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  1. Hey, dunno if anyone still plays or wants to get back in to, or try it again. [uK] Rusty Grumps IP address: But if anyone is interested, try the above, good owner and me as admin We have a quake 3 style arena a hunger games arena pyramid of death and still manage a normal rust experience play style all in one. Come have a look
  2. I lived alot on the TS when i played BF4 alot, sadly i played from the beginning and the TS was disturbing and borderline disgusting sometimes, for like 2 weeks i just muted the mic most of the time. Gladly alot of the bad folk went, but sadly far more active players went too while this went on. I dont bother with ajsa TS anymore mostly cos i dont have any interest in playing w/e is popular atm cos joes playing it. I wont touch ESO BF4 just aint fun now theyve given up all pretense at fighting hackers. which leaves the rare occasions i play SWTOR but finding players from ajsa to be online is nigh on impossible. When a decent MP game comes along again that i want to try playing with the ajsa again ill have TS on as much as possible as i did before, but till then i can only assume those like me that use it alot, arent using it for the ajsa cos they dont feel much reason to. Not sure if that was a rant or my 2 cents but thats my exp and insight on the OP matter. When i played EVE religously 90% of the time was just chatting and so on so i get that part, but most ppl are shy or worried about talking on TS thats why youll get more ppl typing on twitch than talking on TS. Glad i grew up in the north, we dont give two craps we just wanna play.
  3. Your most welcome, can you lock the thread pls
  4. HIya, Got a few bundles today and a few games in them i already have, Steam codes below. Please say which one you took, cos its polite American Conquest: Fight Back Cossacks II: Battle for Europe S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat Have fun
  5. This is absurd, we all know OtherJoe is a senior in his late 80s. A former dictator and Sheppard of several flocks of hummingbirds.
  6. Blogs like that breed trolls, leave em to it, the trolls will troll each other and hopefully once they finish preschool they`ll grow out of it.
  7. yeah shoudlve defined "main" better shoudlnt i.
  8. Considering the main storyline is half done, thats why most ppl lose interest and twoddle of elsewhere. For example, most towns/ castles were meant to be besiged but never got finished, giants were meant to be brought into the war, list goes on of unfinished parts, god only knows what else was meant to be in but never got added to code. The mod that brings most of the civil war to a better way (thought buggy) is a better example of how it shouldve been. But to be fair most of the fun of TeS games is the exploration & discovery and random questing, and naked mods, i mean great follower mods..
  9. Sell Sell Sell, or no company end of the day. Customer support Content worth Ethical return policy These 3 things make great companies. Any 1 or 2 of them make it a decent company. If its lacking in all 3 and still selling games, its usually relying on a past franchise (battlefield for instance) and nickle and diming for as much as possible while its able. Sadly too many consumers will accept this, so its becoming really prevalent. I dont even blame the companies anymore..
  10. ugg the browning...
  11. Error Sorry!An error was encountered while processing your request: This item is no longer for sale, but if you have purchased it, you will still have access to it. This is coming up for every mod on steam that is or was for purchase..
  12. Valve is evil it ate my puppy.
  13. You know what, unless its in a dark theme like guyver, the crow or batman im not loving the dark tones personally, some 3d films ive seen are black as a hole with those god damn glasses and dark tones together. As long as it suits the films end goals sure. - As for superman - meh i dont wanna diss it id prefer colour but as long as they made a decent version (previous one never happened.. superman can beat god like creatures but runs at fatherhood? wtf) and keep making them, do it w/e colour scheme you like.
  14. Yup buy skyrim and play it to death for a fair few months of run throughs, then go to nexus and add 50 or 60 (not all installed at same time unless you can handle that) mods and get years more play out of it.
  15. I know more than a few guys who would never play again if this became the norm, can only hope it does eventually.