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  1. So many good nostalgia feels.
  2. I used to LARP in and run games for what was then The Camarilla, now the Mind's Eye Society. We worked closely with WW and CCP, and they even debuted the trailer at the Grand Masquerade a few years ago. I'd be really disappointed if they don't release this. The setting, the characters (they've said that a lot of the NPCs are going to come from old and/or prominent PCs from the LARP) and all the potential stories you could tell. Plus they were toying with the idea of perma-death if the Prince called a bloodhunt on you because you were stupid. It was supposed to start with just Vampire, then add the other races as expansions, but the problem they have is the same problem OWoD and NWoD have: there's no good way to balance the powers so that one isn't supremely overpowered. Example: Playing a Mage, was being chased by Vampires. Ran through a building, used Matter to turn the water in the pipes to gasoline. Cracked a pipe, sprayed the Vamps with gas, used Forces to light 'em up. If they could fix the balance issues and get it up and running, that could be a dark horse for MMO of the year when it does hit.
  3. I want this to be good, I REALLY want this to be good. I feel like in the hands of Inafune and with how excited and enthusiastic he seems about the entire process, it'll be a fantastic game. He's really treating this like his baby, I can't see him screwing this up.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A Never have I been more underwhelmed for a character reveal. At first I was almost positive it was going to be Nihlin from Remember Me, but Decapre?
  5. I second System Shock. Personally I want to see an Onimusha reboot. Those games with current-gen graphics would blow my balls off.
  6. All I needed to hear was CDPR and Cyberpunk. My money literally lifted itself out of the wallet and threw ITSELF at the screen. And with Shadowrun Online going beta later this year, my cyberpunk itch is gonna be scratched VERY nicely.
  7. 30, but age is just a number for the most part. I've got friends going from 18 to early-50s and with all the crap I've been through, I feel MUCH older.
  8. Added some of you guys, feel free to add me. I'm ALWAYS looking for a group and plan on grinding TF HARD! Origin ID: TheNullspace
  9. Ahoy hoy! I'm kinda bad at introductions, so I'll be quick. I'm Chris, call me Nullspace or Null. I saved Princess Toadstool before I even hit kindergarten, killed Dracula before finishing my math homework, annihilated a planet of space pirates with the help of a blonde in an armored space suit after dinner and ripped across time and space to save the world from a primordial threat before finishing middle school. I've had a heart attack and open heart surgery twice. I'm bipolar, on meds and in therapy. Yes, I'm pretty open and honest. Gaming is my outlet, and one of the few things I have a passion for in this life. I just hope to share a bit of that passion with some like-minded people. See everyone on the servers! Anybody playing Day Z or Titanfall currently, add me on your respective clients. Steam: nullspac3 (no pic) Origin: TheNullspace (smoking blue lightsaber)