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  • Birthday 10/08/1987

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    Camp Hill, PA
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    Korn, SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, The Division, Deftones, Incubus, Sevendust, Ellegarden, Tropic Thunder, Skindred, etc.
  1. Hello, i would like to joni the guild.
  2. Soulfly - Profecy (With Sample) Ill Nino - Only The Unloved
  3. The Cherry Coke$ - Never Mind Head Phone President - Nowhere Kiba Of Akiba - Animation with you
  4. Waggakiband - Senbonzakura Oblivion Dust - Under my Skin Fake? - Nibiru
  5. I would Like to join myself bladrcntrl.9806
  6. I would too, like to join the army. i play every day pretty much and have been playing since 2013 and still love it. also, is it possible to add more than on character to a clan or does it limit to just one per account? Character Name: Bladrcontrl Class: sniper
  7. can you add me since no one is really in the TS? my character's name is Bladrcntrl
  8. What is the TS settings so i can join? -sorry it didn't make sense-
  9. Can i join the fight for the Empire? >: D
  10. I would also love to join, if you will allow me My Hero name is: Bladrcntrl Display name is: bladrcntrl.9806