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  1. Well it's specifically for their app store not just the amazon app.
  2. So out of nowhere Amazon sent me an email saying they've given me $25 of store credit to their app store. The email stated it was for "Recently shopped on amazon.com via an android phone or through the amazon app for android." Well I've never used the amazon apps on my phone, never opened them. So not sure why I got the credit. My only guess is that they're trying to get me to start using their app store by giving me a free reason to do so. I was however wondering if you can buy anything on their app store other than just silly mobile apps. Anyone know if I can use it on the main site? Or maybe buy movies or something? Or any good paid apps I should seek out on their store? Thanks
  3. Oh man as soon as I heard Clank's voice I was 100% in
  4. So I've always had great connection to US West, live in Oregon. Get about 30-40 ping every game usually. Since about a week or two ago I've started getting solid 200-220 ping steady in every game. All other online games I've played recently I've had my normal great connection to western servers, it's only DotA giving me trouble. Anyone else having problems recently? I've been trying to figure out any ways to fix this. Thanks
  5. I don't understand the need to make live action movies out of successful anime. Why not just make an anime movie? I know they've done that for some, but it just doesn't make sense why they have to change it for the big screen. It's like if they took a popular american tv show and made an anime movie for it. Wouldn't make much sense, stick to the original content form
  6. These specs do seem to be really close to the ones for Ground Zeroes. It makes sense that the bar is set so high though considering the massive open world and open environments in the game.
  7. I might be interested if we get a decent group together. Bloodbowl 2 is launching in september though so that could be another option if people were willing to wait/buy a new game. I'm guessing Bloodbowl 2 will have a more improved cup and tournament system.
  8. *Sighs...* GG Dota
  9. Yea I agree. I'm just happy google isn't touching it. They would've really ruined twitch, maybe amazon will be smart and let it stay more open and free.
  10. Welcome to the army!
  11. Added to my list! Thanks! I'm probably not gonna be to interested in motion stuff on the ps3. If I wanted motiony gimmicks I'd play games on my wii
  12. Welcome to the Army!
  13. Welcome to the Army!
  14. Oh cool! I've always loved a good RTS or Turn based strategy. I was really hoping to be able to have a few of those for console. Thanks!
  15. Borderlands is a great idea! But I already have countless hours in both of those on PC. DLC and everything Great games though!