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  1. well, it did exist, but this video was over 2 years ago though
  2. So far, I've been hearing that prime day was a massive failure.
  3. I'm a bit late in asking this question and I didn't want to start a post for something that practically exists already but is this game still fun playing alone? I'm asking because some people say it's really not as fun alone and I understand the purpose of the ajsa is to play games with friends however I doubt that I'll always be able to have friends available to play this game with me whenever I feel like searching for a match. I've been considering buying it on PC since I don't game on consoles, so yeah, is the game still really fun to play even if you're playing alone? EDIT: Well, long story short I was able to try the game out, and I don't plan on buying it until it probably goes on sale
  4. What exactly did this guy think was going to happen if he uploaded a video...well, let's just use the word "challenging" for now. This kind of stuff doesn't just happen with channels like joe, whenever somebody creates videos challenging a big youtuber then that youtubers fanbase will come at the person with all hell's fury (in this case flagging videos). I've seen it happen mutliple times in the past with other channels that challenge other big youtubers as well, he's not the only one that this happens to. I'm not justifying it, it's just how things are on youtube and the internet in general really. About the blog, http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/25672-has-anyone-else-seen-this-blog-horrorhilariousness/ Looking back on it, I was being a bit immature and douchey in my post about it, it wasn't 100% hatred towards angry joe, I think I saw him say something nice about him one time actually, overall I could have constructed my post in a way that didn't make me seem like such a fanboy. About his recent video, well, it was 10 minutes of a guy telling me that I have no life, and that I'm a "faggot" and all that stuff. Not everyone in the angry army is a fanboy, most, if not, all of us on the forums didn't flag the video. It's ok to be mad if your video gets flagged, hell, joe made tons of rants about his videos getting flagged. Maybe, just maybe, he does have some solid points about joe (nitpicks don't count!), I'll see how his future videos are. (I also like the name of his channel, "art-official" that's actually very clever).
  5. Many companies have been trying to get into the genre...and unfortunately failing. The problem is that moba's are a very very very VERY competitive genre, they require hundreds upon hundreds of hours just to get decent at, as I've said before, when you put all of that time, effort, and even money into a moba it becomes kind of impossible to throw all of that away just to give another game a shot. It's a market dominated by LoL, dota 2, and even smite. Dawngate tried hard to innovate but it just wasn't enough so it failed Infinite Crisis failed because (as much of a dick this will make me sound) it was essentially league of legends but with DC characters, it relied far too heavily on its license and didn't really do all that much to innovate aside from a few different mechanics. I predict that strife is going to fail because, well, history tends to repeat itself. I think heroes of the storm will succeed because it made significant changes to the genre that drew a lot of people in, and it has blizzard backing it, don't hold me to this prediction though. Man, this genre is just booby trapped with failure, companies who wish to enter should take this as an omen.
  6. Yeah, I'm not shocked, I feel like totalbiscuit did a fantastic job explaining why so many mobas fail. MOBA's are a very competitive genre, they require hundreds of hours just to get decent at, and you put all of that time, effort, and even money into the game, and it's kind of hard to throw all of that away just to give another game a try.
  7. My biggest disappointments with games goes to: Halo 3: ODST: It was an expansion that was forced to be released for 60 dollars so that it could exploit the halo fanbase Brink: The media hyped the shit out of this game and it turned out to be just a poorly executed game, as joe said, Brink is proof that great ideas don't always make great games....especially if they're all slapped together into one ginormous clusterfuck. I stopped pre-ordering games years ago because I was tired of shit like this happening to me. My biggest disappointment with the practices in gaming goes to: Pre-orders: The reason that pre-orders exist is so that companies can get an understanding of how many games need to be shipped to a certain location and how much money they're approximately going to make before the game gets released, and that's good and all but the problem is that it will especially make a company feel really good knowing they have your money ahead of time even if they know that they're publishing a shitty game, so when you pre-order a game that turns out to suck...well tough luck. Not only that but there are catastrophic launches that have occured, or the actual game seems like it a got a graphics downgrade, DRM and pre-orders are a recipe for a disaster. DRM: It sucks...that's pretty much it.
  8. Personally I'm glad that people haven't forgotten about mass effect 3's ending, I believe that's what most people hated about it, rather than the entire game itself. Hell...it even made joes controversy list of 2012
  9. woah...I didn't think they would yield so quickly, I'm guessing practically nobody was purchasing the mods.
  10. Near#1497 is my battletag All the time that I spend on the forums and I never came across this post before I just want to have more friends who play this game
  11. Have you seen avgn's comment section? All people ever do is post comments about mikes dick hahahahahaha, and then there's reviewtechusa's comment section about the whole big cheese incident lolololol Yeah, joe's comment section has gotten a bit worse, but that's because he's gotten more famous, (almost 2 million subscribers say what!?!?!?) more notoriety = more everything (cool people, loyal fans, and trolls)
  12. A new starfox game? My....I would be very excited if it wasn't for the history of the other star fox games....cautious optimism**
  13. Unless it gets absolutely terrible reviews, I will end up buying it.
  14. https://www.dawngate.com/news/detail/an-important-announcement-about-the_32964 Yeah...about that.. EDIT: On another note, I just won a beta key today, oh my RNG has yet to fail me!