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  1. Okay so I just got the Aurora LN package and next month I think I will pick up the Constellation package.
  2. The more I see of this game the more I drool. I cannot wait for this!
  3. http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/6495-ajsa-returns-to-planetside-2-read-here-times-added/
  4. An article posted over at eurogamer.net today. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-18-roberts-vows-star-citizen-will-never-be-dumbed-down-for-a-lesser-platform
  5. IMO, not really, you still get certs by just playing. Kills, capping points, healing, repairing, ect. The game will also give you certs for logging back on after a few days away (I cannot remember if this was in the game before). There are things that are still a bit expensive to save up for. I used to worry about spending my certs as I was not sure if a weapon or attachment would suit me and if it did not, I would just be out several certs. But since they added the training area, I can test everything out and create a shopping list of what I want to get for my characters. So now the high cost of weapons does not seem as bad to me now as it once did.
  6. F-14A to be more precise. I worked on them in the Navy. VF-41 Black Aces was my first command, hence the username. I love the Tomcat. On topic: My main character is on Waterson, the same server that Craigr910 is on (one of the AJSA Commanders). I am ready to rock my Stormtrooper looking heavy assault!
  7. SWEET! Title changed to "VOTE PASSED". Locked and loaded! Lets do this!
  8. Welcome! A lot of fun is to be had here! Since you said you are inexperienced with forums, feel free to ask questions. We have a great community here that is willing to help out a person in need!
  9. Joe is Terran Republic.
  10. I have been playing STO since closed beta and do enjoy the game. Though I voted yes and play regularly I do not see this getting enough AA attention to make it official. That said, I am not opposed to having one of my characters join an AA fleet if one were to create it.
  11. Ooh, a second question in the poll. I deleted my initial vote and re-voted for "Yes! I promise to play it regularly!", "WvW", and "PvE"
  12. Like Planetside 2 I lacked people to play with so I put the game on hold. I also needed to upgrade my PC which I have and I am getting a new GPU Wednesday so I can better participate in WvW.
  13. It is a massive online first person shooter set in the future. There are three factions. Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and the Vanu Sovereignty. You fight over Three different continents for domination over capture points that holds strategic value in that area which gives your faction on that continent resources to keep on fighting. There are several different classes, weapons and vehicles (both land and air). All of these have different attachments/weapons upgrades that you can add to these by either playing the game and earning certification points or by spending real world money to purchase them. There really is no endgame rather than leveling the different classes and its biggest draw (at least for me anyway) is the massive battles that take place (even putting the Battlefield series to shame with, iirc, 2000 players). You can read more on it here if you would like. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlanetSide_2
  14. 33 with 34 fast approaching.
  15. Definitely yes! The main reason I stopped playing was I had no one to play with! Bring on the Angry Army!