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  1. Be careful though if you accidentally click the install and then cancel to try that it will delete the folder making you have to install anyways. So make sure you do it SloppyG's way first before trying the install. I found out the hard way on this
  2. @@sent @Darkskieszero
  3. I should be getting on starting tomorrow I will keep in mind that you are looking for raw ore and get it to you when I start. 3 day early access is killing me right now >_<. I also love grinding for resources though.
  4. I think that would be around 11 am central so sounds good, but are you going on the NA or EU server?
  5. Well happy birthday Nightshade. Ok so the main reason I started this thread is so that us 3 day individuals can see if we can join up as groups at the start so we know who has and hasn't done the early quests. So what do you guys say anyone want to join up when they start tomorrow?
  6. Ahh true I did trade ins to pay for mine because I didn't have the money to pay for it
  7. Just wondering who are the other unlucky players like myself stuck with the 3 day early access so we know who to work with since all the others will be pretty high lvl by the time we get in. So we need to work together to catch up.
  8. Is there going to be a guild bank type thing that we will be able to donate resources to in ESO since in the beta I never joined a guild I am not sure. If there is then I would definitely like to help in the gathering to aid the whole of the guild as well.
  9. Yup but that just means I have to work a bit harder to catch up with everyone once I do start
  10. True but I did all trade ins to pay for my copy so I didn't pay any for the game >_< and they were out of imperial editions as well
  11. Ahh I am stuck with only the 3 day early access I will be late to the game now
  12. For sub forms for ESO I guess some good ideas would be skill based. Like one dedicated to all crafting and then another for character builds and concepts along with quest tips like Fluffy stated. Also maybe a section dedicated to the PVP section since that is a large section to it self.
  13. I will be playing a Argonian Templar Focusing on Tank/Heals. Wielding sword and shield Any time will be fine with me.
  14. Welcome I am new as well and also a disabled vet of the Air Force (age 29) glad to see more older players coming in.