying what I have. And if you really want to try out a variety of mmo's to see how they are head to steam they have a decent amount of free to play mmo's now, some are kind of WoW clones in a way others are in another category.
  18. Yeah, so glad this is coming. Wont have to see heavy or medium armor when searching for light for my Ele anymore.
  19. Wow, all the hate for DA2? I actually liked it. Was it DAO, no. Was combat not the " old school overhead strategy look ", no. Could they have chosen different characters a bit better, sure. It was different then DAO, that is the main reason I think so many people hate on DA2. Some say it was the story that they couldn't get in to too much. Well, remember recruiting the mages/templars in DAO? They continued along that story path, and they did it quite well if you ask me. I have all the dlc and pre order stuff for DAO and DA2, and I enjoy both of them equally. If they had just made DA2 exactly like DAO but continued along a warden story, then more people might have praised it better. But in DA2 they showed the players, that even with the blight gone and wardens off doing their own things there are still HUGE problems for the rest of the world. Now look at what has been release about DAI so far. And you can't tell me story wise that they did NOT do a good job story wise in DA2 setting it up for following games. They left so much unclear, and yet gave glimpses of what is to come. With DA2's end you got to see the good and bad in both the chantry/templars and with the mages. Neither faction can be said to be immune to corruption. And the common folk now seem to be split between voicing their beliefs for one side or the other. What people need to also keep an eye out in the video releases and articles is that they are hinting/showing Elves in a good part of the game. What better time in the story would it not be best to get the elves aligned under one banner to help with the incursion of demons into the world, and help the general populace's opinion of them? I will be playing DAI when it comes out, and no matter what I come across in the game that I may not personally like, I intend to keep an open mind of how they are taking the story along. For those who are voicing their reservations about the game, would you like those of us who intend to buy and play the game at release to right our personal reviews? Not everyone has the same tastes in video games, but surely it can help you out deciding if you want to play it later on or not.
  20. After playing it for about 20 more levels I have to say that I like the game. Sadly PWE and their idea of putting stuff behind a pay wall is only thing that will keep me from actually playing this game once it goes live. True if you put enough time into it you can buy all the stuff from their " online store" with in game currency but the conversion rate is crazy, will take you at least 3 to 4 months to get enough to convert over for even the lowest item in their store. And as usual, after playing through the game once there is no reason to play it again. Story is decent, kind of makes you already know whats gonna happen, but being able to change your " class " later on to whatever you want is neat but also keeps you from playing the game through again on another character. I believe if even Aria Games or Trion Games released this then it would more appealing to more people. I just can't play a game that lets a new person right at level 1 spend money for the best gear that a level 50 is spending time in instances farming to get.
  21. Downloaded and tried it. Feels like an Asian martial arts version of Neverwinter imo. Good game, but really wish it wasn't done by PWE.
  22. GvG

    Fact is they did. But leaning into the end of the tournament we started to get dedicated wvw night shift people. And they assumed we were pushovers due to the fact we didn't have a big showing of people at the beginning. Then when NSP decided to actually get serious towards the end of it they had already slacked off, their mistake thinking they had the win.
  23. GvG

    Is a nice idea, but remember CD HATES our guts atm so don't even bother trying to get a guild from there. They will just set us up. SF would be a better choice to find a guild willing to fight us.
  24. Get it if you want. Origin is a double edges sword right now so its a 50/50 chance that the game wont activate until you go back an forth through emails with EA atm. Now game wise, I liked DA2. Sure was not as good as Origins but for story wise going into DA3 coming out later this year you REALLY want DA2, sets up the story for DA3.