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  1. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Laserrifle125 in Fallout 4 capped at 30 FPS for consoles   
    Odd, these days, it's usually the PC version that gets capped at 30 FPS.  
  2. Mellow liked a post in a topic by POISONOUS_OXIDE in What are your biggest dissapointments in gaming?   
    Its really dissapointing to go out and pay top dollar for a really good looking game only to play it and beat it within no time at all....the storys too short or just that it doesnt have enough content. A game like the witcher 3 is worth every penny as its gunna take a long time to complete but to pay $60+ for a game like the order 1886 and beat it in a day.
    Also gotta hate it when you end up playing online with some asshat that just cant shut the fuck up and stop being a dick or stop bitching about a game or person that they dislike and just play the damb game and be happy to not be playing with himself...pun included.....there i got that out and i feel better
  3. AioriaBelmont liked a post in a topic by Mellow in Infinite Crisis to permanently shutdown August 14th   
    Yeah, I'm not shocked, I feel like totalbiscuit did a fantastic job explaining why so many mobas fail.

    MOBA's are a very competitive genre, they require hundreds of hours just to get decent at, and you put all of that time, effort, and even money into the game, and it's kind of hard to throw all of that away just to give another game a try.
  4. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Mellow in What are your biggest dissapointments in gaming?   
    My biggest disappointments with games goes to:
    Halo 3: ODST: It was an expansion that was forced to be released for 60 dollars so that it could exploit the halo fanbase
    Brink: The media hyped the shit out of this game and it turned out to be just a poorly executed game, as joe said, Brink is proof that great ideas don't always make great games....especially if they're all slapped together into one ginormous clusterfuck. I stopped pre-ordering games years ago because I was tired of shit like this happening to me.
    My biggest disappointment with the practices in gaming goes to:
    Pre-orders: The reason that pre-orders exist is so that companies can get an understanding of how many games need to be shipped to a certain location and how much money they're approximately going to make before the game gets released, and that's good and all but the problem is that it will especially make a company feel really good knowing they have your money ahead of time even if they know that they're publishing a shitty game, so when you pre-order a game that turns out to suck...well tough luck. Not only that but there are catastrophic launches that have occured, or the actual game seems like it a got a graphics downgrade, DRM and pre-orders are a recipe for a disaster.
    DRM: It sucks...that's pretty much it.
  5. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in Mass Effect 4( Or whatever they decide to call it) Wishlist.   
    I have zero hype for any crap that gets spewed out with mass effect title and EA's logo on it, but in addition to your list:
    - A decent and coherent ending that reflects all (or most) the choices you made in the game.
    - A developer that has a sense of humility and at the very least listens to what players have to say, rather than hide behind artistic integrity and call us entitled.
  6. Mellow liked a post in a topic by nickyzhere in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    The stupidity level of this thread..... it's over 9000! It's been nothing but insults and disrespect recently. I really shouldn't have to explain why this thread is being locked. 
  7. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Admiral Thrawn in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    Yeah, I read that blog.  Made a few comments today.
    Author seems like a real 2-bit turd of a human being, talked me into subscribing to this forum and Angry Joe's YouTube.
    I'm not even an angry Joe fan, just less of a fan of this blog guy. Judging by the Bloggers google+ profile he has 2 hobby's in life---
    1. Anime girls
    2.Stalking and blogging about a guy named Joe. 
    Also the entire Blog seems to be an ad hominem attack against the said Joe. Can be down right racist and childish. Not really anything informative. Rest assured if Angry joe eats a sandwich, this guy is going to blog about it. Seems also there are only a couple follower turds in the replys, same people on every post.
    Anyway this blog will only help Joe get subscribers, only reason i did.
    I don't expect to be around this forum much, just consider me a very inactive reservist of this angry army thing.
    Now im off to go play home world because I'm an old man... good bye Joe people.
  8. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Muddy-Chan in The Battlefury Debate   
    I have no problem with your 4 battlefury strat, given you've giving a logical reason to why it would be a good idea. What I dislike is the fact you think that you're better than everyone else, and you're being a sarcastic asshole about it. Seriously, you may think that you're all cool and stuff when you do that, but in reality you just pass off as an asshole. So how about you stop being so sarcastic, and maybe actually provide a positive contribution to the community?
  9. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Will Heroes of The Storm be as Succesful as LoL or Dota 2 ?   
    I personally can't wait for the game. I'm even thinking of buying the Founder's Pack just to get into the beta -.-
  10. Arch liked a post in a topic by Mellow in Nintendo 2015 exclusives   
    A new starfox game? My....I would be very excited if it wasn't for the history of the other star fox games....cautious optimism**
  11. shadowgamesFTW liked a post in a topic by Mellow in AJSA Smash Bros. Tourny (for when tournament mode comes)   
    How did I not see this until now? I would very much enjoy to be apart of the tourney. (As long as it's all in good fun though)
  12. Mellow liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    And now this guy has posted a "review" of Angry Joe's "Worst of 2014" list.  Again, he cannot understand the concept that not everyone needs to share his opinion, but what's worse is that his reasonings for why about half of the games should not have been included in the list is because "everyone knew that they were going to be bad".  The other half is of the games can be summed up by "Joe is a moron and that is why game x does not belong on this list".
    Dude's reasoning for his argument essentially destroys it.  This guys is just so freakin' sad.
  13. Mellow liked a post in a topic by MadDemon64 in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    Dear god their reasonings for why he hates Joe's best games list.  They can be essentially summed up into one of three base reasons.
