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  1. DarkskiesZero liked a post in a topic by Grimno in AJSA Pvp Event Videos (Saturday 4/12)   
    Quite a few folks recorded from what I believe, and I know Joe posted on facebook to link some videos of the pvp event because he forgot to record audio.
    So if you recorded, post your videos here!
    Here's mine

  2. DarkskiesZero liked a post in a topic by Nightshade in Fellow 3 day early access players   
    the best part about the 3 day access is i get it on my Birthday
  3. DarkskiesZero liked a post in a topic by Kedric in My first MMO   
    Oh goodness... MMO's. Never was a favorite type of game for me. On the good side, you get to play with people. On the bad side, well, there are other people.
    If you want an engaging story, generally I'd say stick to a single player RPG. If you have a good set of people to play with that enjoys games about the same way as you, then a MMO can be a very rewarding experience. Just don't go in with high hopes of an incredible story. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.
  4. DarkskiesZero liked a post in a topic by Kedric in New old guy reporting for duty /salute   
    Welcome to the AJSA Ioldanach! I'm 31, so it's good to see another older player. I think you're in the right place. I personally don't play MMO's very often as I favor the single player experiences, but I do know there are a lot of dedicated MMO players around. Be sure and check the dedicated threads for your favorite MMO's as they tend to have lists of names you can add/friend and get to know. If you have any questions or just care to chat, feel free. I hope to see you around, happy gaming!
  5. DarkskiesZero liked a post in a topic in New old guy reporting for duty /salute   
    Greetings, I am Ioldanach (eee-old-ahn-ahck) sort of, or simpler for most games as noone really knows the Celtic myth and legend so much, Krezick, a mean sounding name of my own creation, or simpler yet...Michael. Father of 5, Divorced, Disabled Veteran, and kinda old guy to most gamers I meet, (only 39 sheesh though yes I do feel far older than I am at times). I live a fairly solitary life in the middle of the US here, and well it is rare to meet someone that knows the area I live in which is near Edwardsville, IL. No pets and nothing but four white walls to look at most days, or nights, hard to schedule most things with 4 sleep disorders and a list of other oddities, but when I game..I GAME! I used to develop a little, code a little, I got away from that and focused more on all things 3D. I use linux usually for most things but I am a certified technician for the general PC and microshaft side of things. For lack of great gaming experiences lately (Didn't really enjoy wow so much...deathknight was cool but endgame it gets a bit...eh...). I sometimes return to EVE and fly solo find a corp, they generally end up better than they sound and I end up not fitting so I go and let my subs lapse. I have been playing most every MMO I can find since 2003, and not all of them were worth a mention... I still fire up the old galaxies EMU and such from time to time, or play something like world of tanks to fill time, I have way too much of it after all. Not sure what more there is to say, I love Einstein quotes, M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali, a wide array of music, (spent some time as a DJ back in the day and still mess with some amateur composing and such) those gearshifts of my faves would blow your mind, sometimes some heavy metal for slashing through enemies at a fast pace, or dubstep (excision, quartus saul etc..) or some classic rock while relaxing through some crafting or sitting on a hill with a sniper rifle. I used to enjoy tons of solo play games, now about the only solo play games I would play would have to be quite...interesting or deep...modable, sandbox style...the kid in me plays tekkit (minecraft mod pack) from time to time, usually with shaders, texture packs, and optifine, but I enjoy a good hardcore mode fight from time to time, TES is just awesome, I have so many of the original discs still in a box, maps on walls and notebooks in hand, graphpaper at times if I need to map out a dungeon...though I won't do console play with that anymore after the skyrim experience with load times in that...or something like spore even...though not spore since I played the crap out of that lol just an example. I love games on the edge but...solo play wears off on me and I am often hooked on the player community of a game, and love interaction, likely due to me living in the middle of nowhere with no transportation (reasons for that or I would fix it), I just love to be social, and if I get tired of an MMO and say never again, I usually give all my goodies away, but always love helping new players, even if I will never see them again, but the best thing is a guild/clan that is a family, I have rarely found this but my goal of joining up here was a few good reasons, I love the youtube videos, I like the ideology and purpose of it all, and it seems like a good coordinated group that doesn't spend a lot of time trash talking. If I am mistaken in all those last bits then tell me so I can eject now lol but if I have truly found my home then quest complete!
  6. JoelMattGarcia liked a post in a topic by DarkskiesZero in Hello everyone   
    Been a fan of the Angry Joe Show for a long time now and this is the first time joining the angry army.  Hoping to be able to play in any of the guilds on ESO mainly.  Hope to get along with you guys.