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  1. networking

    hi all! my gamer tag is Motambo8 i play FORTZA, Gears of War 4 and soon ill get AC:O or Destiny 2 my time zone is UTC: +3
  2. Thanks for the reply everyone, i checked the list and i was surprised to see Path of Exile on Xbox so ill probably get that game. The games you guys suggested i already played on pc but thanks anyway!!!
  3. Hey all, i just got Xbox One on Black Friday and it will arrive soon, i already have Gears of War 4 and Forza 7 with it. The thing is that i can only get one more game that will last me for the next few months so my question is: which game do you guys recommend I should buy that will last me for a long time, and is actually a good game,? P.s I am drunk right now so my English is some how better then usual, ask the Guild Wars 2 people what i mean
  4. what i tried to wright is that if there allready is a ajsa server or if someone wants to start one for our own im very intrested in hearing it
  5. hello everyone, if you have RoK but cant find a good fun rp server, or thout of RoK, then i wish to invite you to a nice new little server with active admins, quests, updated map, kits, public building and freindly people, as far as RoK go. i myself play on the server and i would very much like people from the ajsa to join me and make our own little empier, so if you wish to join in, then feel free to pm me, my in game name is motambo, and i all ready got a small castel so no need to worry about grinding. the name of the server is AGE OF THE MEDIEVAL i would also like to add that if there allready is a ajsa server that im not awere of or if someone would like to start our own server im very intrested in hearing it thank you all
  6. @adx20 looking foword to it
  7. iv been in the guild a few months ago but i unexpectedly had to take care of a lot of buissness, so i guess i was removed. now im back to play every weekend, hopefully, so i adx.5367 would like to join the guild.
  8. is there a guild or somthing of that sort in that game?
  9. well looking forwerd to join the guild with my epic spelling skills... my charecter name is adx battlefate