    1.  Joe got paid to promote the game.
    2.  Joe isn't a professional reviewer so his views should be discounted.
    3.  I hate the game so Joe shouldn't be allowed to say he likes the game.
    The blogger is completely unaware of the irony of the unprofessional way they are going about claiming how Joe is unprofessional.  They do not realize that you need to back up claims of being a shill with viable evidence and that people can have opinions other than yours.  Add to that the logical fallacies (seriously, count the number of times they ad hominem, argue from ignorance, and so forth), and, well, I don't think I need to continue and I think you all know what I'm getting at.
    In their attempts to "prove" that Joe is not a good reviewer, they manage to prove that they are pretty much everything that they claim to hate about Joe and more.
  14. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Jitterdoomer in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    They post every single snippet of one of the troll comments on that Blog. This is humiliating.
  15. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Grimno in Has anyone else seen this blog? (Horror/Hilariousness)   
    So sometimes I google search "Angry Joe Twitter" in order to just check out twitter and what not... and then I saw this website, this.. Blog. And I was like "..Okay."
    It was simply called "Angry Joe Sucks"
    I've seen things like this before. Someone gets mad at someone and they make a site or something.
    There was an old old one where it would show a slideshow of people getting owned with a chosen person's name hovering over it while the song "You got owned" played.
    But this... I can't stop laughing.
    All they do is bitch, and bitch, and bitch. Everything Joe posts, everything Joe tweets, everything Joe reviews, they cling to it like a religious zealot and all they do is complain.
    They don't care people can have their own opinion.
    They focus on the negatives only. They say "What do others think?!" and then specifically pick out all the negative comments, and ignore anything positive.
    They act like they require Joe's word to live and they require it to be exactly what THEY want it to be or else!
    I can't take them seriouslly. 
    You will never see anyone more ignorant then this person in your life I kid you not.
    And it is sad, that this is what some people choose to do in their lives.
    If they don't like Joe... just... stop watching his videos? That's a thing you can do you know... it's not illegal.
    And they've apparantly been doing this for a while now! (Like, over a YEAR)
    This is the blog and oh my god.
    Prepare yourself, for anger lol.
    Just reading their "opinion" on Joe's Top 10 Games of 2014...
    The whole time I'm saying to myself "You know this is uh... just JOE's favorite. HIS opinion. You could  have your own top 10 list and everything."
    If you look at the start, they actually started pretty fine and had their own opinion and everything and raised some good points at time. But as time went on... they just devolved into being this... angry little child. Calling everyone faggots or gay. Insulting anyone involved with the AJSA. Became racist (to people with beards apparantly). And it's like... any credibility this person had or could have... they destroyed with their own hands. It's sad...
    Stupid yes.
    But also sad.
  16. Mellow liked a post in a topic by RavenKitsune in Trying out DOTA 2 for research   
    won first game as drow ranger top XD 
  17. RavenKitsune liked a post in a topic by Mellow in Trying out DOTA 2 for research   
    I shall offer you some key pieces of wisdom for a new player...stay far away from meepo, earth spirit, and invoker.
  18. Mellow liked a post in a topic by LaserBunny in Dawngate?   
  19. Mellow liked a post in a topic by mrfool in Lets improve this guild!   
    We used to have a lot of people doing open groups, I guess that stopped when people found their own preferred group of friends to play with though.
  20. Mellow liked a post in a topic by SovietMankey in Super Smash Bros.   
    We should do some unofficial AJSA Tournaments for both versions.
  21. Mellow liked a post in a topic by RedDeath in An Open Letter to the AJSA DOTA 2 Staff   
    I've played 2 or 3 in-houses back when I joined, being relatively new to Dota and AJSA.
    And I have to say it wasn't really a good experience. It felt like a semi-competitive match, stressful and then disappointing if we lost a game.
    I thought it would be more of a great atmosphere experience, everyone laughing and joking around - it wasn't.
    So I just never played in it again. If it was a great experience it would defend itself and people would come back.
    Right now for me playing with people I know and like feels superior than an in-house.
    Or am I wrong and it's different now?
    So my point is that the biggest problem I see with Dota and this community is attitude.
    It's so easy to get angry and frustrated in this game, and it takes serious effort to be nice to people.
    How to be nice to people might be a topic for a different thread altogether, but I think it's a big part of whatever the plan is to "revive" this community.
    Try not to bitch, try not to flame, try to have fun.
  22. Mellow liked a post in a topic by CPT.Brap in Anger Management Thread - Post Your Frustrating Moments   
    Complaining that an Alch, carry role,  on the team is spending to much time farming, that happens any time anyone plays a carry that needs farm and your team starts loosing, the carry will always get the blame, even though they havent fed.
    My last angry match was with a slark on our team that was level 14 after 45 mins and only core item was shadow blade, didnt even buy Yasha and died about 15 times, refused to learn that they have dust, it was like a moth flying into a flame over and over. The annoying part is refusal to take advise.
    "hay friend they have dust so your going to die if you try gank with your shadow"
    "cyka cyka mnaayyaaaaaaa"!!
    "okay fellow human have a nice day"
    "cyka ur mum"
    dota2 is like my girlfriend, either a complete bitch or the best ever!
  23. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Waterfallz in Share Your Opinion on the SSBB Franchise + Anymore SSBB4 Demo Codes?   
    The new demo is limited to 30 uses. You're still special.
  24. Null liked a post in a topic by Mellow in Super Smash Bros.   
    I played every single super smash bros. game, and I was going to buy this game when it came out, but I was unsure if I was going to like it, and after getting a chance to the play the demo (thanks to capnstubing) It's definitely a game I'm going to buy. The game is way more fun than I thought it was going to be.
  25. Mellow liked a post in a topic by Null in Smash Bros. for 3DS demo download codes giveaway   
    Sent!  That was the last one, so that's me done.  If anyone else has some feel free to toss 'em on here.