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    Gaming and artwork.
  1. &&&&sent Let's kick some ass! @Sajik
  2. Love to see there are plans for quality of life additions to the game in the near future. I am really hoping they add dueling. Viewing it simply as a distraction from Cyrodiil is not the way to approach it. Personally I find that dueling/arena play would be a strong link to both TES games and MMOs. On one hand you have the arena from Oblivion, or even sparing in general. I doubt the armies of Tamriel expect their rank and file to "quest" aimlessly in the wilderness to train in their skills. Soldiers would spar and train with each other in simple duels much like you would in an MMO. On a more practical note it also would be a big confidence booster for players looking to enter the field in Cyrodiil. What better way to see if your pvp build works than to test it on another player in a risk free duel? Running into the field and finding out mid battle that you couldn't kill a baby guar is not something any player wants to have happen. Either way I am super excited for this game! Can not wait for Sunday! ^^
  3. Beast races represent! I will be playing a Khajiit and Argonian as a nightblade and dragonknight respectively. Anyone notice that Khajiit in the poll is spelled "Khahiit"? ;D
  4. Yep it is working now! Transfer is in progress ^^
  5. PC for sure. I love the ps4 but mmorpgs just feel right on a PC.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! @Ysnar I will definitely take advantage of the free transfer, when is it available? I tried to transfer just now and it is still costing gems to move from Crystal Desert to NSP. @JoelMattGarcia I will most likely see you in ESO! I can't wait to ground pound with the rest of the AJSA in cyrodiil! Thanks again for the welcoming everyone!
  7. My name here is Concept, although I have several other aliases through steam, PSN and the like. I have been a follower of the Angry Joe show for a long time and decided to give the angry army a look. To give myself a brief introduction I am primarily a PC gamer and concept artist. I play just about anything from Harvest Moon 64, World of Warcraft, to Battlefield 4. Games have always been a huge inspiration for me and are what made me pursue concept and game art as a career. The main reason for my being here, joining the ranks of the Angry Army, is to take up arms in the upcoming MMO Elder Scrolls Online. Games like World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Guild wars 2 have all taught me that an MMO is so bloody fun with a good guild! I hope that when my boots hit the ground in ESO I will have the opportunity to play alongside the Angry Army! Of course I have never been the kind of gamer to play only one game. I know I will be playing BF4 and Titanfall whenever I get the chance. Looking over this post it may be a little lengthy for a "hello" but I hope anyone who took the time to read it all enjoyed learning a thing or two about the newest Cannon Fodder to join the AJSA! Sincerely, Concept