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  1. CaptainKickass69 liked a post in a topic by Concept in what platform will you guys mostly be on for ESO   
    PC for sure. I love the ps4 but mmorpgs just feel right on a PC. 
  2. Jackschmit liked a post in a topic by Concept in Official Launch Times and many questions answered! Highlights from Reddit AMA   
    Love to see there are plans for quality of life additions to the game in the near future. I am really hoping they add dueling. Viewing it simply as a distraction from Cyrodiil is not the way to approach it. Personally I find that dueling/arena play would be a strong link to both TES games and MMOs. On one hand you have the arena from Oblivion, or even sparing in general. I doubt the armies of Tamriel expect their rank and file to "quest" aimlessly in the wilderness to train in their skills. Soldiers would spar and train with each other in simple duels much like you would in an MMO. On a more practical note it also would be a big confidence booster for players looking to enter the field in Cyrodiil. What better way to see if your pvp build works than to test it on another player in a risk free duel? Running into the field and finding out mid battle that you couldn't kill a baby guar is not something any player wants to have happen. Either way I am super excited for this game! Can not wait for Sunday! ^^
  3. Ysnar liked a post in a topic by Concept in Hello Angry Army!   
    Yep it is working now! Transfer is in progress ^^