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    Gaming of course. A job would be nice too.
  1. The game rewards you for high alpha or high pen. So using heavily armored tanks is required if you're not way above average. And the MM uses so weird battleweight system that allows maximum difference between teams to be +-25%. But they added MM rules so you can only be at bottom tier 5 times in a row. Which was nice. To be fair I stopped playing when WT:GF came out because I got sick of it. And WT:GF has pretty much the same issues with the battleratings etc.... I personally think that the game is enjoyable only when you use the semi-OP stuff like the original 1S.
  2. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/the-witcher-3-developer-denies-ea-takeover-rumours/1100-6430539/
  3. Ms tech support... Mac Mac MAC Standard aka OSX which is not a MICROSOFT product. Know your system, dude.
  4. Can't go to 1080 if the monitor is smaller...
  5. This is all because of the classic P2P server scam, where once the game is no longer getting revenue, it's servers get shutdown so you have to buy a newer game. And also because the ingame currency can be bought. Reeks of lost profits so prepare for lawsuit by R*.
  6. "must destroy potential critizism must destroy potential critizism must destroy potential critizism must destroy potential critizism must destroy potential critizism gibe mone please" - the movie industry
  7. Zombies > Dinosaurs > WW2 > Aliens > Zombies > Dinosaurs etc.
  8. I must inform you that it's Greedo and Captain Picard. And if Shaymalan never even made an Avatar film then how can he continue the trilogy?
  9. Isn't this the video that was considered as a troll by a Valve employee?
  10. But what if you could stream PC games to your Xbone?
  11. Nope. Even FNV feels janky as fuck. FO1 and 2 have aged way better.
  12. The Power Rangers theme because I like the song.
  13. "Windows 10 Upgrade Offer is valid for qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8.1"
  14. Players in the last 2 weeks for Evolve: 36k Players in the last 2 weeks for Insurgency: 197k (SteamSpy stats) From Steam: Insurgency current players: 2659 Evolve : not on the list. Even "Batman: Arkham Refund" has more players right now on Steam. So no. No one is playing that.