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  1. GT: Maclochlain Class: Warlock (Either Spec) lvl: 27
  2. Hi Spartan & All, I'll be playing as much as humanly possible over the weekend (though I may be working on Saturday) please feel free to add me in game. Regards, Maclochlain Xbox One
  3. Hi, I am here to seek like minded Worm fanatics to join our cause of leaderboard glory within the Clan Wars! Requirements: Enjoy the game Be Social Don't be a dick! We are currently a squad of 3 people that play very often, having brought our clan to a respectable 14th position on the leaderboards.. but we simply are not enough people to break into the top 5 without more members. Sure there are plenty of "Pleb" clans out there with Public invite status, but I'd rather have quality over a random collection of quantity. This is a clan for YOU! for us all, fight to make a difference & show the Worm world that the Angry Joe Army has the power to unite such people under one banner! N.b: Activity will slow to a stop during Destiny Beta/Release Best Regards, Maclochlain <Mine Camp>
  4. (I'm a HUGE fan of the Worms series & only mention these issues in the hope that they are fixed... it's been over a month of no feedback & I'm surprised that there isn't more word on the interwebz about this so here I am.) There are some serious game breaking problems with Worms Battlegrounds on Xbox One that me & all my friends experience. 1) Game Crashes to Dashboard during Multi-player games This happens to me & my friends every day we try & have a few games, there doesn't seem to be anything specific that causes it, there are no error messages.. the game just cuts out to black then we appear back on the dashboard. If I team up with a friend for a Clan match then either one of us can experience this crash either at the same time or separately.. leaving the other to finish the game with just the 2 worms. We also frequently see this happen to our competition, they will "leave" a game.. only to message us after & say they had been dashboarded. 2) The Invite System has never worked properly for us When I enter a game lobby & invite a Clan mate via the in-game invite button nothing happens... I get the message saying the invite has been sent but the recipient doesn't see anything, some times leaving the lobby the re-entering then Automatically adds the player to the game, but this is far from an exact science & there doesn't seem to be any reason why sometimes it works & more often it won't. This has always been a huge inconvenience but today it's been much worse, me & my friend tried for 30 mins to invite each other to one of these clan lobbies with no results. The lack of support for this version of Clan Wars is very disappointing & Team17 are not responding to our emails. We LOVE the game, me & my clan mates have been fans of the series since the first version of Worms back in the day.. but in it's current state Worms Battlegrounds on Xbox ONE feels like complete shovelware. If these problems are fixed then the game is an easy 9/10.. the lack of polish & fan service is disapointing. Anyone else experience these issues? BTW.. I'd like some Worms fans to join our clan & community... any interested please message GT: Maclochlain
  5. "Gryzorr" Here I've Changed my GT back to my main Gamer name: Maclochlain
  6. Plants vs Zombies is worth picking up if you find it cheap.
  7. I'll be online again today from 19:30 (gmt) & I shall add as many AJSA members as possible. BTW what are your favourite game modes? I think Hardpoint & Capture the flag are the most fun, especially with a group of people in the party to co-ordinate with.
  8. Hi Berserker & Thanks for your support, We will certainlly be playing Titanfall again & for the foreseeable future and shall keep it our goal to play alongside as many AJSA members as possible! It would be nice to livestream again, that was an unexpected bonus that we received from playing with GameVerb (check him out on youtube or twitch with /GameVerb) I shall speak to him & see if this is something that he would be willing to use to promote both communities interested in playing Titanfall on X-Box One. Regards, Gryzorr
  9. So sad to see that ponies have infiltrated this hallowed ground, as they do everywhere else. Get over it.
  10. Update! I just met a few of the people on this thread today & played some epic Titanfall games, all while being broadcast over Twitch on GameVerb's channel with over 1000 people following.. it was a great experience & one I hope we shall build apon in the near future! Shout out to: BanksyCharlie GameVerb Lets keep up the Good work! ALL WELCOME FOR XBOX ONE TITANFALL! KEEP THE AJSA SPIRIT ALIVE!
  11. I'm very interested in an <AJSA> Platoon for Xbox One. Especially if it can live by the Manifesto as quoted below: GT: Gryzorr
  12. Gryzorr - Gryzorr Looking to join / help create a European AJSA Platoon for Titanfall. Feedback appreciated. Regards, Gryzorr.