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  1. Currently working on a rpg inspired by the 16 bit era JRPGs for mobiles and pc´s called Steam Tale. Its gotten pretty far along in development as we have completed most of the story and code parts of the game. Got a bit of a problem getting hold of someone who can do graphics for us right now, been trying to raise some money via a crowdfunding campaign but we will have to see how that goes. Has been hard to get the word out about our game. If you want to know more check out any of these links or just give me a poke. Im allways up to talk about the game. IndieDB Facebook FundedByMe (Crowd funding site)
  2. We just updated our crowd funding page with new information about the game and some concept art to.
  3. Lately Ive started to Stream when Ive been playing Hearthstone on my Twitch channel instead of posting youtube videos. Just havent had the time to do a proper video, but streaming is easy and fast. The idea behind my streaming is that I dont do any commentary, I just play and people can stop by to just look at gameplay without having to listen to my rants. I dont really have fixed times at the moment, but usually announce when Im about to start on my Twitter (@Olafurlive] Check it out if you find HS interesting.
  4. Yeah, its definetly good value for your cash in my opinion.
  5. Neith is the go to starter hero for Smite in my book, so it gots to be Neith. Also... just imagine it
  6. IGN Vinterdraken
  7. Been curious about the game. Great chance to check it out, thanks.
  8. Hey guys, was hoping we could get together enough peeps to run a few Coast City matches sometime soon. Really starting to miss the place, the other maps are just so dark and gloomy by comparison and I need a bit of color and light now and then. Anyone interested?
  9. Some of you may remember me from various hearthstone discussions others might be on my friends list in Infinite Crisis and gone a few matches in the lost sectors there. Most of you will probebly not know my name though since I have been a bit inactive the last couple of months having been completely swamped with work. And my work is what brings me here today, as my dayjob is being the CEO of a tiny little indie developer from Sweden and we are trying to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign so that our game can have graphics and music. Steam Tale is a RPG inspired by old school 16 games that is set in a steam punk fantasy world. In the game you take charge of a ragtag group of airship privateers as they struggle to oppose the rise of a tyranical despot that is hellbent on throwing the world into war. Its a 2D game, with turn based combat and a talent based skill system so that you can customize your characters. We are going for a multiplatform launch on this, releasing on Iphone, Android (both tablets and phones), Mac, Windows and whatever other platform we can manage in time. We want our players to be able to enjoy our games on the platform of their choice and one of our hopes with our company Stormbound is to bring some more immersive and story driven games to the mobile markets. Each day we will be releasing new concept art pictures on our Facebook page to promote our campaign and talk a bit about those parts of our games world and lore. So if your interested follow our Twitter or Facebook to get updates and more information on the game. Also the team is allways open to answering any questions. We could really use some support from the AJSA on this one, and I hope you guys are willing to take a look at our campaign site. Even if you arent able to support our game with any money we would really appreciate people spreading the word and going on to our facebook page to give us a like. Its free and wont cost you anything, but it would really mean the world to our small team and its supporters. Link to Crowd Funding Campaign Link to Facebook Page Link to Official Twitter Page Link to my Twitter Link to our Programmers Twitter
  10. Heres the second part of that Warrior run
  11. #5 Faith from Mirrors Edge #4 Alice from Madness Returns #3 Jade from Beyond Good and Evil #2 Heather from Silent Hill 3 #1 Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (Remake)
  12. BTW any Angry Army Hearthstone players in the EU region, feel free to add me to your friendslists, battletag: Olafur#1164, still getting a hang of the game and up for some friendly sparring and exchanging of advice. I am slowly getting better though, as my last Arena run is going far better then my first try.
  13. Got some more HS content up on my channel. Doing some more Arena, this time as a warrior and it turned out alot better. (Ofcourse, it could only get better from that start), Check it out! And let me know what you think.
  14. Maybe a few less swears and skip the last sentence, it doesnt come of well. Completely agree with the sentiment though, Rome 2 has failed and they need to fix the base game before adding more content to an already broken release.
  15. Got into the Hearthstone Arena yesterday and after spending the day checking out tutorials and constructed I decided to record my first Arena run. Now it didnt go great, but I think the Video turned out good. I seperated the Draft from the actual gameplay, so if you want to skip the draft then you can go directly to the second video. Ill be doing some more videos of Hearthstone and uploading to my channel shortly and Ill post them to this thread aswell. Ive started a Warrior run which I will probebly post later today, just need to edit it and Ive got to get some sleep in first. Let me know what you thought of the videos.